Sour Patch Extreme
Cadbury Adams USA LLC
Booth 821
The latest addition to the Sour Patch family, Sour Patch Extreme introduces a one-of-a-kind taste experience that combines two unique flavors in one great-tasting candy for a super-sour taste. Known as the brand that flips taste upside down with its sour then sweet taste sensation, Sour Patch Extreme takes this concept to a new level. An intensely sour candy coating is layered over one of three uniquely sour flavor combinations: Sour Apple/Strawberry, Orange/Blue Raspberry and Watermelon/Grape. Packaged in 1.8-ounce single-serve bags and 4.5- and 7.2-ounce peg bags.
Warheads Super Sour Spray with Lollipop
Impact Confections Inc.
Booth 1215
Impact Confections launches its Warheads Super Sour Spray with Lollipop. The lollipop can be sprayed for a sweet and sour sensation or the lollipop and spray can be enjoyed separately. The combination of a sour spray with a sweet, fruity lollipop joins two favorite candy types in one compact, convenient design. Available in Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon and Grape. Suggested retail price is 99 cents.  
Aura Clip ‘n’ Go Gum and Mints
New Era Brands LLC
Booth 670
Fresh breath has officially gone mobile, thanks to new Aura brand Clip ‘n’ Go Gum and Clip ‘n’ Go Mints, fresh breath has officially gone mobile. The new sugar-free gum and mints feature innovative packaging designs that easily clip to key rings, backpacks or belts. The breakthrough “clip ‘n’ go” packaging means no more loose gum sticking inside pockets and no more digging through the bottom of a purse or backpack for mints, because the secure close plastic case keeps all the gum and mints inside the container – clean and lint-free. The consumer-friendly packaging also comes in a variety of eye-catching retail displays, including the Power Panel 72-count floor display, the Clip Strip that holds 12 packages hanging vertically and the three-pack Blister, which is three packages of all four better-for-you Aura varieties. The mints are all natural and are available in Peppermint, Spearmint, Cinnamon and Sour Fruit. The sugar-free gum boasts teeth-whitening ingredients and is available in Peppermint, Cinnamon, Wintergreen and Spearmint. As part of its sponsorship of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc., New Era Brands is offering Limited Edition pink containers of its Aura Clip ‘n’ Go Mints and Clip ‘n’ Go Gum this fall timed to coincide with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A portion of the proceeds from these sales will go to the foundation. Suggested retail price is 99 cents to $1.29. 
Pop Rocks Chocolate Bar
Pop Rocks Inc.
Booth 1021
The beloved popping candy, Pop Rocks, has merged with the traditional chocolate bar to create one of the most ground-breaking new candies on the market. The new Pop Rocks Chocolate Bar combines the classic popping zest of America’s favorite popping candy, Pop Rocks, with rich milk chocolate, giving consumers a milk chocolate treat with a kick. This unique Pop Rocks infused with milk chocolate bar melts and then delivers the thrilling and always yummy popping candy explosion that candy lovers have enjoyed for more than 30 years. Available in the 1.16-ounce single bar for a suggested retail price of 59 to 69 cents and a 2.33-ounce two-piece mega bar for a suggested retail price of 99 cents to $1.19. 
Sugar-Free Peeps Marshmallow Hearts
Just Born Inc.
Booth 2001
Just Born Inc. introduces Peeps Sugar-Free Marshmallow Hearts in Vanilla Crème and Strawberry Creme, which were designed to meet the needs of consumers seeking sugar-free and reduced-sugar products. The Peeps Brand responded to these needs with the launch of Peeps Sugar-Free Chicks in Easter 2007. Peeps Sugar-Free products are sweetened with Splenda and deliver the great-tasting Peeps marshmallow experience that consumers have loved for more than 50 years. Available in a three-count pack with a suggested retail price of 99 cents and a two-count Pink Hearts with a “to and from” space on the packaging and a suggested retail price of 50 cents.
Now and Later Soft Taffy Candy
Farley’s & Sathers Candy Co. Inc.
Booth 1609
Farley’s & Sathers Candy Co. launches a soft version of the traditional Now and Later taffy candy. Now and Later Soft is available in a 2.75-ounce bar with in Apple, Cherry and Banana flavors. Packed 24 bars per tray, 12 trays per case at a suggested retail price of 65 to 75 cents.
Twix Java
Masterfoods USA, a Division of Mars Inc.
Booth 1745
Twix and coffee lovers alike will experience a new and enticing way to enjoy their favorite candy bar with the introduction of Twix Java. This exciting limited edition will feature coffee flavored caramel paired with irresistible chocolate cookie and covered in delicious Twix chocolate. Suggested retail price is 55 cents for a 2-ounce single pack.
Gummy Bracelets
Imaginings 3 Inc./Flix Candy
Booth 1209
Gummy Strips and Gummy Fishies, and now the newest entrée in the hot gummy craze are Gummy Bracelets, the bracelet kids can eat. Each four-pack has four different sayings and are available in Watermelon, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry and Pineapple. Packed in 6/12. Suggested retail price is 99 cents to $1.29.
Build Your Own Skeleton Pop
Pop Rocks Inc.
Booth 1021
A truly innovative new concept in lollipops, Build Your Own Skeleton Pop comes in a yummy Strawberry Swirl flavor with lollipop sticks shaped like skeleton bones! These unique treats are available in seven different individually wrapped collectible bone styles — skull, rib cage, arms, legs, and hip — that snap together into a free-standing 20-inch skeleton play figure. Featuring fact-filled packaging that encourages kids to learn all about the human skeletal system, Build Your Own Skeleton Pop is collectible, fun, delicious and educational. Available as a .49-ounce individual pack or a 3.45-ounce laydown bag with 20 packs. Suggested retail price is $5.99 per bag.
Chef Ghoulicious Box of Boogers
Imaginings 3 Inc./Flix Candy
Booth 1209
Slimy, squishy, sticky gummies that look and feel real but taste great – that’s what can be found in Chef Ghoulicious Box of Boogers from Imaginings 3. Pick from four flavors per 3.5-ounce theater box: Snottermelon, Sour Green Boogy and Lemon Loogy. Packed in a 12-count master box or 40-count Floor Display. Suggested retail price is $1.29.
Gooey Ghouls Mini Combo Treats
Madelaine Chocolate
Booth 1183
(800) 322-1505
Here is an assortment of filled treats that are quite the “trick” for this Halloween season. Madelaine Chocolate offers ghosts, devils, mummies, Frankensteins, witches and skulls to delight kids of all ages – especially when that premium milk chocolate melts into the creamy caramel filling for a gourmet flavor sensation that’s out of this world.
Pop Rocks Topping
Pop Rocks Inc.
Booth 1021
For use on desserts of all kinds, the one-and-only Pop Rocks Topping features big Pop Rocks pieces covered in rich milk chocolate that first melts and then delivers the popping sensation. The chocolate-covered pieces of pop rocks make an invigorating addition to cakes, ice cream, yogurts, brownies, cereal and more. Pop Rocks Topping will be sold in a 4.06-ounce box for a suggested retail price of $2.99 to $3.19.
Airheads Pops
Perfetti Van Melle USA Inc.
Booth 1421
The intense, mouth-watering, fruity flavor of Airheads bars is now available in a pop. New Airheads Pops come in six delicious fruit flavors – Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Green Apple, Strawberry and Watermelon – and bright colors and feature a plastic stick. Suggested retail price is $1.59 for a 5.3-ounce peg bag and $2.29 for a 10.6-ounce laydown bag.
Candy Fan Combo
Candyrific LLC
Booth 875
Candyrific offers M&M’s Character, NASCAR and Skittles licensed toy fan and candy combos to fly off retailers’ shelves. The Skittles toy fan and candy combo holds Skittles in its base and the M&M’s Character and NASCAR fans hold real M&M’s candy in their bases and all have a working fan. Suggested retail price is $3.99 each.  
Bubblicious Ink’d Bubble Gum
Cadbury Adams USA LLC
Booth 821
Cadbury Adams makes its mark on bubble-blowing fun with Bubblicious Ink’d, the first-ever liquid-filled tongue-painting gum. The special liquid-filled center paints the tongue a colorful shade of blue and delivers an unexpectedly and intensely sour taste. Ideal for bubble-gum lovers ages eight and above, Bubblicious Ink’d is available in Sour Frantic Fruit.
Toxic Waste Sour Dip & Lick Lollipop
Candy Dynamics
Booth 1071
A truly exciting new concept, Toxic Waste Sour Dip & Lick Lollipops combine a delicious sour lollipop with intense Toxic Waste sour powder. The unique shape of the lollipop allows for the maximum in sour flavor punch per dip, giving kids an interactive candy eating experience that promises yummy non-stop fun with each and every lick. As an added bonus, each pouch comes with one of six collectible stylish temporary tattoos. They feature Professor Sauernoggin, the inventor of Toxic Waste Candy; Mr. Toxie Head, Professor Sauernoggin’s Alter Ego; and Hazmat Rat, Professor Sauernoggin’s faithful pet rat; and other fun images. Toxic Waste Sour Dip & Lick Lollipops are available in three ultra-sour flavors, Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Green Apple. Suggested retail price is 69 cents for a .75-ounce pouch.
Quench Gum
Mueller Sports Medicine
Booth 224
Quench Gum, one of America’s best-selling sports gum, is now available in two new thirst-quenching flavor combinations, Double Raspberry and Strawberry Watermelon.
Candy or gum with functional benefits, like calcium-rich candy for women or caffeine-laced gum, is a category that has established itself in retail over the past three to four years, and Quench Gum, a high-performance sports gum, has been a functional gum for 40 years. Quench Gum double-flavor sticks have a suggested retail price of $1.19.
Queen Anne Cordial Cherries
World’s Finest Chocolate
Booth 959
World’s Finest Chocolate, manufacturer of the Queen Anne brand of chocolate-covered cordials, has introduced two new products for the theatre-box set. Packaging for the 3.3-ounce Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate cordials is designed with both a vertical and horizontal display panel. This versatile design enables retailers to have flexibility when setting-up their theater-box section. Both flavors are available in a 12-count display ready case.     
Mike and Ike Spray Candy
Impact Confections Inc.
Booth 1215
Through a licensing agreement with Just Born, Mike and Ike sweet flavors are now available in spray candy. Available in 24-count assorted flavor display boxes in Apple, Cherry, Grape and Wild Berry.
Ultimate Collection Squares Chocolate
Ghirardelli Chocolate Co.
Booth 511
Ghirardelli brings all its favorite Ghirardelli chocolates together in a new boxed chocolate gift, signature Squares Chocolates. The beautiful gold gift boxes contain assorted chocolates in snap-in trays. Ultimate Collection-Squares Chocolate includes all six of Ghirardelli Squares chocolate varieties and is highlighted with hot foil detailing and a cranberry ribbon. The assortment is comprised of individually wrapped Squares of Milk with Caramel filling, 60% Cacao Dark, Dark with Mint filling, 60% Cacao Dark with Caramel filling, Dark with Raspberry filling and Milk chocolate. Suggested retail price is $9.99.
MJS Trading Inc.
Booth 1082
New Jelly’gnite jelly/gummy candy contains all natural colors, flavors and real fruit juice and is gluten free and 99 percent fat free.
MJS Trading Inc.
Booth 1082
Funtime comes in three great flavors, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. A healthier alternative targeted to kids, Funtime has a high piece count of 20 per bag, which is good when catering for school lunches and parties.
Camille Bloch Mousse Bars
Dorval Trading Co.
Booth 420
Rich Swiss chocolate Camille Bloch Mousse Bars are 3.5 ounces. They come in milk, dark, caramel and hazelnut varieties. The Camille Bloch product lineup also features Ragusa, smooth dark chocolate that encases a creamy praline filling mixed with hazelnuts. Suggested retail price is $4.49 to $4.99, available in a 96-count shipper. Each of the four Mousse Bars come in a 12-count ready-to-display sleeve, six sleeves to a case.
Chocolats Christina
Multizen Foods
Booth 1582
Artisan-decorated Chocolats Christina are created to deliver the taste experience of fine European chocolates. A 16-piece selection of Chocolats Christina offers an assortment of nougat, marzipan, truffles and crèmes and has a suggested retail price of $16.99. For truffle lovers, Chocolats Christina has created a four-piece selection with a suggested retail price of $4.99. The chocolates come pre-packed in display-ready trays, which showcase the gift box assortments.  
Café Select Chai Tea Trios
Booth 1620
A centuries-old beverage, Chai Tea has a warm, soothing effect and plays a significant role in many cultures and has become increasingly popular throughout the world. NECCO expands its upscale Café Select brand with the introduction of Chai Tea Trios. Chai tea lovers can now enjoy the perfect combination of crunchy real chai tea centers covered in rich Dark and Milk chocolate. The “signature” Latte piece is covered in milk chocolate with an overlay of gold speckling. Packaged in a 10-ounce foiled standup gusseted bag, Chai Tea Trios is a companion item to Café Select Chocolate Coffee Trios, introduced last year. These new items are ideal for positioning in the “upscale candy” category.
Wrench Mints
Wrench Mints Inc.
Booth 222
Functional, concealable, and a new way to fix bad breath. Wrench Mints took the iconic symbol of all tools and fixing and turned it into a breath mint with Wrench Mints, the only wrench-shaped breath mints. Available in a 3-inch tin in Peppermint, with Cinnamon coming soon. Suggested retail price is $2 to $3.
Peeps Spooky Friends
Just Born Inc.
Booth 2001
Just Born is scaring up a variety of sweets for trick-or-treaters this Halloween. New, individually wrapped Peeps Spooky Friends will brighten Halloween parties and trick-or-treat bags everywhere. New Spooky Friends are delicious marshmallow candies available in two variety bags of assorted Halloween shapes like Pumpkins, Bats, Ghosts and Spiders. Suggested retail price is $1.99 for the 18-count variety bag and $5.99 for the 54-count variety bag, with a size that meets all Halloween candy needs. Traditional Halloween Peeps shapes will include Pumpkins, Ghosts and Cocoa Cats in assorted sizes and price points.
Peeps Marshmallow Peppermint-Flavored Stars
Just Born Inc.
Booth 2001
Just Born Inc. introduces Peeps Marshmallow Peppermint-Flavored Stars, its first peppermint-flavored PEEPS. Wrapped for the holiday in festive red and white stripes, Peeps Peppermint Stars are adorned with shimmering red sparkles and are available in a 9-count package with a suggested retail price of 99 cents.
Mini Cow Tales
Goetze’s Candy Co. Inc.
Booth 1945
Goetze’s Candy Co. recently introduced a new 10-ounce size bag of Mini Cow Tales, a bite-sized version of the No. 1-selling 25-cent item Cow Tales. They are uniquely shaped and are made of soft, chewy caramel that surrounds a decadent cream center. The new 10-ounce Mini Cow Tales bags are covered in cheerful, attention-grabbing orange swirls and feature the new fun-loving cow icon named “Daisy.” They can be purchased in 12-count or 24-count packages. Suggested retail price is $2.19 a 10-ounce bag.
Trolli Spiders
Farley’s & Sathers Candy Co. Inc.
Booth 1609
New Trolli Spiders are chewy gummies in flavorful black cherry, grape and strawberry flavors and look real enough to make a person squirm. The 4.25-ounce size hanging bag is packed 12 per case and is also available in a 72-count floor standing shipper. Suggested retail price is 99 cents to $1.49. Farley’s & Sathers is also offering its Trolli Squiggles, Trolli Classic Bears and Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers are now available in an 8-ounce bag. Trolli Peachie-O’s are available in a 7.25-ounce hanging bag. All are packed 12 per case.
March Madness Mesh Bag of Basketballs
R.M. Palmer Co.
Booth 653
Delicious Double Crisp balls are foiled to look like basketballs and are in a mesh bag with a colorful hang tag. There are 18 bags packed in a colorful display packer. This is the perfect basket filler for any basketball fan, and with an early Easter, it falls into the exact time frame of the Final Four tournament. Suggested retail price is $1 per 4-ounce package.
Farley’s Kid’s Combo
Farley’s & Sathers Candy Co. Inc.
Booth 1609
Farley’s Kid’s Combo is a must for any child’s party. Farley’s & Sathers Candy Co. unveils Farley’s Kid’s Combo, a big 56-ounce laydown package chock full of 12 popular brands: Super Bubble, Rain-Blo Pops, Jujyfruit, Now and Later Soft, Rain-Blo 3-flavor gumballs, Trolli Classic Bears, Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers, Super Bubble Blast, Atomic Fireballs, Smarties. Jawbreakers and SweeTarts. Packed eight per case with a suggested retail price of $8.99 to $9.99.   
Eiffel bonbons
The Foreign Candy Company Inc.
Booth 700
Introducing a new candy sensation! Eiffel bonbons are the hottest chewy candy to hit the retail market in years. A unique long-lasting chewy candy available in both strawberry and apple flavors. Eiffel bonbons are available in a 4-ounce Peg Bag and 1.25-ounce count goods.
Wolfgang Candy Co. Inc.
Booth 1682
Wolfgang Candy Co. Inc. debuts Cranberries, which features cranberries dipped in sweet, dark Wolfgang chocolate. Cranberries joins the re-introduced all-natural super fruit product line with the re-launch of the natural super fruit confectionery line featuring real plump and juicy blueberries and red raspberries dipped in sweet dark Wolfgang chocolate. This new and improved version of the product line touts a shelf life of up to 12 months. Cranberries have been shown to prevent urinary tract infections and kill bacteria that can cause stomach cancers and ulcers.    
Anthon Berg Chocolate Cocktail Creams
Toms Confectionery Group
Booth 982
Anthon Berg Chocolate Cocktail Creams, a new line extension to the Chocolate Liqueurs high-quality dark Ghana chocolate and the creamy cocktail fillings to make the perfect combination. The assortment consists of five different cocktails: Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Irish Mint, Crème de la Crème and B52; and contain brands such as Cointreau, Sauza Tequila, St. Brendan’s, Irish Cream, Rèmy Martin and Grand Marnier. All five have been specially selected for Chocolate Cocktails for their delicious interplay with the chocolate for a soft and smooth feeling and taste. Available in a 15-piece exclusive square box and 16-piece see-through tube displaying the bottle-shaped chocolates. All five flavors carry their own colour codes and are easily recognizable from the design and labels.
Toxic Waste Sour Candy Spray
Candy Dynamics
Booth 1071
An innovative liquid sour-candy-and-toy-in-one, each Toxic Waste Sour Candy Spray features one of three collectible Toxic Waste character finger puppets. Toxic Waste Sour Candy Spray will be available in four yummy ultra-sour flavors, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Green Apple and Strawberry. Suggested retail price is 99 cents for a .24-fluid-ounce spray.
Trident Minty Wild Blueberry Twist
Cadbury Adams USA LLC
Booth 821
Wild Blueberry Twist has a refreshing blend of blueberry flavor with a tangy twist of popular pomegranate flavor, which is ranked as one of the top 10 next big flavors. Wild Blueberry Twist builds upon fruit, the fastest-growing flavor segment, and combines trendy pomegranate flavor with blueberry to create an energizing taste. Wild Blueberry Twist can be purchased in 18-piece packs and 40-piece multi-packs, which have eight 5-piece packages.
Team Tins
New World Management
Booth 508
Team Tins announces nine designs for its new line of Major League Baseball themed candy tins. As an official licensee, the company plans on releasing collectible tins of all National and American League by 2010. Nine teams will be introduced for the 2008 season: Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, New York Mets, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals. The tins feature high-quality, accurate renditions of team logos, executed in lustrous paints and inks on heavy-gauge metal and contain 2.1-ounce of mint candy produced by kalfany Bonbon GmbH & Co. KG. Suggested retail price is $3.99.
Snickers Dark
Masterfoods USA, a Division of Mars Inc.
Booth 1745
One of America’s popular candy bars is now available in a new variety to appeal to chocolate lovers hungry for a dark chocolate satisfaction. Snickers Dark offers everything consumers love about Snickers Brand – from the peanut crunch to the chewy, creamy caramel – now surrounded by rich, dark chocolate. Available in single bars and miniatures also is included in the 17.5-ounce Snickers Miniatures Variety Bags. Suggested retail price is 75 cents for a 1.83-ounce single bar, $3.19 for a 10.5-ounce miniatures bag.
M&M’s Brand Dark Chocolate Peanut Candies
Masterfoods USA, A Division of Mars Inc.
Booth 1745
Dark chocolate fans will go nuts when the M&M’S® Brand adds this all-star to its line-up. These candies have a peanut and dark chocolate center with the famous “m” on each piece of dark chocolate candy. Available in Dark Chocolate, the suggested retail price is 55 cents for 1.5-ounce singles, 99 cents for a 2.87-ounce tear n’ share, $2.96 for a 12.6-ounce medium bag and $4.39 for a 20.2-ounce large bag.  
Moments Collection - Intense Dark Chocolate
Ghirardelli Chocolate Co.
Booth 511
Ghirardelli features the connoisseur collection of the recently launched Intense Dark chocolate in its beautifully packaged Moments Collection gift is designed in rich, dark colors and features intensely rich and velvety smooth dark chocolate flavors including 72% Cacao Twilight Delight, Espresso Escape and Mint Bliss. Connoisseurs will also enjoy the food and wine pairing guide included on the inside cover of the lid. This guide outlines tasting notes and pairings with wine, spirits and gourmet food specifically designed for each of the three flavors. Suggested retail price is $12.99.
M&M’s Brand Wildly Cherry Chocolate Candies Limited Edition
Masterfoods USA, a Division of Mars Inc.
Booth 1745
Consumers will go wild over the latest flavor from M&M’S® - M&M’S® Brand Wildly Cherry Chocolate Candies Limited Edition. Available in Wildly Cherry, the suggested retail price is 55 cents for 1.5-ounce singles, $2.96 for an 11.8-ounce medium bag and $4.39 for an 18.6-ounce large bag.  
The Topps Co. Inc.
Booth 621
Vertigo is a half-candy, half-chocolatey, half-crazy lollipop, a delicious hard candy with a smooth chocolatey base all on a stick. Vertigo is available in Caramel Chocolate, Strawberry Chocolate and Cookies n’ Cream Chocolate and is the perfect two-in-one treat. The new holiday Mint-flavored Vertigo will be released this holiday season.
Dove Flavored Caramels
Masterfoods USA, a Division of Mars Inc.
Booth 1745
Dove Flavored Caramels expands the range of personal indulgences, blending smooth buttery caramel with a hint of Mint, Raspberry or Hazelnut for a unique, luscious experience. Caramel lovers will delight in the silky, smooth caramel experience and savor an extraordinary Dove moment. Dove Flavored Caramels are available in retail stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $2.99 for a 5.8-ounce stand-up pouch.
Asher’s Individually Wrapped
Asher Chocolates
Booth 567
Asher’s Chocolates’ most popular confections are now available in a new line of individually wrapped counter caddies and displays. These items offer a new eye-catching, change-maker design. Flavors include Peanut Butter Marshmallow, Vanilla Caramels, Pecan Caramel Patties, Sandwich Cookies and award-winning Pretzels in creamy milk chocolate as well as Graham Crackers in milk and dark chocolate. Perfect for in-line displays, plan-o-grams, at the register or coffee bars, they also add a colorful touch to gift baskets.
M&M’s Brand Razzberry Chocolate Candies Limited Edition
Masterfoods USA, a Division of Mars Inc.
Booth 1745
M&M’s fans will be jazzed to get “razzed” with limited edition M&M’s brand Razzberry Chocolate Candies. As the first fruit-flavored M&M’s product launch nationally, M&M’s brand Razzberry Chocolate Candies have great taste and promise “berry” cool fun. Available in Raspberry, the suggested retail price is 55 cents for 1.5-ounce singles, $2.96 for an 11.8-ounce medium bag and $4.39 for an 18.6-ounce large bag.  
Too Tarts SmartChoice Melted Ice Cream Spray Candy
Innovative Candy Concepts
Booth 801
Too Tarts SmartChoice Sugar-Free, Fat-Free, Melted Ice-Cream Sprays offer an ice cream flavored sensation and come in a super-sized spray bottle that contains 33 percent more candy per container. Each spray contains six servings at 10 calories per serving. Ice cream lovers can choose from three premium flavors: Blueberry, Strawberry and Banana-Split. Available in a 24-milliliter spray. Suggested retail price is $1.29 per spray. For a limited time, Innovative Candy Concepts will offer a chance to receive a free Too Tarts SmartChoice Melted Ice Cream T-shirt with proof of purchase.
Reese’s Whipps
The Hershey Co.
Booth 845
Capitalizing on the strong Reese’s peanut butter and chocolate brand equity, Hershey introduces Reese’s Whipps. The product is true to the Reese’s name with a delicious combination of peanut butter and chocolate and a new light and fluffy texture. With a ‘40% less fat’ claim the bar is a perfect fit for the consumer who is looking for the traditional peanut butter and chocolate taste and appreciates the lower-calorie bar. Whipps will be available in multiple packtypes starting in early 2008.
Flower and Marshmallow Pop
KoKo’s Confectionery & Novelty
Booth 767
KoKo’s Confectionery & Novelty Co. announces new Powerwing packaging which can be used for merchandising products on an end cap, inline, on a shipper and a countertop display. Each gravity-fed box is brightly colored and eye-catching to promote additional sales. The new packaging is being launched for the Flower Pop and Marshmallow Pop brands with other KoKo’s products to follow. Gravity-fed boxes contain 35 to 60 units depending on the products’ individual size.
Indulge Gourmet Impulse Bag
Gia Michaels Confections
Gia Michaels Confections is expanding its business beyond products targeted to specialty/gourmet retailers with the rollout of Indulge Gourmet chocolate-covered pretzels in 2.5-ounce single-serving packages. The rich, enrobed pretzels come in 10 varieties, including dark chocolate, peanut butter and white chocolate with M&M’s. The suggested retail price range is $1.95 to $2.49. The company ships products in a 64-count floor display shipper with a power wing option; an eight-pack candy aisle shelf tray is offered as well.
Twists Extra Dark 70% Cocoa
Chocolaterie Guylian
Booth 1115
Capitalizing on the growing trend for Dark Chocolate, Guylian Belgian Chocolate’s newest Guylian Twists introduction offers the popular individually wrapped seahorse-shaped chocolates in a new flavor, Extra Dark 70% Cocoa. This new flavor joins the three original Guylian Twists flavors: marbled chocolate with Hazelnut Praline filling, dark chocolate with Orange Cream filling and milk chocolate with Truffle filling. Each wrapper is hermetically sealed to ensure freshness and then twisted. The Guylian Twists Extra Dark 70% chocolate box contains 16 pieces of delicious Belgian Dark Chocolates with a smooth Dark Chocolate Filling. The suggested retail price for the 4.9-ounce package is $2.99.
Little i Card Holder Series
Little i
Booth 276 and 1483
This new light, sleekly designed thin tin comes packed with 11-mm mints, a larger mirror and is reusable. After the mints are depleted, consumers can take the mint dispenser out of the tin and reuse it as a business card holder or credit card holder. Fashionable, lightweight and functional, the Card Holder Series is available in four styles and three flavors: Black/Peppermint, Pink/Peppermint, Orange/Citrus and Green/Green Tea. Three new holiday designs will be available in October: a 24-count box of I Saw Santa Kissing Mirror Mints. A 24-count box of assorted holiday tins with six of each is available. They are I Saw Santa Kissing, Ornament, Naughty Santa and Snowflake tins. A holiday gift pack comes with all four holiday tins in a clear PVC pre-pack. Suggested retail is $12 per four-pack.
Dark Chocolate Rose
Madelaine Chocolate
Booth 1183
(800) 322-1505
Madelaine Chocolate, the company that introduced the original milk chocolate rose, presents an exquisite, sensuous, rich dark chocolate rose with foliage so lush, so real, it reflects the flavor of the gourmet chocolate.
Sconza Fruit and Nut Confection Gift Packs
Sconza Candy Co.
Booth 1507
Sconza Candy introduces gift packs of its premium line of chocolate fruit and nut confections. Each gift pack features two 5-ounce premium bags packed into a crystal-clear box showcasing botanical illustrations and each artisan confection. The sampler gift pack selections include: Dark Chocolate Raisins and Chocolate Toffee Almonds; Chocolate Cherries and Mocha Truffle Almonds; and Chocolate Toffee Pistachios and Fruit Basket. Packed six per case, the gift pack’s suggested retail price is $9.99.
New flavors and – Elvis Pez-ley?
For the first time, PEZ Candy is expanding its product line into a new product category with the new PEZ Mini Mints. The new sugar-free mints, in Orange and Mint flavors, feature dispensers based on the original PEZ dispenser design of 55 years ago as well as licensed art in a variety of categories. This is the first time that PEZ has expanded its product line into a new product category.
And for 2008, PEZ will feature Elvis on the retro dispensers for the Mini Mints project. All four officially licensed images represent Elvis from the 1950s through the 1970s. Two images are from paintings, Elvis in the gold suit and the moody blue image of Elvis; and the other two, Elvis Presley blues and Elvis 30th Anniversary, are images from Elvis Presley Enterprises Ltd.
PEZ Mini Mints tie in with the Elvis Presley 30th Anniversary celebration this year, held during Elvis Week 2007 in August. The Elvis PEZ dispenser will be available in January 2008.
PEZ has been a part of American candy history and pop culture for more than 50 years.
Generations of people have grown up with and collected PEZ, adding great nostalgic value to the brand. PEZ Candy and Dispensers were introduced in America in 1952. Market research with children led to the introduction of fruit flavors and the addition of collectible character heads featuring top licensed characters.
PEZ Candy,
Booth 706,
Russell Stover rolls out new assortments
Russell Stover Private Reserve boasts elegant chocolates featuring silky milk, 70% cacao dark and crisp white chocolate with unparalleled centers including Mocha Ganache, Triple Chocolate Mousse, Toasted South Seas Coconut and Vanilla Bean Brulee made with vanilla from Madagascar. Available in roll-top bags.
Each piece in Russell Stover Private Reserve Origin Select expresses a country’s unique combination of soil, humidity, rainfall, sunlight, vegetation and culture. Taste the diversity that leaves an unmistakable stamp on the chocolate’s character, flavor and aroma from Ghana, Ecuador and Belgium. Available in roll-top bags and boxes.
Russell Stover Urban is a new line of modern world chocolates with a city vibe. The packaging features the energy and essence of urban living. The sophisticated flavors include Key Lime, Sea Salt Caramel, Grapefruit Ganache, Espresso Truffle, 60% Cacao Dark from Ghana and Pistachio Nougatine.
Whitman’s Soho is an artist-inspired series with unique centers and artistically decorated pieces such as Pear Praline, Sea Salt Caramel, Madagascar Vanilla Brulee, Pistachio Nougat, Cacao Truffle and Raspberry Ganache.
Russell Stover Private Reserve 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate Assortment is a culmination of more than 80 years of expertise as a leading purveyor of fine chocolates. Delicate truffle, raspberry, cordial, honey caramel and almond cream centers are surrounded by premium 70% cacao.
Russell Stover Candies Inc.,
Booth 2101,
Foreign Candy rolls out Rips
Rips bite-size licorice are fat-free and made with natural fruit juice. Rips sanded Strawberry and Green Apple licorice pieces are great for snacking, movies and anytime treats. Rips bite-size licorice is available as a 4-ounce Peg Bag and a 4-ounce Theater Box.
Also new are the Rips Licorice Belts, which are sanded, fruity, fat-free and have natural fruit juice flavoring. Rips Licorice belts offer four mouthwatering fruity flavors in strawberry, apple, watermelon and blue raspberry. Available in a 5.64-ounce Peg Bag, which contains a plastic tray of 16 flavor-filled licorice belts.
The new Rips Rolls are available in strawberry, green apple, watermelon and blue raspberry and are available as a 1.4-ounce count item.
The Foreign Candy Company Inc.,
Booth 700,
Mint for diamond anniversary
The 3 Musketeers brand celebrates its diamond anniversary with its new 3 Musketeers Mint, which offers fluffy mint nougat dipped in luscious, dark chocolate. The new candy bar blends the signature light and fluffy texture with the refreshing combination of mint with dark chocolate and is the first brand extension in 75 years. Contains 45 percent less fat than the average leading chocolate brands. Available in two-piece single-serve packs or medium bags of minis, the suggested retail price is 65 cents for the two-bar single-serve pack and $3.29 for the bag of minis.
To raise awareness of 3 Musketeers brand’s new “lighter way to enjoy mint and chocolate,” sampling will occur at select Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure events nationwide.
Masterfoods USA, a Division of Mars Inc.,
Booth 1745,
Hello again, Joe Bazooka
Topps introduces the new Bazooka Bubblegum, answering consumers’ calls to ditch last year’s new rectangle gum in a twist wrap with the comics printed in two colors on the inside of the packaging. This year heralds the return of the classic Bazooka shape, the beloved square chunk of bubblegum surrounded by a cut-and-fold wrapper that includes iconic four-color comics and a more vibrant graphic.
Topps brands, including Bazooka, Push Pop, Baby Bottle Pop and Juicy Drop Pop, will appear in the Warner Bros. live-action “Speed Racer” summer movie, coming to theaters in May 2008. Topps and Warner Bros. are planning to overlay the Topps movie branding with TV, online, sweepstakes and merchant components.
The Topps Co. Inc.,
Booth 621,