Masterfoods USA,
A division of Mars Inc.
(908) 852-1000
This color-infused chocolate bar is embedded with mini M&Ms, giving it a creamy-crunchy texture. Varieties are Peanut Butter and Crunchy, which has crisped rice added. Each molded bar is embossed with M&M’S brand characters on eight sharable segments. Suggested retail prices are 55 cents per 1.5-ounce bar and $2.89 per 11.1-ounce Fun Size bag.
Candy Specs
Cap Candy, a division of Hasbro Inc.
(707) 251-9321
This “eye candy” consists of hollow plastic eyeglass frames filled with flavored granulated sugar candy. When the candy’s gone, kids can wear the specs. Cap Candy also introduces Dip-A-Longs Candy, which combines three cherry-flavored lollipop sticks with sour flavored powders in cherry, orange and blue raspberry. For children three years and older, both products have a suggested retail price of 99 cents.
Jelly Belly, JBz Snack Bags
Jelly Belly Candy Co.
(800) 323-9380
Snack-sized Jelly Belly jelly beans and JBz chocolate candies are now available from Jelly Belly Candy Co. The 1.7-ounce Jelly Belly bags come in 20-flavor regular and 10-flavor Jelly Belly Sours varieties. The 1.5-ounce bags of JBz come in 20 flavors. Both are packed in 24-count display caddies suitable for checkout counters. National and regional consumer advertising, couponing and sampling support the launch.
Energy Candies
Vroom Foods Inc.
(800) 553-8814
Vroom spent three years developing this line of bite-sized caffeinated candies as a convenient, less costly and portable alternative to coffee and energy drinks. Each Buzz Bite Chocolate Chew and Foosh Energy Mint contains the equivalent of a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine (100mg.), plus five B vitamins, ginseng and taurine. Buzz Bite Chocolate Chews are packed six per tin and Foosh Energy Mints are packed 12 per tin. Both retail for $2.99 to $3.99.  Vroom is launching the products nationally and also offering them online at www.vroomfoods.com. Approximately 80 percent of adults consume caffeine daily and energy products are a billion-dollar industry, according to the company.
Peanut Butter Club Sandwich
Costas Foods Inc.
(800) 507-1008
This snack, a chocolate-covered salty cracker and peanut butter sandwich introduced in 1922, has been updated with 25 percent more peanut butter and new packaging.
Peanut Butter Club Sandwich, with a suggested retail price of 59 cents, is available in Central Pennsylvania and online at www.costasfoodsinc.com. The company, formerly a subsidiary of the York Barbell Co., York, Pa., was purchased by Robert Stahl in 2003.
Cow Power
Calcium Chewing Gum
Ford Gum & Machine Company, Inc.
(847) 955-0003
Each piece of sugar-free, peppermint-flavored Cow Power Calcium Chewing Gum contains 250 mg. of calcium, plus Vitamin D to aid in calcium absorption. Ford touts the product as a convenient, easy way for consumers to get their daily requirement of calcium by chewing four pieces. Packaged in a 10-piece blister pack, the gum has a suggested retail price of 99 cents.
ElimiTaste Zapp! Gum
Inhale Solutions Inc.
(866) 700-2899
ElimiTaste Zapp! Intense ElectraMint breath-freshening gum is the first of several gum products that Inhale Solutions plans to introduce under the ElimiTaste brand name. This sugar-free pellet gum is sweetened with Xylitol, comes in holographic packaging and is available in 12/12-piece single-pack cases. It has a suggested retail price range of 99 cents to $1.49.
The brand’s introduction is supported by a public relations and advertising campaign. Inhale Solutions Inc. is a specialty developer and manufacturer of lifestyle enhancement products.  More information is available online at www.elimitaste.com.
Fresh Citrus Listerine PocketPaks
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
(973) 385-6120
These Citrus breath-freshening oral care strips provide a mild fruit flavor and offer the germ-killing ingredients found in Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash, according to Pfizer. Suggested retail prices for Fresh Citrus Listerine PocketPaks are $1.59 for a 24-count pack, $2.49 for 48, $3.99 for 72 and $9.64 for the 240-count wholesale club pack.
Jelly Candy Fruit Squares
Dillon Candy Co.
(800) 382-8338
Dillon introduces its Carolyn Candies line of pectin Jelly Candy Fruit Squares in Key Lime, orange, lemon and strawberry flavors.  A red-and-green Key Lime and strawberry assortment will be available for the Christmas season. The candies have a soft, firm, non-sticky texture and 9-month shelf life, according to the company.  Suggested retail price range for the 5-ounce package is $2.19 to $2.49. In addition, Dillon introduces 2.5-ounce stand-up pouches of its hand-made Peanut Brittle and Pecan Brittle in high-barrier, metalized packaging that gives the product a 6-month shelf life.  The pouch has an inconspicuous hole at the top for pegboard display. Suggested retail price range for the Peanut Brittle is $1.99 to $2.29, and for Pecan, $2.19 to $2.49.
Holiday Chocolate Covered Fruits
Cape Cod Provisions LLC
(508) 564-5840
Two of Cape Cod’s most popular items, dark chocolate-covered cranberries and milk chocolate-covered cherries, are now offered in 10-ounce gable-top gift boxes for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. A soft, romantic photo of ornaments and sprigs of holiday greens adorn the Christmas box. Hearts and flowers artwork and a heart-shaped window are featured on the Valentine box. Suggested retail price is $9.99. A case contains 12 units.
Chocolate Medallion Bags
Lake Champlain Chocolates
(800) 465-5909
Gourmet chocolate maker Lake Champlain introduces Chocolate Medallion Bags in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Peppermint Crunch varieties. The candy is produced in small batches from all-natural ingredients. The 8-ounce stand-up bags contain foil-wrapped, coin-shaped chocolates. Suggested retail price is $8.95. Cases are 12-count.
Sugar-Free Pastilles
Ferndale Confectionery USA
(888) 881-0088
Jols Sugar-Free Pastilles from Australia are now available at leading retail stores in the United States. These small, chewy, low-carb candies are low in calories and do not harm teeth. Available in orange, Forest Berries and black currant flavors, pastilles feature natural colors and real fruit juice flavor, and are packaged in compact, pocket-sized .88-ounce boxes.
Nibble Notes Candy Spirograph
Cap Candy, a division of Hasbro Inc.
(707) 251-9321
The newest twist on Cap’s candy paper product incorporates a classic children’s drawing toy. Nibble Notes Candy Spirograph comes with five sheets of flavored, edible candy paper in Very Cherry, green apple and orange, a pen with edible ink and a clipboard. The clipboard doubles as a drawing template with traceable shapes, a pop-out gear and gear template.  For children aged three years and older, it has a suggested retail price of $1.99.
New Harry Potter Packages
Jelly Belly Candy Co.
(800) 323-9380
Jelly Belly Candy Co. introduces two new packages for Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, a licensed candy inspired by the best-selling Harry Potter book series.  The 10-flavor, 4.25-ounce Discovery Box is packed 12 per case. The 20-flavor, 1.6-ounce snack box is available in a 24-count shelf caddy and floor display shipper pre-packed with 144 boxes. Both packages come with a flavor-identification guide on the back.
Disney Gummies
Imagination Confections LLC
(888) 617-0800
Licensed confectionery producer Imagination Confections offers a comprehensive line-up of everyday and seasonal treats as part of its long-term licensing agreement with Disney Consumer Products.
Imagination is an alliance between American Licorice, Ferrara Pan Candy, New England Confectionery, R.M. Palmer and Spangler Candy companies.
Offerings include Gummi Peg Bags of 4.5 to five ounces with a suggested retail price of 99 cents. They include Princess Gummi Bracelets in three designs featuring Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Ariel and Belle. Bracelets come in nine colors and can be worn as bracelets or linked to form necklaces. Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles Assorted Sour Gummies and Wonder Gummies, Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo Liquid Filled Gummi Fish and Lion King Liquid Filled Gummi Bugs feature characters from those movies.
Cocoa Pete’s Petites
Cocoa Pete’s Chocolate Adventures
(866) 275-4738
Each Cocoa Petite weighs just .7 bite-size ounces and comes in Cocoa Pete’s unique, but edible-friendly shape.  However, instead of the four snap-apart pieces in the original bars, the Petite offers two smaller size pieces bridged together to form a true miniature of its larger sibling. Cocoa Petites are available in the company’s signature flavors, Maltimus Maximus, Nuts So Serious, Caramel Knowledge and Berry, Berry Dangerous. Each petite package retails for less than $1.
The G Collection
Godiva Chocolatier
(800) 9-Godiva
Chef Norman Love originally created this collection of hand-made decorated chocolates exclusively for Godiva for limited release in the 2003-2004 holiday season. Love has expanded the collection, which now features 15 flavors, eight of them new for 2004-2005. They include P.B. & Jam, Tasmanian Honey, Orange Gianduja, Key Lime, Vanilla Mascarpone, Baked Apple Pie, Deep Dark Roast and Vermont Maple Walnut. Suggested retail price is $40 for a 15-piece box, $75 for 30, $125 for 48 and $350 for a limited edition, numbered keepsake box. Cost is approximately $125 per pound.
Inspirational Candy
Scripture Candy
(888) 317-7333
The company with a stated mission to spread the message of Christianity introduces Inspirational Candy, a new line of non-chocolate candies for the secular market.  The fish-shaped gum and mints, assorted soft peppermints and dextrose candies will be produced in large volumes and competitively priced, according to the company. Distribution will be through independent pharmacies, groceries and other retail outlets.
New Organic Bars
Thompson Candy Co.
(203) 235-2541
New from Thompson Candy Co. is a line of 1-oz. premium organic chocolate bars. Five varieties are offered: 70% dark chocolate, 50% dark chocolate, milk chocolate almond, milk chocolate truffle and milk chocolate caramel.
Private Label Logos
Bentley Specialties
(773) 267-8726
Bentley Specialties is making available for the first time printed custom logos on sugar shelled chocolate lentil centers. Candies are available in an assortment of standard colors and blends and packed in a variety of ways.
Novelty Items
Jelly Belly Candy Co.
(800) 323-9380
The Wrecking Ball, a giant 2.25-inch jawbreaker, is the newest addition to the line of novelty candies from Jelly Belly Candy Co. Wrecking Balls are individually wrapped in construction-themed packages. Each oversize jawbreaker is comprised of repeating layers of grape, orange, lime, cherry and lemon flavors.
Jelly Belly’s line of Pet Gummies received a facelift with  new packaging and a new formulation that incorporates 100 percent of the daily requirement of Vitamin C per serving. The line of gummies includes Pet Rat, Pet Tarantula, Pet Dinosaur and Pet Crocodile candies. Each package  includes offbeat, but factually accurate, tidbits about the real-life creatures.
Added Extras, LLC
(212) 564-3454
Added Extras, a manufacturer of teen’s and children’s cosmetics, has licensed six Wonka candy brands and reproduced their flavors and fragrances in lipgloss packaged with the candy. Lipgloss/candy combinations include Nerds, Laffy Taffy, Pixy Stix, SweeTarts Shockers, Gobstopper and Runts. Each package contains three lipglosses. Suggested retail price range is $2.99 to $4.99.  Merchandising vehicles include 12-piece countertop and 60-piece preloaded sidewing displays.