December 2004

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Costco Whole Sale
Retailer of the Year

   Special Report   
Retailer of the Year
- Power Retailing at Costco Wholesale
Shoppers are flocking to warehouse club stores, and no one does this unique brand of larger-than-life retailing better than Costco.
- Costco Does Candy,Fast Facts About Costco and more...

Innovation Celebration
- Confectioner Gives a ‘Thumbs Up’ to Candy Business Creativity
By Dana Cvetan and Mary Ellen Kuhn Confectioner gives a ‘thumbs up’ to candy business creativity. Our annual features singles out some of the shiniest stars in the candy aisle.

Category Insights
- More Licenses to Love
2005 promises to be a year filled with candy license opportunities—what’s not to love?
- Licensed to Sell

Show Preview
- A Sweet Experience Awaits ISM Attendees In Cologne, Germany, Jan. 30 – Feb. 2, 2005
The International Sweets and Biscuits Fair will open its doors to attendees in Cologne, Germany, on January 30, 2005. Here’s a look at what’s in store there.

- More Changes in the Retail Landscape

- Wrigley to Buy Altoids and Life Savers From Kraft
- Little Green Book Gives Timely Marketing Tips, Warner Acquires Family Sweets and more...

Candy Product Update
- Take 5, Hershey’s Cookies and more...

Global Marketplace
- Slim Mints Concept Extended, Candy That Kids Around and more...

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