“Like the ripples in a pond, the work of one man can spread out and touch the lives of many others.” This famous quote from an unknown author certainly applied to Wim van Doorn, managing director of Candy Recycling Installations B.V., who died last month after a serious illness. He was 69. 

Candy Recycling Wim van Doorn
Wim van Doorn

Van Doorn established Candy Recycling in the Netherlands in 1987. The company specialized in the manufacture of equipment designed to recover candy rework. He passionately dedicated his life to the confectionery industry, always focusing on continuous innovation. It was van Doorn who developed the technology and the machinery for recovering all kinds of confectionery rework.

 With his knowledge, expertise and passion, he transformed an originally small company into a worldwide operating enterprise. Now, the business is continued by Candy Recycling GmbH, Hanover, Germany, under the direction of Heiko Kühn and Frank Temme, co-owners of Hänsel Processing GmbH.

“The death of Wim van Doorn leaves a deep gap not only in his family but in the candy industry as well,” Heiko and Frank affirm. “Our sincere sympathies are with his wife and family.”