Trident Splash
Cadbury Adams USA LLC
(973) 909-2752
This new, center-filled pellet gum comes in two surprising flavor combinations — Peppermint with Vanilla and Strawberry with Lime. The company reports that sugar-free Trident Splash was created to fill a variety of roles — to be entertaining and teeth-cleaning as well as satisfying snack cravings. Trident’s newest chew is a unique combination of flavors — a liquid-filled center surrounded by soft, chewy gum and a sweet, crispy outer shell. Trident Splash comes in a nine-piece pack and a three-pack multi-pack.
Poker Game Gumball Machine
Ford Gum & Machine Co.
(847) 955-0003
Ford Gum & Machine Co. has added the popular poker game, Texas Hold ‘Em, to its line of Carousel Interactive Gumball Machines. This new black machine features a spiral drop-chute dispenser imprinted with a poker design. Each 10-inch tall machine includes 8 ounces of assorted-color poker gumballs with a playing card value printed on each gumball. Printed gumballs create an interactive Texas Hold ‘Em poker game for two or more players. Game rules are included. Machines are packed eight per case and have a suggested retail price of $9.99. Texas Hold ‘Em machines also are available in an 18-count floorstand display.
Premium Collection
Sconza Candy Co.
(510) 568-8137
Sconza celebrates its long candy-making heritage with the introduction of a premium chocolate packaged line that is a collection of the Sconza signature items packed in stand-up, metallized bags. Featuring milk and dark chocolate creations, the Premium Sconza Collection includes seven items such as Mocha Truffle Almonds, Chocolate Toffee Pistachios, chocolate-covered dried fruits and more. Bags are packed in 12-count display trays and weigh from 5 ounces to 7 ounces. The suggested retail price is $3.99.
New Lolllipop Tins
Chupa Chups Group
Chupa Chups Group has teamed with Crown Specialty Packaging for the introduction of a brand new series of promotional metal tins to house the popular lollipops. To build on Chupa Chups’ reputation for offering a variety of innovative flavors, Crown has produced packaging that celebrates the essence of each lollipop.  One design, for example, evokes the hip, refreshing “cola” flavor, while another blends images of ice cream and fruit for the signature “Smooth and Creamy Lollipops.” The tins come in six sizes, and the smaller containers feature slotted plastic lids that allow them to be reused as banks or change holders.
Paint Shop Spray
Impact Confections
(719) 268-6100
Impact Confections extends its popular Paint Shop franchise with the rollout of Paint Shop Spray, a fruit-flavored candy spray. The intensely flavored spray comes in four varieties: apple, blue raspberry, cherry and watermelon. The suggested retail price is 99 cents.
Inspirational Cards
R.M. Palmer Candy Co.
(610) 372-8971
For Easter 2006, R.M. Palmer offers 1-ounce inspirational cards for a suggested retail price of $1 each. These tastefully designed cards include a milk chocolate egg with an appropriately themed foil cover. There are two designs, and the cards are packed 24 per case.
New Luna Flavors
Clif Bar & Co.
(510) 558-7855
Clif Bar’s Luna Bar line has added three new cookie-style flavors. They include Peanut Butter Cookie, Cookies ‘n Cream Delight and Iced Oatmeal Raisin. In addition to the new flavors, there’s more Luna Bar news. The bars have been reformulated to contain 33 percent more fiber and 25 percent less sugar. They continue to be made with all-natural ingredients, to contain no trans fats or artificial sweeteners and to feature just 170 to 180 calories per bar.
Irony Mints
Hint Mint
(800) 991-MINT
“Designer” mint maker Hint Mint has unveiled Irony Mints targeted to mass-market retailers. Sugar-free Irony Mints are packaged in a sleek, black, slide-to-open tin and come in peppermint and chocolate mint varieties. The suggested retail price is $1.79.
The Hershey Co.
(717) 534-5465
Hershey brings a dash of new excitement to the panned candy segment with the launch of Kissables candy-coated, milk chocolate mini kisses. To drive initial trial, launch of a single-serving pack is slated for November 18, to be followed by 10.5-ounce and 14-ounce bags in December. The rollout of additional pack types, including theater box, peg bag and king-size will follow in March 2006. National advertising and numerous consumer promotions will support the Kissables introduction. The new confectionery treat will target current Kisses consumers who also purchase panned candy, according to Hershey.  
Dipped Nuts and Cherries
Chukar Cherry Co.
(800) 624-9544
Chukar Cherry Co. has added double-milk-chocolate- dipped Macadamia nuts and dark-chocolate-dipped cherries to its line of chocolate-covered nuts and cherries. Chukar confections combine all-natural centers with natural flavors and premium Guittard chocolate.