Here's a full list of Candy Industry's featured products, listed alphabetically by company names:

Bell Plantation,Inc. — PB Thins

Brown & Haley — Roca Dark

Candy Industry

CandyRific — M&M'S Brand Star Wars Character Flashlights with Clip

Chicago Importing Company — Nordic Sweets Swedish Peppermint Candy Stick

chocoMe — Fortina Finest Selection 65.1% Dark chocolate

Gia Michaels —Indulge Gourmet

Gimbal's Fine Candies — Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans

Godiva Chocolatier — Truffles

Gourmet Basics — Smart Fries

Hawaiian Host — Christmas Macadamia Medley, Valentine Macadamia Medley

Healthy Food Brands — Angry Birds Space

Hershey Co. — Simple Pleasures

Imaginings 3 In / Flix Candy — Twisted Lip Pops

Impact Confections — Warheads Sour Twists

Justin’s — Justin's All-Natural Candy Bars

Leaf Brands/Astro Pop, LLC — David's Signature Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans

Mars Chocolate North America — M&M'S Snack Mix

Morris National — Red Velvet Nutffles

My Idol Pops, LLC — Madagascar 3 Lollipops

Nuts and Such — Papalicious Kettle Corn

Oogie's Gourmet Popcorn — Oogie's Original Kettle Corn

Original Gourmet — Fudge Tins

Palmer Candy — Bakery Delights

Piedmont Candy Co. — Red Bird Chocolate Covered Puffs

Pit Sweets Hoffmann GmbH —IQ Elements Gourmet Mints with Stevia

Plum Organics — Fruit Shredz, Crunch'ola

Pop Rocks — Green Apple Pop Rocks

Praim Group — Andy Warhol Chocolate Bars 

Primrose Candy Company — Hunkey Dorey   

Project 7, Products for Good, Inc. — Save the Earth Gum, House the Homeless Gum  

Promotion in Motion Companies, Inc. — Juicefuls        

Rex's Outrageous — Coffee Break    

Sanders, Clinton Twp. — The Palisades Collection      

Simple Squares — Simple Squares

Smarties Candy Company — Mystery Smarties

Spangler Candy Company — Sweethearts Marshmallows

Sunrise Confections — Snack Mom Carnival Crunch

SweetWorks, Inc. — Tool Kit, Ovation           

Taste of Nature, Inc. — Hello Kitty Chocolate Brownie Treats

Vidal Candies USA — Scary Gummy

Vosges Chocolate — Wild Ophelia

Walkers Shortbread, Inc. — Walkers Shortbread Scottie Dogs

Warrell Corporation — Bonomo Turkish Taffy Blue Raspberry & Wild Cherry, Dark Chocolate Butter Mints

Webb Candy — Edible Candy Number Birthday Candle

World’s Finest Chocolate — Queen Anne's French Vanilla Cordial Cherry