Category Driver/Silver Circle Winners Acknowledged

Tom Joyce, vice president customer and industry affairs, The Hershey Company, accepts the company’s award plaques from Confectioner editor Mary Ellen Kuhn (second from left). The three awards Hershey won were presented at the FMI Show, and two members of the Hershey booth team helped Joyce acknowledge the recognition. The honors included Category Driver Awards for the chocolate and seasonal confections categories and a Silver Circle Award for non-chocolate.
2. Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.’s Edward Taylor, vice president of customer support (far left), and Jim Klein, vice president of channel sales, were presented with the company’s awards by Confectioner publisher Lisbeth Echeandia (second from left) and editor Mary Ellen Kuhn. Wrigley clinched two Category Driver Awards, one for the breath fresheners category and another for chewing gum.
3. Lawrence Fineburg (left), vice president of sales and marketing, Lindt USA, accepts one of the company’s three awards from Gary Knuth, Confectioner’s national marketing manager. Lindt’s recognition included a Category Driver Award in the premium/gourmet gift box confections category and Silver Circle Awards for premium/gourmet candy bars and seasonal confections.
4. Members of the Hillside Candy team assembled when Confectioner’s Gary Knuth came to town to present Hillside with the Silver Circle Award it earned in the sugar-free confections category. Pictured from left are: Josephine Rivera, Susan Rosenthal Jay, Dan Moore, Maureen Flanagan, Henry Adamkowski (back row), Knuth, Ray LaConte, Ted Cohen, Maria Neto, Rich Gaydos, Shelley Gersten, Leo Ortiz and Shymoon Kant.
5. The Topps Company netted a Category Driver Award in novelty/interactive/kids’ confections this year. Confectioner publisher Lisbeth Echeandia visited Topps headquarters to present the award. Pictured at the time of the presentation are, from left: John Budd, vice president, marketing – confectionery; Lisbeth Echeandia; Alan Grupp, group director – customer marketing; and William Berkowsky, customer marketing manager.
6. Lisbeth Echeandia, Confectioner's publisher, paid a visit to Bethlehem, Pa., to present members of the Just Born team with the Silver Circle Award for non-chocolate confections. Pictured from left are: Kara Borneman, assistant brand manager; Linda Biondo, brand assistant; Brian Bachrach, brand manager; Donald Houston, brand manager; Lisbeth Echeandia; Matt Petronio, vice president of customer and brand development; and Kathy Bassininski, brand director.