Candy Industry will be hosting a webinar on Pathways Toward Chocolate Sustainability on December 15 at 2:00 p.m. EST. The webinar will be moderated by Senior Editor Liz Parker.

The candy and confectionery industry continues to refine the various approaches that can lead to increased sustainability across the board. In this webinar, Brad Kintzer, chief chocolate maker, TCHO, will outline how his company has driven sustainability changes through initiatives to improve overall product quality. After all, great chocolate requires great cacao, and real change starts at the farm level. In this webinar, attendees will gain insight into:

  • How establishing chocolate production laboratories close to cocoa farms opened the door toward improvements in product quality and system sustainability
  • The benefits of working with organic cocoa farmers to streamline overall sustainability, including how factors like fair economic sustainability for cocoa farming communities
  • How instituting agricultural best practices like intercropping helps improve sustainability—and finished-product quality

The webinar is sponsored by Barry Callebaut and Global Organics. Click here to register.