Multizen Foods

The ZEN In Food...

Global Candy Maker Delivers Outrageous fun for Kids and old World European Style Chocolates.  

MultiZEN Foods represents innovation and quality through its branded products, Kandy Kastle, Inc. and Chocolats Christina.
Kandy Kastle is the home of “Lightning Bugs,” voted best new novelty candy, and continues to offer a family of outrageous kids’ fun candy. Innovation can be found in Kandy Kastle’s Mallow line-up of marshmallow burgers, fries and hot dogs – truly an “All American Treat.”  Kandy Kastle’s Hello Kitty line of novelty candies offers a wide variety of novelty items loved by girls everywhere. Represented in that wonderful Hello Kitty loveable face, the novelty candies include giant-size marshmallow pops, chocolate medallions, bracelets, necklace and lip gloss (candy, of course) — welcome additions to any little girl’s purse.
The new line of Justice League Unlimited stands out from the rest. JLU’s Kandy Komix gets kids’ attention with its combination of collectible figurines (Flash, Batman and Superman), pull-out comics and dextrose candy. Kandy Kastle’s Justice League gummy pop, Magic Show candy dispenser, and Cell ID are only a few examples of Kandy Kastle’s talent for creating novelty candies that kids love.
For more information, please visit Kandy Kastle’s website at
Chocolats Christina offers Belgian artisan chocolates crafted into truffles, solids and ganache pieces in the old world European tradition, exquisitely presented. MultiZEN Foods also offers Belgian-style chocolate liqueur candies featuring the world’s best brands.
Multizen Asia Limited, the manufacturing arm of MultiZEN Foods, is represented around the world with offices in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe and the United States, manufacturing novelty candies and chocolates in China. Information can be found on the Web at
MultiZEN Food’s corporate office is located in San Diego, Calif. For further information, please call (858) 569-4101.