In response to Puratos Corp.’s continued strong sales growth in the United States, the company will break ground this month for the construction of a new manufacturing facility in Pennsauken, N.J.

The company plans to use the facility to manufacture a variety of bakery improvers, bases, mixes, bio-fermented sourdoughs and finishers, including icings, glazes and fruit and cream fillings.

Puratos is planning to make the $42-million investment in the 171,000-sq.-ft., state-of-the-art facility, which will result in an annual production capacity of more than 90,000 metric tons and allow Puratos to serve its customers across the United States more effectively.

The new manufacturing plant, which will begin to be operational in the fall of 2012, will provide more than 190 local jobs for the community as well as offer “an excellent working environment with the highest safety and quality standards,” says the company.

In its quest for the highest quality, Puratos will surpass the GFSI Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification standards through the design, construction and operation of the new plant.

In addition, the latest available techniques and technologies will be used to significantly improve allergen management across the entire product portfolio produced at the facility.

The new plant also will incorporate several green initiatives, such as an internal water usage recovery system, advanced air quality controls, superior waste water treatment and a recycling program. These design elements will all contribute to maxmizing energy efficiency at the facility.

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