In the Store
- Fueling Up Outdoors Enthusiasts

New Retail Insights
- Eye Candy For The Market Researcher
Tracking eye movements sheds light on how people shop

Middle Ground
- E.A. Berg & Sons – ‘Not Your Ordinary Broker’
Jim Echeandia’s day in the Big Apple with broker E.A. Berg

Retail Trends
- The Days Of Wine & Chocolate
How wine and chocolate are merchandised together in the fastgrowing WineStyles chain

Chocolate with a Conscience
- Changing The World: One Bar At A Time
Products with a mission are carving out a growing niche

Special Reports
-$how Them The Money
Questionable retail fees have vendors crying foul
- Don’t Play The Blame Game
Ever-stricter regulation poses a threat to candy and snack makers
- Tracking Snacks With NPD Group
A conversation with NPD Group’s Harry Balzer, plus a close-up look at “instant consumables”

Up Front
- The Greening Of Chocolate And Getting Greener

News and People
- Starbucks & Hershey Tie A Chocolate Knot; A Unified Mars...
- People Watch

Candy Product Update
- Sour Patch Extreme; Warheads Super Sour Spray With Lollipop...

Snack Product Update
- Sweet Trail Mix; All Natural Kettle Corn Snacks...

Easter Product Update
- Bunny Hutch Gift Box; New Big Stuff Lip Pops...

Last Word
- All Candy EXPO—The Jury Will Be Back Shortly …

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