The Burford 2200 Series Smart Servo Twist Tyer uses less energy, allowing bakers and snack producers to lower their costs. in fact, the dependable system provides 10% or more savings on tie material per closure, lower energy consumption and longer belt life. It also features a new holder/shear actuator that practically eliminates adjustment while greatly reducing wear.

Burford Corp.
Maysville, Okla.

The nutritional value calculation by CSB-System International, Inc., allows automatic calculation of the necessary nutritional components and ingredient lists of snack and bakery products. Using standardized interfaces, bakers and snack producers can import internal databases such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture nutritional database and assign the content to their ingredients. Based on the recipe, the module calculates the required nutritional values and ingredient lists, and feeds it to the integrated module.

CSB-System International, Inc.
San Diego, Calif.

Dorner Manufacturing’snewThermo Driven Sproket Driven Hygenic Vertical Scoop Beltinguses 55% less water during cleaning compared to other belts, resulting in less energy usage and quicker cleaning times. The belt’s homogenous thermoplastic composition contains no pins, hinges or link joints to catch or foster bacteria growth. The belt is perfect for use in the most demanding environments, including the production of ready-to-eat foods.

Dorner Manufacturing
Hartland, Wis.

The IMPRESSA linesbyFritsch USAhave the capacity to produce pizza in any imaginable form, size and thickness, ranging from crispy Italian to “fluffy” American crusts. Even irregular types of edges are easy to produce. The weight and shape of the crusts, even all-natural ones, are produced consistently and accurately. In addition to pizza, the system can produce other filled or non-filled flat breads such as naan, pita and wraps.

Fritsch USA, Inc.
Cedar Grove, N.J.

Detect foreign objects and product defects in cartons and cases with theIshida IX-GA-65100 X-ray inspection systemfromHeat and Control. Specifically designed for large boxes, the Ishida system features a 25.5-in.-wide product conveyor and an inspection chamber that accommodates packages up to 10.62 in. tall or 15.35 in. tall, with optional safety covers. Its powerful X-ray generator can thoroughly penetrate cartons, while the system’s image processing software ensure consistent and accurate performance.

Heat and Control, Inc.
Hayward, Calif.

Rondo Doge’sroll linecan produce up to 19,200 70-g. pieces per hour. The machine is easy to operate and has an operating panel for presetting the right parameters for production. The drums are designed for quick changeover, allowing operators to switch from one product size to another almost seamlessly. The unit can be mounted on casters and rolled into position, as needed, or it can be integrated permanently into the line.

Rondo Doge
Moonachie, N.J.

Unifiller’s UNIBOT robotic decorating systemcan be decorated automatically “on the fly” with flowable chocolate, ganache, caramel or piping gels to create various patterns and drizzles. The baker just draws or writes any shape or design onto a PC tablet using a special pen. The design then is entered into the robot arm, and the results can be seen on the cake instantly. Newly created designs can be adjusted, rescaled, deleted or saved for future use.

Unifiller Systems Inc.
Delta, B.C., Canada