1923 was a momentous year for America: Walt Disney founded the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, the first issue of TIME Magazine hit newsstands, and Virginia Dare Extract Company entered the food and beverage industry as an extracts and flavor supplier.

This year marks Virginia Dare’s hundredth in business. Today, the company is now in the business of flavor development, manufacturing, and distribution, and the global market standard for vanilla extracts.

“Upholding the taste experience through flavor is what we have been focused on since day one,” Virginia Dare’s President Howard Smith said. “Flavor truly is forever. All of us have tastes that take us back to specific moments in our lives—whether it’s a vanilla soft serve ice cream cone or cotton candy from the carnival. Our team is so proud to be a part of some of the memories that consumers hold dearest.”

Virginia Dare is celebrating its centennial at the IFT FIRST and SupplySide West trade shows with booth events where show attendees can toast to the future of flavor. Virginia Dare sees this future as one that will continue to move toward health and wellness.

At IFT FIRST, Virginia Dare will sample wellness-focused applications, including Super Berry Lemonade-flavored EPA/DHA gummies and Rainbow Candy-flavored vitamin pixy sticks.

“Our samples will highlight the biggest trends shaping the flavor industry, from nostalgia-inspired profiles to exotic fruits,” Virginia Dare’s Marketing and Consumer Insights Manager Philip Caputo said. “These flavors tell unique stories and take consumers on a journey.”

The company will also hand out handcrafted vanilla ice cream and bottled extract samples.

As part of its centennial, Virginia Dare will also launch a new website in July and host a ribbon-cutting at its new headquarters in Carteret, New Jersey, later this year.

“Our 100-year milestone is the perfect time to revitalize our physical and digital presence, celebrate with our long-standing customers and new prospects at this year’s trade shows, and look forward to the next 100 years of flavor innovation,” Smith said. “We encourage anyone looking to launch products that will be part of shaping the next generation of foods, beverages, and nutrition to visit our trade show booths and toast to both the past and the future.”

Virginia Dare is located at IFT FIRST booth S0705. To learn more, visit VirginiaDare.com.