The combination of Pack Expo International (sponsored by the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute - and Process Expo (sponsored by the Food Processing Suppliers Association - brings together almost 2,000 exhibiting companies using more than 1.4 million sq. ft. under one roof at Chicago's McCormick Place.

Shopping for solutions

The combination of Pack Expo International (sponsored by the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute – and Process Expo (sponsored by the Food Processing Suppliers Association – brings together almost 2,000 exhibiting companies using more than 1.4  million sq. ft. under one roof at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

The jointly held shows are expected to draw more than 45,000 attendees, including 6,000 international visitors from more than 70 countries.

Pack Expo will feature more than 1,600 companies occupying more than 1.2 million sq. ft. of exhibit space while Process Expo will have more than 400 companies taking up more than 200,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space. Naturally, amongst such a large gathering of packaging and processing suppliers, there’s a sizable contingent dedicated to providing confectionery and snack manufacturers with solutions to today’s demands for efficiency, innovation and cost savings.

InCandy Industry’sspecial Pack/Process Expo Preview Section, readers can virtually and visually read up on these companies’ offerings at the shows and away from the shows.

Those unable to attend the show can visit the magazine’s Web site,, and find show-specific and confectionery-specific writeups about these select suppliers.


Sunday, Nov. 9    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday, Nov. 10    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday, Nov. 11    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday, Nov. 12    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday, Nov. 13    9:00 am - 2:00 pm

McCormick Place, Chicago

U.S. agents at the Pack/Process Expo show who will be representing preferred suppliers listed in Candy Industry’s Pack/Process Preview:

American Chocolate Mould Co., Inc.
Ray Cote, president
1401 Church Street, Suite 5
Bohemia, N.Y. 11716
Tel: 631.589.5080
Representing A.E. Nielsen, booth  W-24051

Bainbridge & Associates
Ross and Bryan Bainbridge, partners
2465 Byron Station Dr. SW. Suite B
Byran Center, Mich. 49315
Tel: 616.583.1458;
Representing The Tanis Group and Hebenstreit, booth W-24062

Crosio and Associates, Inc.
Russ Crosio, president
3165 Sable Ridge Drive
Buford, Ga. 30519
Tel: 404.610.3335
Representing Klöckner-Hänsel, Lloveras and A.M.P.-Rose, booth W-25053

Fell & Company International
Marc Fell
3266 Winbrook Drive
Memphis, Tenn. 38116
Tel :  901 332 6669
Representing the Ladco Group of companies

Sollich North America
John Holland, Bob Limburg, Erv Klein
4916 Londonderry Drive
Tampa, Fla. 33647
Tel: 813.345.4710;;
Representing Sollich KG, Chocotech, Knobel, F.B. Lehmann and Dumoulin, booth W-24049

Varick Enterprises, Inc.
Fred Hintlian, president
20 New Street
East Boston, Mass. 02128
Tel: 617.561.0628/0629
Representing Lloveras  booth W-26051


During the Pack/Process Expo show being held in Chicago, Aasted-Mikroverk will exhibit the upgraded AMCSuperNovatemperer featuring a unique Scandinavian design in stainless steel. The AMCSuperNova range covers anything from straight heat exchanging of any pumpable mass to highly precise creation ofBeta V crystals in high-quality chocolate mass. It can handle volumes ranging from 50 kg/hour up to 12,000 kg/hour.

The AMCSuperNova 550 CTS that will be on display features a built-in compact tempering system for re-circulation of excess mass, ideal for use with an enrobing line or for performing quick and easy in-line production shifts.

Manufacturers that require aeration or heavy duty units capable of handling heavy masses and fillings such as nougat, will find such versions in the AMCSuperNova range of units.   A lab version of the versatile and gentle extruderAlice will also be exhibited.Alice handles a wide variety of mass such as dough, aerated mass, nougat, marzipan, potato mass as well as masses with inclusions such as raisins, chocolate chips, peanuts, etc.Alice is available in mono-head, double-head and triple-head versions, all with a great variety of QuickShift tools that enable spot-depositing, one-shot, two-color mass extrusion and wire cutting, single-mass extrusion and wire cutting for large inclusions, sequence depositing and depositing with pivoting motion.

Additional information about any of the company’s chocolate moulding lines will also available at the booth.

Visit booth W-23063

Aasted-Mikroverk ApS
Bygmarken 7-17
DK-3520 Farum

Tel: +45 4434 8000
Fax: +45 4434 8080

Web site:

CAO 3000 CHOC IN-LINE on display at interpack 2008.


Caotech b.v., based in Wormerveer, the Netherlands, has a worldwide reputation as a specialist in self-developed ball mills and conches within the cocoa and chocolate-related processing sector. At the Pack/Process Expo 2008 being held in Chicago, Caotech will showcase the latest developments in cocoa, chocolate and compound processing.

Drawing upon years of expertise in conjunction with its extensive field experience, the company recently launched a number of developments in the field of cocoa, chocolate and compound applications.

Traditionally Caotech’s scope of supply covers a wide variety of installations, varying from a small lab-sized ball mill type CAO B5, to the well-known CAO B2000-CHOC batch installation and finally to the CAO 3000 as a component in a continuous production line for both cocoa and chocolate to complete turnkey projects.

The above photo shows the company’s sophisticated CAO 3000 IN-LINE installation, a fully automated processing line for the production of chocolate and compound with capacities of up to 1,500 kg/hour. Depending upon a customer’s requirements, the line can be completed with ingredients dosing and weighing sections.

Recently Caotech has developed an alternative continuous conching unit to be used as a wet conching system. This CWC 2000 (Continuous Wet Conche) can be placed behind traditional conches for final homogenization and conching, as well as behind ball mill systems for obtaining a high quality chocolate.

Visitors to the Pack/Process Expo show will see the CAO B5 laboratory ball mill refiner at the Caotech booth.

Visit booth W-24051

Caotech b.v.
Handelsweg 3
1521 NH  Wormerveer
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)75 640 4313 
Fax: +31 (0)75 640 4312

E-mail :
Web site:

Carle & Montanari

At the Pack/Process Expo in Chicago, Carle & Montanari will exhibit a Y55CB4 packaging machine, which will be wrapping a square in envelope style with a paper band. The chocolate squares will be supplied by Dynamic Confections of Vancouver, Canada, where this wrapper will be ultimately installed.

The reason for exhibiting the company’s Y55CB4 wrapping machine at the show is to demonstrate for our customers that despite having advertised only the family of flexible wrappers – the V-PACK for the past few years –  the well-established and extremely reliable Y55’s and Y871’s are available and will do a great job when flexibility is not required.

The Y55CB4 wrapper is dedicated to bunch, envelope and portfolio wrapping. Its wrapping speeds vary from 350 to 500 units per minute, depending on the product shape, dimensions and wrapping style. The Y55CB4 at the show will be equipped with a product aligner, a servo-driven paper feeding system with print centering and a hot melt unit.

In addition to the Y55CB4, Carle will have information and videos of other equipment, such as chocolate production lines, moulding plants and chocolate wrappers for various wrapping styles.

The company will also showcase a new moulding concept, the newly introduced “H” Cavemil Crem moulding line, which is suitable for all customers, from small to large-sized manufacturers. It offers a low initial investment as well as the flexibility for quick modular upgrades. The “H” Cavemil Crem moulding line, which debuted at interpack 2008, can produce a broad range of  chocolate products, be it by  shell moulds, book moulds, biscuits, wafers, inclusions, or one-shot. The line can handle all mould sizes in various layouts, and its configuration can be easily modified to include new products or expanded for extra capacity as needed.

Visit booth S-421

Carle & Montanari
Via Trebbia 22 – loc. Quinto de’ Stampi
20089 Rozzano (Milan), Italy
Tel: +39 – 0282452-1; Fax: +39 – 0282452252

Web Site:

Carle & Montanari, USA
25-107 Hutton St.
Raleigh, N.C. 27606
Tel: 919 – 664-7401; Fax: 919 – 664-7407



Chocotech, the sister company of Sollich, is displaying equipment from both its Candy and Chocolate Divisions at Pack/Process Expo in Chicago.

TheFrozenshell is a mouldless chocolate shell forming system that creates new possibilities for confectionery items.  Metal tools on a frozen plate are submerged into a bath of tempered chocolate to form thin chocolate shells.  Depending on the depth of dipping,  the unit can create different heights of the chocolate shell.

The tool plate deposits the shells onto a transport belt in perfect alignment. When combined with a depositor, the shells can then be filled with various fillings to make European style pralines. Different shapes can be produced with readily interchangeable forming tools. Also, different sizes on one plate are possible.

As such, the line maximizes the possibilities for product development, which in the past were only possible  by working with more expensive shell moulding lines.

The PrincessSucrofilm withSucromaster is a sophisticated pilot lab line for any heat-sensitive product to be cooked under vacuum. The  Continuous Thin Film Cooker typeSucrofilm is  combined with a flash off/vacuum vessel and discharge screw, which is designed for processes requiring high vacuum and low temperatures when running heat-sensitive masses.

The unit on display is designed for capacities up to approximately 50 kg/hour.  This complements the similar production sized equipment, which is made for capacities up to 1,000 kg/hour for each cooking unit. 

Visit booth W-24049

Martin McDermott – Sales and Marketing Director
Chocotech GmbH
Dornbergsweg 32
Wernigerode, D-38855

Tel: +49 (3943) 550613
Fax: +49 (3943) 5506-22

Web Site:

A.E. Nielsen

In connection with the Pack/Process Expo show in Chicago, A.E. Nielsen will exhibit only a small portion of their wide program of enrobers. At Nielsen, there has been constant development and improvement of both new and already existing machines. This year the company chose to exhibit aJUNIOR enrober 820 with options, a cooling tunnel and NTD tempering machine.

With the aforementioned equipment, Nielsen looks to highlight first and foremost the reliability of the machinery, which translates into production stability. As a result, the machines are well suited for the demands of a three-shift operation. At the same time, the machines are very easy to clean, maintain and operate.

Today, sanitation and the cleaning of equipment ranks high as a critical parameter, one that’s often cited in the purchase of new equipment.  Many years ago, the company introduced the “removable service tank” concept in their enrobers, an innovation that customers truly appreciate. This means very easy cleaning and maintenance. If the enrober is used for different chocolate masses, an extra service tank can also reduce the change-over time considerably.

To enable easy operation, Nielsen has chosen to use standard PLC and touch-screen systems. Two global suppliers of such systems are used. Support is also available from local PLC suppliers since customers are not limited by “home-made” software and hardware.

A new Nielsen enrobing line is only operated from the enrober, which features a large touch-screen that provides full control of all functions. The adjacent cooling tunnel – known for its streamlined and elegant design – delivers reliability and high efficiency. Such an enrobing line, which can vary in widths from 220 up to 2,000 mm, has proven to be a highly popular choice among confectioners.   

Visit booth W-24051

A.E. Nielsen Maskinfabrik ApS
2-8 Hirsemarken, P.O. Box 69
3520 Farum, Denmark

Tel: + 45 44 34 20 00
Fax: + 45 44 34 20 20
Web site: www.nielsen– 

Refurbished machinery, stock-in-trade of A.M.P-Rose's rebuilt machinery services.


Earlier this year, Pack/Process Expo exhibitor and candy machinery supplier A.M.P-Rose had started construction on a new “greenfield” manufacturing facility in Gainsborough, England. The 80,000-sq.-ft. facility will replace the company’s existing plant, and is located just two miles from its present factory. The investment, estimated at $5 million, demonstrates the company’s commitment to expand and improve its manufacturing base in England.

The new factory will house the company’s entire manufacturing activities, including design and planning offices, component manufacturing, mechanical and electrical assembly, as well as sales, clerical, accounts and after-sales departments.

The facility will also include 25,000 sq. ft. of storage space for used machinery inventory that is the stock-in-trade of  A.M.P -Rose’s rebuilt machine services. Completion of the new facility is scheduled for early 2009.

Coincidentally, the company also celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, prompting managing director Alan Mann to declare a double celebration. 

“A.M.P-Rose started out as a supplier of rebuilt Rose wrapping machines in 1978,” he explains. “At that stage, the company employed four engineers in a rented unit. Since its humble beginnings 30 years ago, the company has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of machines to the chocolate, candy, wafer and biscuit industries, with 75% of its products being exported world-wide.

“I believe it is the fact that we give our clients exceptional value for money that is the key to our success,” Mann says. “Our customers range from manufacturers with less than 10 employees, right up to the large multinationals, and a large percentage of our work is repeat business. We can be proud of our achievements and this new factory is a result of the dedication of our team and the high standards that we deliver time after time.”

Visit booth S-2925

A.M.P- Rose
Heapham Road North, Gainsborough Lincs
DN21 IQU     England

Tel: +44 1427 611969
Fax: +44 1427 616854
Web site:

Sucroliner with complete new design.

Klöckner Hänsel

At this year’s Pack/Process Expo in Chicago, Klöckner Hänsel Processing GmbH will be at the show with an information booth to meet customers and to inform about their latest processing solutions and innovations, which include the following:
• brand-new die forming combining the advantages of rotary and chain dies for the production of seamless, highly filled candies, of special interest for blister-packed candies.
• complete new design of the Sucroliner, the world´s most successful line for continuous production of sugar-containing and sugar-free hard candies.
• new Unibatch universal cooker, which can be used as a single aggregate or as a component in a complete line with high reproduction of single batches and cooling in double jacket.
• the HFD III fondant beating machine for the production of up to 2,000 kg/hour high quality fondant. Defined temperature controlled cooling of rotor and stator by means of internal water loop guarantees excellent results in product quality.

To meet the KHP-team and discover more about these innovations, please come to our  booth.

Visit booth W-25053

Klöckner Hänsel Processing GmbH
Lister Damm 19
D-30163 Hannover, Germany

Tel. +49 51 16 2670
Fax: +49 51 16 267333

Web site:


Knobel introduced their Omega KCM 9/18 one-shot chocolate depositing machine at this year’s interpack and now brings this affordable state-of-the-art depositor to the Pack/Process Expo show in Chicago.  This is the perfect tool for artisan production of filled and solid chocolate pieces.

Knobel offers a full range of chocolate moulding equipment, from individual depositors to complete loose mould lines, all based on modular design so the lines can grow with production requirements.  Knobel also offers the patented ColdPress system for chocolate shell forming.

The latest version of the patented ColdPress system features new rim-press technology, which allows confectioners to press multiple colors of chocolate and chocolate-like masses in one mould. This innovation provides the ultimate solution for assortments as well as any other delicately shaped product.

Knobel’s equipment range encompasses various machine sizes and capacities, everything from artisan-style production using 275 mm moulds up to industrial applications that accommodate 1,200 mm moulds.

Visit booth W-24049

Ueli Lorenz - Managing Director
Knobel Confiseriemaschinen AG
Marksteinstr 5
Felben B. Frauenfeld, CH 8552

Tel: [41] 52 766 25 25
Fax: [41] 52 766 25 66

Web site:


F.B. Lehmann, which  manufactures complete confectionery lines to produce chocolate, compounds, fillings, coatings, fat binders, chocolate blocks, chocolate spreads and nut pastes, will showcase the latest trends and developments in the field of chocolate, cocoa and nut processing at this year’s Pack/Process Expo being held in Chicago this fall. Information about the latest generation of five-roll refiners, ball mills, a new developed laboratory roaster and different new control concepts will be exhibited at the booth.

F.B. Lehmann’s full-scale cocoa processing and nut processing lines are designed and produced to achieve high quality nut paste, cocoa mass and butter. A large selection of different machines, capacities and modules are available to adapt concepts and designs as close as possible to meet a customer’s request.

Visitors to the booth will be able to learn detailed specifics about equipment and processing lines. In confectionery, Lehman’s new generation of five-roll refiners, which are equipped with five frequency drives and forced cooling water flow to optimize the production of heat-sensitive fine chocolate, increase the flexibility and automation of roll refiner lines. For those using ball mills, enhanced designs enable new processing options that deliver distinct advantages. 

Attendees at the show seeking information  about cocoa and nut processing will note that Lehmann’s range of KR roasters offers improved operation and better maintenance.

Information about a new generation of winnowers engineered for improved efficiency, flexibility and quality of the winnowing process will also be available. 

A laboratory roaster will be exhibited at the booth.

Visit booth W-24049

Jörg Sommer - Sales Director
F. B. Lehmann
Daimlerstrasse 12-13
Aalen, 73431

Tel: [49] 7361 562-288 
Fax: [49] 7361 562-60

Web site:


Sollich KG will be showing a total of four machines at the Pack/Process Expo 2008 being held in Chicago.  TheConbar is the industry standard for bar forming including cereal, granola, candy and nutrition bars in single or multi-layer formats.  The display will show a WEBZK Former designed to form a caramel or fudge layer.

The Thermoflow Plus Gullwing Cooling Tunnel will be on display.  This is designed for complete washdown and is shown incorporating the latest sanitary design. 

TheTurbotemper Top TT 600-B will also be exhibited.  TheTurbotemper range is the world’s most successful continuous tempering machine. TheTurbotemper TT 600 B model includes an integral tank, pump, de-crystallization zone and tempering column all on one compact frame.   For the first time in North America, the Sollich Tempergraph in-line temper meter will also be incorporated into theTurbotemper.  This records the chocolate temper every 6 minutes.

In addition, the Minitemper TFD 150 will be shown; this is used in labs as well as by small chocolatiers and also to feed decorators or depositors.

Visit booth W-24049

Peter Koch – North American Sales Manager
Sollich KG
Siemensstrasse 17-23,Postfach 16 29
Bad Salzuflen, D-32102

Tel: [49] 5222-950-148
Fax: [49] 5222-950-300

Web site:

Bosch Packaging Technology

Sigpack Systems, a Bosch Packaging Technology company, introduces a new feeding wheel for gentle, high speed processing of bar products. The feeding wheel can support oblong as well as round wafers, with or without chocolate coating.

This new development in feeder technology offers output rates of up to 800 products per minute. With this machine, Sigpack Systems complements its existing portfolio of all-in-one high-performance equipment for confectionery manufacturers. Gentle product handling is achieved by running a vacuum gripper and product flow at equivalent speeds during pick-and-place operations.  The feeding wheel can guide, rotate, group, accelerate or transfer up to three products simultaneously. It enables producers to conduct easy and flexible changeovers between different formats and match gripper size and format to the product. Quick-release couplings allow for easy gripper head changes, ensuring fast changeovers.

A unique system, the new feeding wheel is ideal for gentle product handling in primary and secondary packaging operations. Depending on product characteristics, the feeder wheel can be integrated with Sigpack Systems’ HSM pillow-pack machine, which can package up to 1,200 products per minute.  HSM machines produce hermetic, loose or tight-fitting pillow packs as required. The compact servo machine can be configured for a variety of applications and works efficiently in multi- shift operations.

“Our innovative feeding wheel increases flexibility and speed of all-in-one lines for bar production,” says Urs Schweizer, product manager at Beringen, Switzerland-based Sigpack Systems. “More and more customers are demanding not just individual installations or machines but complete packaging systems.”

Visit booth S-1230       

Sigpack Systems AG
A Bosch Packaging Technology Company    
Industriestarsse 12    
CH-8222 Beringen

Tel: +41 52 674-6514    
Fax: +41 52 674-687 5832    

Web site:


Hebenstreit supplies production systems for flat and hollow wafers that range from semi-automatic lines with a capacity of about 120 kg/hour to fully automatic, high-efficiency lines rated at 1,200 kg/hour and more.

The extent of the product range begins with raw material dosing and mixing systems for the preparation of wafer batters and extends to the fully automatic conveying of the cut, cream-filled  wafers to subsequent packaging machines, coating  plants or moulding  lines.

Each wafer production system is “tailor-made” according to the individual requirements of the customer. They are designed depending on the type of product required, capacity, grade of automation and existing production facilities. In addition, high-quality products in many cases demand the development of custom-engineered machines.

As a matter of principle, maximum operating  safety and the incorporation of the latest technological improvement, be they mechanical or electrical, remain critical components of every Hebenstreit production system.

Such continual self-improvement minimizes “down time.” Hebenstreit guarantees excellence post-sales service, supported by a network of more than 60 representatives worldwide, as well as 25 highly experienced service engineers.

Visit booth W-24062

Hebenstreit GmbH
Hessenring 16
D-64527 Moerfelden-Walldorf

Tel: +49 (0) 6105-02-0
Fax: +49 (0) 6105-202-190

Web site:

Sympak Group

The Sympak Group (consisting of Corazza, RC, OPM, Stephan and Sympak Process Engineering) is a major European group focused on the design, manufacture and commercializing of processing and packaging machines and plants, mainly for the food industry.

OPM Chocolate, the moulding specialist of the OPM group, specializes in continuous lines satisfying all production needs and covering capacities from 300 up to 6,000 kg/hour. A variety of equipment for chopped and whole inclusion mixing and dosing, wafer and biscuit feeding and placing, completes the range of offerings from OPM.

Some of the company’s recent innovations, which were exhibited at interpack and will be highlighted at the Pack/Process Expo, include a patented Laser Scattering 3D Moulds Detection System. This innovative system uses a low-power laser illumination source and a low standard camera for the detection of the reflected light. Scanning the mould’s surface, the system detects undemoulded products or part of them, making possible the mould’s removal.

The moulding line could be controlled through a palm top, using a wireless connection instead of the classic cabled Ethernet connection. This system gives the operator the possibility to operate the plant from whatever position he is along the same plant.

In addition, by working in cooperation with Max Riner AG, OPM installed an RFID moulds identification system on its moulding line. The system, which uses RFID technology, not only identifies the moulds by reading them, but also allows operators to write information about mould use as needed.

Visit booth E-7415

Strada Statale 231 n. 8/a
12066 Monticello d’Alba, Cuneo,  Italy

Tel: +39 0173 465611
Fax: +39 0173 442001

Web site:


We at Lloveras subscribe to the belief that our customers always have the right to demand more from their suppliers. Today, that is truer than ever before. The increasingly competitive nature of our constantly changing confectionery, snack and functional food markets compels you, our customer, to insist on this.

A long time ago Lloveras foresaw this eventuality and began aggressively making the necessary changes to accommodate this more demanding and competitive environment. “One size fits all” is not in our vocabulary. We will never insist on a standard product line.Take it or leave it.

Developing new products facilitates greater market share. Food manufacturers need tailor-made equipment that allows both flexibility and modularity for the quick changes in market demand.

Manufacturers must partner with their suppliers, demanding vendor participation in new product development efforts. This should include providing manufacturers the opportunity to test customer’s new creations in a laboratory setting that duplicates exact production conditions. The equipment manufacturers experience would be integral and should dynamically adapt when the inevitable manufacturing challenges occur.  

So, as they say, “Rome was not built in a day” and Lloveras, having seen the approaching competitive storm, began the study and conception of its Innovation Center. This was completed in the winter of 2008 after years of planning and construction. The result is an R & D facility that truly embodies the Lloveras vision of a customer – supplier partnership. In this modern facility can be found state-of-the-art laboratory scale equipment, built with a modular design such that every combination of equipment can be employed to facilitate customer product development with satisfactory results.

Visit booths W-25053, W-26051

Ctra. de Rubí, 284 - P. O. Box 71
08228 TERRASSA (Barcelona) Spain

Tel: +34 937 836 311
Fax: +34 937 863 903

Web site:


Introduced at interpack 2008 in Düsseldorf by German-based Driam as a functioning demonstration model, the Driaconti-T is designed to apply coats of soft sugar and flavors in one continuous process using a single machine. Since its debut at interpack, a production unit has been built and is being tested in operation at one of Driam’s customer sites.

The patented principle of the new machine permits to load fragile or soft centers by means of a loading hopper into the first chamber of a drum, which is equipped with multiple chambers. Once the coating media has been applied in the first chamber and by pneumatically activating a transition flap after a predetermined time, the treated centers are moved on to the next chamber. The transition flaps transform the drum for a short period of time into a spiral; long enough to move the product into the next chamber and swing back once the centers are positioned in the next chamber.

The process of spraying powder or liquid takes place in each chamber until the desired amount of coating has been applied to the product.

The devices for the applications of syrup for flavors or colors and alternatively, for powdery substances, can be pulled out at each side of the machine for cleaning. For operation, the respective devices with their spray bars can easily be moved into the original position.

Depending on a product specified by a customer, a Driaconti-T can be tailored to the requirements of a specific product.

Visit W-24060

Driam USA Inc.
1770 Dewberry Road
Spartanburg, SC 29307 USA

Tel: (864) 579-7850
Fax: (864) 579-7852

Driam Anlagenbau GmbH
Aspenweg 19-21
80087 Eriskich, Germany

Tel: +49 (07541) 97030

Web site:;


Altendorf, Germany-based LoeschPack presents a broad range of flexible high speed solutions under the slogan, “Packaging Your Ideas.” Manufacturers of chocolate tablets and chocolate bars, wafers, dry baked goods, chewing gum and confectionery will find suitable solutions for their requirements from Loeschpack.

There is an immense variety of chocolate tablets available on the market: different sizes, different flavors, tablets comprising of a number of small chocolate pieces, small tablets, 300-gram bars or larger and many others.

Today’s largest concern involves product protection through tightly closed packages. A hermetically sealed aluminum foil can mirror a flow-wrapped product as regards protection. Moreover, aluminum foil can be thinner and is often cheaper.

A full-sealed aluminum foil wrap protects chocolate tablets and bars against moisture, insects and other influences. The foil allows for a creative carton or paper wrap that delivers an outstanding  presentation. With a LoeschPack LTM fold wrapping machine for chocolate tablets, the versatility and speed are all there.  

As one of the top suppliers of packaging machines and lines for customers in chocolate biscuits and the sweets industry, the company has the flexibility and expertise to innovate and continually improve packaging machinery engineering.

LoeschPack’s product range focuses on automatic buffering and feeding systems, robot and tray loading systems, fold wrapping and wrapping machines, roll and stick packaging machines, display cartoning machines as well as complete packaging lines for chocolate, confectionery and dry baked goods.

Visit booth E-7125

Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH
Industriestrasse 1
D-96146 Altendorf/Germany

Tel.: + 49 (0) 9545/449-0
Fax: + 49 (0) 9545/449-500

Web site:


If you are looking for a solution within the field of cocoa, nut or chocolate processing, one should definitely visit the Bühler Web site. From the cocoa bean to packaged chocolates, visitors will find optimized solutions for every process step. While simultaneously presenting the newest innovations, the company offers complete retrofit solutions for in-plant machines. Whether it’s laboratory scale machines or high-end industrial equipment, Bühler offers you the ideal platform for fascinating discussions about present and future challenges in the sweet world.

With the recent acquisition of Barth, the Buhler Chocolate & Cocoa business unit strengthens its activities in the cocoa and nut business allowing the know-how in the treatment of cocoa beans to be bundled.

Amongst the latest introductions from the new Bühler Barth team are a highly efficient winnower, a novel nut roaster and new technology in the treatment of almonds.

Chocolate professionals will find answers about processing challenges and flexibility in the proven pre-crystallization technology with the SeedMaster 2000 T.

Those interested in depositing and moulding would do well to inspect the full range of the newest Bühler Bindler depositors – PowerShot, PreciShot, VersiShot – and the CoolCore cold stamping system.

Managers searching for a highly flexible production method must read about the company’s multihead FlexiStamp cold stamping technology, which was exhibited for the first time at interpack 2008. Also debuting at interpack was the FlexiShot, which revealed a completely new technology in depositing featuring flexible nozzles that allow a highly precise, non-tailing depositing.    

So enter the future and visit the Buhler Web site.

Bühler AG
CH-9240 Uzwil

Tel: + 41 (71) 955 11 11
Fax: + 41 (71) 955 33 79

Web sites:;;


The Ladco Group of companies, which includes MacIntyre Chocolate Systems, Beetz Mixing Technology and Petzholdt Heidenauer in Germany, sells to 138 countries worldwide and is fast becoming one of the top suppliers in the world of chocolate refining & conching equipment - the traditional systems and the MacIntyre system as well as ball mill systems.

In addition they have a range of mixing machines for the food industries for many different applications – single-shaft, twin-shaft and vacuum mixing, with capacities up to five tons available.  The company has almost completed the full development of its new site in Dresden, Germany, which will encompass approximately three hectares, giving it 90,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facility. The site provides Ladco with room to expand if required as the market develops for the company’s new range of products, particularly on the bean processing side. 

Recently, the company has been working on the further development of its two-roll and five-roll refiners, its continuous conches and a new range of horizontal batch conches.   The new facility in Dresden will be used for bean processing equipment where a large area is required to build the plants and test them prior to shipping.  In Scotland, the fabrication capacity has been increased to handle some of the larger pressure vessels that they manufacture for the industry as well as mixers, etc.  In the United States, Memphis-based Fell & Company International, Petzholdt Heidenauer’s agent there, will also handle the Ladco Group of Companies (See page 41 for additional details).  

MacIntyre Chocolate Systems 
Sir William Smith Road
Kirkton Industrial Estate
Arbroath, DD11 3RD
Scotland, UK.

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Petzholdt-Heidenauer Maschinen- und Anlagenbau International GmbH
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In response to an emerging need among global customers in the chocolate industry, Duyvis/Wiener has developed a compact chocolate machine, the Qchoc.

The patent-pending Qchoc consists of an intensive pre-mixer based on the principle of taking crystal sugar as a basic ingredient and keeping it in suspension without any problem. This pre-mixer has evolved out of a combination of existing techniques, which have been combined in a unique manner. The mixing time has been reduced to practically zero by this special design.

This means that after adding the last ingredient, the grinding can be started immediately. Grinding takes place in a specially dimensioned ball mill, which executes the grinding highly efficiently by means of the stirring arms that are combined with the appropriate ball diameter. By making good use of the created surface and a special warm / cold water system, the temperature of the product can be strictly controlled.

The integrated Taste-Changer checks the product and treats it intensively using hot air, shifting tension and surface enlargement, giving the product the identical same characteristics as if it were conched. The product is pumped through the machine by a specially designed pump, which is also suitable for pumping crystal sugar in suspension.

Designed and engineered to facilitate sanitation, the unit can be installed easily without special provisions. Because of the closed water system and the efficient handling of supplied energy, the Qchoc has little or no negative environmental impact.

Capable of producing 400 kg chocolate in two hours time, the Qchoc line consists of 400, 600 and 800 kg capacities.

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The Tanis Group

The Tanis Group, based in Made, The Netherlands, specializes in customized production lines for all types of confectionery and bakery items. Tanis offers know-how, experience, a trained staff and a well-equipped, recently enlarged test center, aptly called The Tanis Kitchen.

At this forthcoming Pack/Process Expo show in Chicago, the company will highlight the complete range of products at its informational booth. 

All Tanis equipment is tailored to meet specific customer needs and is skid-built, with focus on short commissioning times.

In addition, it will have on display a unit on a skid for blending colors and flavors into a gel mass. These additives are dosed batch-wise, by weight, in order to achieve accurate dosing independent from the density of the additive.

The module weighs separately quantities of color, flavor, acid solution and/or fruit concentrate, etc. The batch of mass is weighed (load cells) into the blending vessel, so no level probes are needed and the risk of contamination is eliminated. The system is very easy to clean.

An intermediate vessel – on load cell to control the level - between the blending vessel and the hopper compartment of the depositing plant, regulates the level in the hopper to avoid inaccuracy in depositing due to static pressure (depending on capacity).

Tanis Confectionery, a member of the Tanis Group, designs and supplies plants for the production of sugar confectionery. From design to finished product, we are proud of our reputation as process designers.

All Tanis equipment is tailored to meet specific customer needs and is skid-built, with focus on short commissioning times.

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The Tanis Group
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One of the newest products that the company unveiled at this year’s interpack, its High-speed Depositor, will be the focus of the company’s informational booth at the Pack/Process Expo being held in Chicago.

The High-speed Depositor is suitable for depositing all types of aerated chocolate creams, batters and marshmallows. It combines undreamed-of possibilities with the company’s undisputed stamp of quality.

The unit is capable of depositing at very high speeds; up to 300 rows per minute depending on the product. During dosing, the volume flow for each product is synchronized upstream of the nozzle exit by mechanically linked annular gear pumps. Thereby, the differences in the dosing weight can be kept within very close limits.

At the end of dosing, a part of the mass will be retracted into the nozzles. This allows a clean and simultaneous cut off of the mass at the nozzle exit, which further improves the quality of the products and the accuracy of the dosing weight.

By means of the highly dynamic X- and Z-axes, it is possible to deposit precisely onto the product conveyor belt or into a mould at very high cycle rates.

Other features include a changeable and flexible program, easy changeouts of depositing tools and a small footprint. The High-Speed Depositor easily accommodates recipe management and contains a coordination interface for line operation. 

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Haas-Mondomix B.V.
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Wolf Spezialmaschinen

Wolf Spezialmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG (Wolf Special Machines) distributes its new machines throughout the confectionery and chocolate industry worldwide. The company offers complete solutions relating to tempering, enrobing and cooling, decorating, chocolate coating, depositing compounds, and special units such as nut cutters and nut cluster machines. Peripheral units such as tanks, pumps, etc. are, of course, also part of the program.

During the past years, the company has focused on the continuous improvement of the coating cabin, a direction that has helped Wolf produce one the best belt coaters in the world.

Designed for a three-shift operation and equipped with an automatic belt cleaning system, the coater features a patent-pending heated scraper. Installed within the cabin, the heat scraper minimizes the chocolate build-up on the belt and makes cleaning intervals between batches largely unnecessary.  This in turn lessens the proportion of rework chocolate accumulated, making significant cost savings possible.

In addition to coaters, the company’s range of equipment includes the following: nut cluster machines; disc tempering machines, cooling tunnels, belt polishing machines, computerized decorating units and even a high-performance drop depositor for the production of small chocolate drops.

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Lothar Wolf Spezialmaschinen GmbH
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