To prevent consumers’ eyes from wandering, potato and tortilla chip manufacturers continue to revamp their packaging.

By Marina Mayer


To prevent consumers’ eyes from wandering, potato and tortilla chip manufacturers continue to revamp their packaging with more vivid colors, graphics that make the bag jump off the shelf and packaging their products in sustainable materials that appeal to the environmentally conscious.

            However, the overall focus of packaging today is to communicate the idea of snacking smart while staying active, says Paul Smith, director of marketing and product management for Shearer’s Foods, Inc.

            “Active graphics, bold exciting colors and engaging photography come together to communicate great taste, quality and value on the shelf,” he says of the changes that the Brewster, Ohio-based company made to its packaging recently.

            Dallas-based Truco Enterprises also underwent a packaging modification last year to incorporate a seven-color process and four-color printing of food photography to add more pop to the On the Border brand.

            “The goal is to really cross-merchandise, not only our products and the advertising that goes along with it, but to really create that festive, unique atmosphere to create that in-home dining experience,” says Dawn Grosvenor, vice president of marketing.

            Other snack producers such as Kettle Foods, Inc. redesigned its packaging last year to align with new brand positioning, notes Julie Dunmire, brand director for the Salem, Ore.-based company.

            The emphases, she says, is to promote certain attributes to consumers such as “delicious,” “all natural” and “sustainable.”

            “Our new packaging features the universal brand story on all bags and includes the ‘Our Natural Promise’ text block clearly noting the company’s commitment to natural ingredients with nothing artificial,” Dunmire says.“[It’s about] small, evolutionary changes in messaging versus design that laser focuses our communication to what matters to the consumer.”

            With new graphics and packaging, potato and tortilla chip bags are hoping to get all eyes focused on their products.


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