Candy Bans Considered

Custom candy premiums and novelty packaging company Strottman International asked its panel of "Kid Engineers" to share their views on laws restricting the sale of candy, snacks and soda in schools.

Do you think there should be laws banning the sale of candy and soda in schools? What about laws against selling French fries and other foods that are not healthful?
Well that would make sense — if they’re not letting us have candy. [French fries] are just as bad. But I love French fries. Now that I’m in high school, a lot of people go off campus, so people get bad food anyways. I think that now that they don’t sell candy and soda in school, kids can just walk to [the grocery store] and buy even more candy and just bring it back.”
—Akemi, 15

Maybe soda because it’s important you drink a lot of water, but candy is not replacing [anything]. I think the individual school should take initiative. I don’t think there should be laws. Now almost everything is unhealthy, so it’s hard to draw a line of what to sell and not sell cuz you could compare anything to something equally unhealthy.”
—Katharine, 14

I guess so because there are a lot of kids in this country who are on the bigger side. I think it’s the [fault of the] principals at schools or the governor because they’re the ones that take care of all the schools, and they should make those kinds of choices.”
—Christian, 12

I think we should have the choice to choose if we want to eat candy; I don’t think they should decide for us. I think laws should be changed so teens can decide themselves what they want to eat. The school sells tater tots and pizza, which are kind of the same as candy.”
—Johnny, 14

No. They should be allowed to sell candy, but not tons and tons of it. People should decide on their own. I’m sure some people don’t make good decisions. There are so many cartoon characters promoting junk food. There should be some restrictions, like they should be able to advertise everything with cartoon characters except things with a lot of sugar.”
—Case, 12

No, candy is a kid’s favorite food. They should have a policy where you can only buy one or two so kids don’t overdo it. Kids eat too much and have too many calories and don’t get enough exercise, and then they get overweight or obese. I mean around the world it’s a big problem cuz more kids are getting overweight, but in my area, we have a lot of activities, so I just don’t see that.”
—Sydney, 12

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