Sour Jujyfruits
Farley’s & Sathers Candy Co. Inc. (800) 533-0330
The candy many have enjoyed inside movie theaters and out is now available in sour flavors. This line extension of the nationally popular Heide brand, Jujyfruits, “kicks up” the flavors with a blast of sour inside and out, according to Farley’s & Sathers. Sour Jujyfruits’ flavor intensity and packaging is targeted to children of all ages. Suggested retail price range for the 5.5-ounce theater box is 99 cents to $1.19; and for the 9-ounce peg bag, $1.19 to $1.39.
New Red Vines Twists
American Licorice Co. (510) 487-5500
Red Vines brand Twists are now available in four new varieties. Pink Strawberry Twists and Red Cherry Twists each come in a 5.5-ounce tray and Jumbo Pink Strawberry Twists and Jumbo Red Cherry Twists are in 1-pound bags. Suggested retail price for the Twists tray is 99 cents and for the Jumbo Twists, $1.69. The Mixed Tray Floor Display contains all three Red Vines trays – 60 Original Red, 30 Pink Strawberry and 30 Red Cherry. A Mixed Jumbo Floor Display holds 48 1-pound bags.
New Harry Potter Candies
Cap Candy, a subsidiary of Hasbro Inc. (707) 251-9321
Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, inspired by the wildly popular Harry Potter series of books and movies, has three new flavors – earthworm, soap and spaghetti. Made exclusively for Cap Candy by the Jelly Belly Candy Co., the 3.5-ounce collectible bag contains 20 flavors, has a suggested retail price of $3.99 and ships in a 1/24-count master display. Cap also introduces Droobles Gum, 1.06 ounces of sweet blue bubble gum gumballs in a collectible pouch. Droobles has a suggested retail price of 99 cents and ships in a 2/12-count counter display. The third Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, debuts in June 2004.
Swap Pop
Imaginings 3 Inc. – Flix Candy (847) 647-1370 <> Flix’s “push-n-pull” Swap Pop is three lollipops in one, with Green Apple, Wild Blue Raspberry and Sour Strawberry flavors. Kids can switch from one flavor to another by pushing, pulling and rotating lollipops housed in a clear, 4-inch tube. Or, all three pops can be released and placed on the fingertips. They can also be re-stored in the tube for later. Shipped in 6/12-count cases, Swap Pops have a suggested retail price range of 99 cents to $1.29. A vibrantly-colored counter display contains 12 pops.
Finger Lites
Malibu Toys (818) 772-7888
Finger Lites Light-Up Candy Rings utilize cutting-edge, patented technology to light up from inside the candy, according to Malibu Toys. Kids can snack on or wear the ring with the eye-catching, flashing light inside. Flavors include lemon, green apple, cherry and orange. Shapes include rockets, ducks, stars, hearts and monkeys. Available nationwide, they have a suggested retail price of 99 cents.
Seattle Chocolate Spring Collection
Seattle Chocolate Co. (800) 334-3600
Seattle’s 2004 Spring Collection features new, 16-ounce Gatsby Gift Boxes. They are available in two color schemes – pink and chocolate-colored or turquoise and chocolate-colored. Each box is filled with assorted melt-away truffles and is hand-tied with a festive brown-and-white polka-dotted ribbon. Suggested retail price is $19.99. Other Seattle offerings include the 8-ounce Bouquet Gift Box, decorated in a colorful floral pattern and filled with dark chocolate, espresso, hazelnut and mint truffles. Suggested retail price is $10.99. A 5-ounce Bouquet Gift Box is also available at $7.99.
Bubblicious Bursts Gums and Pops
Cadbury Adams USA (877) 492-3267
A flavorful liquid center is the hallmark of both Bubblicious Bursts Gums and Bubblicious Burst Pops. Gum flavors include Strawberry Bomb, Green Apple Flood and Thunderin’ Bubble Gum. Gum is available in 10- and 20-piece assorted bags. Bubblicious Burst Pops feature “three layers of fun”— a hard candy shell, gum and liquid center. Pop flavors are Strawberry Splash, Savage Sour Apple and Blue Blowout.
Chocolate Nut Roll
Pearson Candy Company (800) 328-6507
The Limited Edition Chocolate Nut Roll is Pearson’s popular Salted Nut Roll complemented with an outside layer of milk chocolate for a salty and sweet flavor combination. It is offered in a 144-count combo display packed with 72 each of Chocolate Nut Rolls and Salted Nut Rolls. In addition, a 288-count shipper display contains 144 of each bar.
Engineer Invents Highly-visible Lighted Lollipop
Lite-Pop Lite Pop LLC (858) 509-9777
California-based engineer and inventor Richard Johnson has created Lite-Pop, an illuminated lollipop that can stay lit continuously for six to eight hours and can be seen from up to a mile away. Johnson’s patented design purports to be the safest lighted candy product on the market.
Based on a custom designed light transmission element and careful engineering, the lollipop’s LED throws light directly into the mouth while casting a bold and highly visible light around the candy at the same time. The LED light was specifically engineered to create a light source that throws a 22 degree light into the pop and a 180 degree circle around the candy, Johnson explains.
The father of five conceived his idea in an effort to provide kids with a safer, improved light-up pop. “I was watching my kids playing outside one night with a candy that glowed from a chemical that was released when you broke a seal,” he said. Johnson decided to create an alternative product. His company’s Lite-Pop is designed to keep the candy away from the light and provides a tube where the light can be channeled through. He says that this product is completely safe because the light transmission element is not connected to the candy. The LED unit is housed within the pop’s plastic tube stick.
Lite-Pop is available in a variety of flavors and holiday themes, such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Suggested retail price is 99 cents.