Gnosis founder Vanessa Barg and chocolatier Lauren Gockley at the company's new New York City store.

Gnosis, a specialty chocolate company, has opened a pop-up retail store in New York City on Aug. 11, and it’s hoping to garner enough support so the site becomes permanent.

The company, which offers raw chocolate, claims to be the first raw chocolate store in the area.

On the company’s website, company founder Vanessa Barg and chocolatier Lauren Gockley, write, “You can help us decide to make this Pop-Up Shoppe (we'll be here for 2-3 weeks for sure!) into a permanent fixture by coming and showing your support within our first weeks.”

Gnosis also started a Grenada Project this summer. REACH Grenada facilitated work on projects with orphanages and emergency shelters and also began an organic farming initiative with The Grenada Chocolate Co.

Gnosis also has begun playing with some new sources of raw cacao beans to come up with a new foundation for its bars and truffles. And, because “Raw Integrity” is so hard to verify because there’s no certification process, the company has opted to go directly to the origin, says Barg.

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