Valentine’s Day Chocolates
Madelaine Chocolate Novelties
(800) 322-1505
Redesigned packaging emerges in Madelaine’s Valentine’s Day line. The popular Love & Kisses Solid Milk Chocolate Hearts are featured in two new, clear coronet packs topped with a gold and white flower design or gold and silver crown plus matching ribbon. The flower pack contains 11 ounces of red and red-and-silver foil-wrapped hearts. The crown design features eight ounces of red and gold foil-wrapped hearts. Madelaine has also repackaged its foil-wrapped 2-ounce Solid Milk Chocolate Heart and foil-wrapped, 2.75-ounce heart in lavender and pink packaging. New Mint Nuggets wrapped in elegant two-toned silver foil are designed to tempt dark chocolate lovers.
Valentine’s Gum
Form Gum & Machine Co.
(847) 955-0003
For Valentine’s Day 2005, Ford Gum & Machine Co. introduces two new products to its popular Hip-Hearts line. The 10-inch tall, bright red Hip-Hearts Gumball Machine features a spiral drop chute dispenser imprinted with a colorful, whimsical Valentine pattern. Each machine includes eight ounces of red, pink and white gumballs imprinted with a special Valentine message. Packed eight machines per case, the suggested retail price is $7.99. Hip-Hearts Gumballs in a resealable clear tub contains 18 ounces of red, pink and white gumballs with printed Valentine messages. Packed 12 tubs per case, the gumballs have a suggested retail price of $3.99. Other Ford Valentine’s Day products include Yowser!! Hip-Hearts Friendship Pack, Yowser!! Hip-Hearts Gumball Heart, miniature Valentine PeeWee Gumball Dispenser and the world’s smallest working candy machine, the Valentine Pixie Candy Dispenser.