BBX Sweet Holdings, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BBX Capital Corporation, has acquired Jer’s Chocolates.

BBX also has recently purchased Hoffman’s Chocolates in December, and chocolate-maker Williams & Bennett in January.

“We are extremely pleased to now announce our most recent acquisition of Jer’s Chocolates,” says Jarett Levan, BBX Capital president. “We believe Jer’s Chocolates is an ideal fit to our platform and we welcome CEO Jerry Swain and the Jer’s brand to our family of BBX Capital companies.”

Solana Beach, Calif.-based Jer's Chocolates is known for its award-winning peanut butter chocolate products, which have created a niche in the gourmet luxury chocolate world.  

Jerry ‘Jer’ Swain, Jer’s founder and ceo, says Jer’s is delighted to be part of the BBX Sweet Holdings family, and he’s excited about the opportunities and resources that BBX Capital brings to the chocolate company.

“Jer’s started in my parent's kitchen where we created all-natural peanut butter, hand-rolled ball-shaped treats as gifts for my friends and family and for an annual fundraiser for the local food bank,” says Swain. “We have always strived to produce high-quality, best-tasting chocolate creations.”

Jer’s brand story and award-winning chocolates have created a fanatical customer base.  

The company’s corporate gift chocolate boxes and peanut butter chocolate gift boxes have been featured on the Home Shopping Network, QVC, The Food Network, and the Rachael Ray Show.  

And, the chocolates have won numerous awards, including: “Best Chocolate Bar” at the annual New York Chocolate Show and “Best of Show” at the Retail Confectioners International Annual Convention.

Jer’s specialties include its gourmet peanut butter chocolate confections, which come in its patented “Double Grin” shaped assorted chocolate boxes, Peanut Butter Bars and Squares.  

In addition to Jer’s peanut butter offerings, the candy maker also recently expanded its product line to include some all-natural, non-peanut butter items as well.  

Jer’s Chocolates are distributed within the United States and internationally, and the company has customer distribution in numerous sales channels.