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Category Handbook

Category Handbook
- Thank You To Our Contributors
- Boxed Chocolate
- Breath Fresheners
- Caramels
- Dark Chocolate
- Functional Gum
- Jelly Beans
- Kids’ Candy
- Sugar-Free

Kid Engineers
- It Mom’s Turn To Talk Candy
This month it’s the moms turn to voice their opinions. The topic is Easter candy purchasing behavior and how vendors and retailers can capitalize on a basket-full of seasonal opportunities.

- Talk Back To Us – Please!

News & Trends
- A Passionate New Approach For Perugina, After Eight
- Color, Brand Characters Star In M&M’S World New York

Product Update
- Lindor Peanut Butter; Yogurt Dots...

Last Word
- When Thinking ‘Inside The Box’ Is The Way To Go

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