Loynds has redesigned and re-released its Drop Roller machine.

The Loynds Drop Roller Candy Machine is suitable for low volume artisan candy manufacturers, or for recipe development in candy laboratories. The brass rollers are quickly interchangeable, meaning a variety of shapes can be made on a single machine.

Drop Roller Candy Machines are a low-cost solution to producing die-formed hard candy sweets. The machine can be used to produce either solid single-color candies or two-color layered candies. A set of brass rollers with the candy design engraved into them continuously forms a ribbon of candy into the required shape.

The formed candy is then left to cool before the sweets can be broken up, sieved and then processed further or packaged. The brass rollers can be engraved in various shapes including ovals, rounds, balls, oblongs, pears, lemons, flat drops, or various other novelty shapes. The Drop Roller Candy Machine has become Loynds' most popular machine next to its mini candy depositing machine, for use in the production of hard candies, sugar-free lozenges, or candies infused with THC and CBD in the U.S. 

Some bar products can also be made on specially designed rollers. Further machines can be added to make this a more automated process if required.