Lindor Peanut Butter
Lindt & Sprungli USA
(603) 778-3475
Lindt’s Lindor Peanut Butter Truffles in 12-count, stand-up bags are now available to wholesalers and retailers. The milk chocolate truffles boast a smooth peanut butter filling. The suggested retail price is $2.99 to $3.29.
Yogurt Dots
Tootsie Roll Industries
(773) 838-3400
Tootsie Roll puts a creamy new twist on its classic Dots Gumdrops line with the addition of new Yogurt Dots. Thanks to double-deposit technology, Dots unite a fluffy, yogurt-flavored bottom with a fruit-flavored top to create strawberry, lemon-lime, black berry, orange and banana berry Yogurt Dots. The new item, which has a suggested retail price of $1 for an 8.5-oz. box, is available for purchase in 12-count, display-ready cases. A 72-count shipper features three varieties of Dots — Original, Tropical and the new Yogurt Dots.
Tootsie Roll Industries
(773) 838-3400
Packed full of creamy Vanilla Tootsie Roll Midgees, new Tootsie Roll Vanilla Banks are themed for the winter holiday season. The design in cool winter colors features snowflake graphics. The 4.5-oz. Holiday Banks are available in 24-count display-ready cases and 96-count pre-packed shipper displays. Each bank has a suggested retail price of $1.99.
Indulgence Snack Mixes
Ubiquity Brands
(312) 993-5700
Ubiquity Brands, marketer of snack products including Poppycock, Fiddle Faddle and O-KE-Doke is introducing a line of gourmet items targeted specifically to women. The new Indulgence products come in 3- to 3.5-oz. boxes that retail for $3.99. Five varieties are offered. They include: Simply Diva — clusters of almonds, cashews and pecans drizzled with caramel; Nights in White Chocolate — honey-coated clusters of English toffee, sesame seeds and whole roasted pistachios drizzled with white chocolate fudge; Chocolate Crush — clusters of caramel mocha-coated popcorn, hazelnuts and walnuts drizzled with milk chocolate; Belgian Love Affair — clusters of almonds, pecans and cashews drizzled with Belgian dark chocolate; and Toast of the Town — double-glazed clusters of peanut butter coated popcorn, macadamia nuts, almonds and pecans drizzled with milk chocolate. Ubiquity Brands will contribute a portion of the profits from the sale of the Indulgence SKUs to the humanitarian organization CARE.
New Orbit Flavors
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
1 (800) WRIGLEY
The Orbit gum franchise launched in 2001 continues to expand with the debut of Orbit Mint Mojito and Orbit Raspberry Mint, the brand’s tenth and eleventh flavors. Both products are available in the brand’s signature 14-tab envelope as well as in a multi-pack that includes three individual 14-tab envelopes. The suggested retail price for the single pack is 99 cents; for the multi-pack it is $2.29.
Lunchmeat Bubble Gum
(847) 955-0003
Realistic looking Franks and Bologna Bubble Gum in popular lunchmeat styles and packaging are the latest gum novelty items for kids from Ford Gum & Machine. Each airtight blister package includes eight fruit-flavored franks or seven bologna slices and is available in a counter and powerwing display. The suggested retail price is 59 cents.
High Intensity Chocolate
Guittard Chocolate Company
(650) 697-4427
New from Guittard Chocolate Company is the E. Guittard Quetzalcoatl  72% Cacao Mass Bittersweet Chocolate. Unlike traditionally made chocolate, this product contains no added cocoa butter. The very dark, high intensity bittersweet product is formulated for the true dark chocolate aficionado. The suggested retail price is 75 cents for a 10-gram piece and $2.89 for a 2-ounce bar.
Werther’s Original CaraMelts
Storck USA
(312) 467-5700
New Werther’s Original CaraMelts blend the traditional Werther’s caramel taste with a chocolate-like texture for a brand new taste experience. A 4-ounce peg bag has a suggested retail price of $1.78.
New Halloween Line
Ford Gum & Machine Co.
(847) 955-0003
Ford Gum & Machine Co. is debuting an all-new Carousel line of Halloween novelty candies for 2007. The complete product line includes 10 new items — five laydown bags and five novelty items. The laydown bag options include Crunchin’ Cracklin’ Popping Candy, Chewy Gooey Ghosts, Spectacular Skull Pops, Freaky Face Pops and Gruesome Gummies.
Among the novelty items are Spooky Halloween Heads. This item includes three 3-inch collectible plastic Halloween Heads filled with 15 grams each of sour powder candy. The character head pops open to pour out the powder. Flavors include sour cherry, sour green apple and sour grape. The items have a suggested retail price of 99 cents each.
New Toxic Waste Sludge Bar Flavors
Candy Dynamics
(888) 400-7606
Candy Dynamics has added two new flavors of Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Chew Bars — sour blue raspberry and sour cherry. The bars come packaged in 48-count retail display boxes (six display boxes per case). The Toxic Waste bars carry a suggested retail price of 25 cents.
Coffee Break Tubes
Kimmie Candy Company
(775) 284-9200
New to the Kimmie Candy product line are Coffee Break Tubes. These 3-ounce tubes are available filled with Sunbursts, ChocoRocks or Peanut Crunchers for a suggested retail price of $2.49.
New Peg Bag Packages
Azar Nut Company
(915) 877-4079
Azar Nut Company has revised the packaging for its line of snack nut peg bag packages. The new design brings a more modern look to the Azar brand. While the Azar logo and familiar tree remain prominent on the bags, larger callouts help consumers to quickly find the variety they are seeking. In addition, color coding improves product differentiation. The newly redesigned line includes Fruit & Nut Mix, Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Roasted & Salted Whole Cashews and Roasted & Salted Peanuts.
Sunshine Cheez-It Stix
Kellogg Company
(269) 961-2000
These cheesy snack sticks are made with real cheese and are available in Cheddar and White Cheddar varieties. A 9.5-ounce box has a suggested retail price of $2.89.
Toxic Waste Sour Candy Spray
Candy Dynamics
(888) 400-7606
Candy Dynamics begins shipping its new Toxic Waste Sour Candy Spray in April. Each Candy Spray features one of three collectible Toxic Waste character finger puppets and has a suggested retail price of 99 cents. Four ultra-sour flavors are offered — blue raspberry, cherry, green apple and strawberry. The Candy Sprays are packaged in 12-unit assorted flavor display packs.
York Mints in Designer Tins
The Hershey Company
(717) 534-4200
York Mints in designer tins created by celebrity designers Nicky Hilton and Nicole Miller are available now to benefit the Young Survival Coalition, a non-profit group focused on issues that affect young women with breast cancer. The Hershey Company introduced the regular, “non-designer” version of York Mints in tins with a suggested retail price of $1.99 this past December. The mints in designer tins may be purchased for $25 at, at Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, Pa., and at the Hershey stores in New York’s Times Square and Chicago.
Seasonal Puppet Tubes
Kimmie Candy Company
(775) 284-9200
Three-ounce Finger Puppet Topped Holiday Tubes come adorned with Easter, Halloween or Christmas puppets and filled with a festive mix of Sunbursts or Peanut Crunchers. The suggested retail price is $2.75.
New Right Bites Varieties
Kellogg Company
(269) 961-2000
Two new varieties have been added to the Right Bites assortment. Fudge-dipped Grasshopper Rite Bites have only 3.5 grams of fat and no trans fats per serving. Grahams Cinna Bites have only 3.0 grams of fat and no trans fats. A 4.4-ounce box of Right Bites has a suggested retail price of $2.89.
Nutri-Grain Fruit & Nut Bars
Kellogg Company
(269) 961-2000
Made with nuts, fruit pieces and whole-grain oats, Nutri-Grain Fruit & Nut Bars come in two varieties — Berry & Almond and Cranberry, Raisin & Peanut. Both varieties contain 120 calories and 3.5 grams of fat. The suggested retail price for a box of six Nutri-Grain Fruit & Nut Bars is $3.39.
Breath Rx Mints and Gumballs
Discus Dental
(310) 845-8200
Formulated with Zytex, an ingredient that has been clinically proven to kill the bacteria that leads to bad breath, Breath Rx Mints and Gumballs are designed to do more than freshen breath. They eliminate the cause of bad breath, the company claims. Previously sold exclusively through dentists’ offices, the gumballs and mints now are making the move into the mainstream. To support that move, the company says it plans to spend $20 million in consumer advertising in 2007. The initiative will include national television advertising as well as nationally distributed FSIs and print magazine ads.
VOJO Energy Mints
JoCo Brands
Infused with guarana and Vitamin B12, VOJO Energy Mints are sugar-free and come packaged in an upscale mirrored box. Peppermint and citrus flavors are offered. The suggested retail price is $2.99 to $3.69.
Gingerbread Boy Cookie Cutter
R.M. Palmer Company
(610) 372-8971
A reusable plastic Gingerbread Boy cookie cutter is filled with Double Crisps and decorated with eyes, mouth and other colorful details. They are packed in a tie-top bag and then in a display packer/24 per case. Each 1.5-ounce Gingerbread Boy has a suggested retail price of $1.
Boatload of Candy
R.M. Palmer Company
(610) 372-8971
A whimsical assortment of brilliantly colored foiled fish along with sinkers and bobbers, this 5-ounce assortment comes in a reusable plastic boat.  Each design is a different flavor to appeal to any fisherman — fudge-filled bobbers, Double Crisp sinkers and chocolate-flavored fish. Each item has a suggested retail price of $3. They are packed six to a case.