Cordial Lovers Sampler
World’s Finest Chocolate
(800) 366-2462
World’s Finest Chocolate is offering fans of its recently acquired Queen Anne chocolate-covered cherries a new option for Valentine’s Day. The 9.9-ounce Cordial Lovers Sampler box includes 15 cordials in three varieties — milk chocolate, dark chocolate and burgundy milk chocolate. The suggested retail price is $2.99.
Heart Gift Boxes
Madelaine Chocolate Novelties
(718) 945-1500
Madelaine offers miniature milk chocolate foiled hearts in a heart-shaped, clear acetate package in two sizes — 6 ounces and 12 ounces. Foil colors are red, purple and gold. The 6-ounce heart gift boxes come packed 24 per case; the 12-ounce boxes are packed 12 per case. The suggested retail price for the small box is $5.30; $10.70 for the large box.
Peeps Decorating Kit
Just Born
(800) 445-5787
The Valentine’s Day Peeps Decorating Kit comes with a 4-count tray of pink Peeps marshmallow candy hearts, one tube of either red or white Cake Mate decorating gel, and on-pack decorating ideas. The kit has a suggested retail price of $1.99 and will be shipped in a 12-count case.
‘Red Neck’ Tins
R.M. Palmer Co.
(610) 372-8971
Capitalizing on the popularity of Jeff Foxworthy’s Red Neck humor, these “You Might Be a Red Neck If…” tins contain peanut butter cups in bright red foils. Each candy piece has a punch line printed on the inside of the foil. The tins are packed 8 per case.
Dark Chocolate Hearts
Madelaine Chocolate Novelties
(718) 945-1500
Madelaine’s new heart-shaped, all natural, solid dark chocolate hearts have a 72 percent cocoa content. Foiled in deep brown and copper, the hearts are sold in bulk, 15 pounds per case.
Double Crisp Roulette Wheel
R.M. Palmer Co.
(610) 372-8971
A 4-ounce Double Crisp molded chocolate Roulette Wheel comes packaged in a gift box titled “Take a Chance on Me” or “You’re a Winner.” A small chocolate roulette ball rolls around the wheel mold and chocolate poker chips are included.
A Look at Valentine’s Day 2006
% Change in Dollar Sales vs. Prior Year
Food Drug Mass
Total Candy +0.1% -3.1% +2.1% +0.9%
Chocolate +1.8% -1.5% +4.4% +1.8%
Non-Chocolate -6.4% -8.6% -6.7% -1.7%
*Excluding Wal-Mart
Source: National Confectioners Association/Information Resources Inc.