Looking for the most accurate depositor or a gentle makeup system? Check out the latest in new equipment.

Burford’s Precision Oiler is designed to spray a precision pattern of oil and pan release agents on bakery products, pans and band ovens. It includes up to 10 nozzles, a fully adjustable nozzle head, fingertip digital oil quantity adjustment, accurate spray pattern, electronic pan sensing, rapid cycle repetition and precise liquid metering, all with no air required.

Burford Corp.

Maysville, Okla.





The Crusto bread line from Rademaker is equipped with automatic panning for a hands-free operation. It is intended for flexibility and for making fast changeover and contains high hygienic levels. The X-Pack low-stress dough feeder produces consistent quality dough while retaining the open cell structure from pre-fermented dough. Additionally, the belts have quick releases.

Rademaker USA

Hudson, Ohio




Food Process Automation introduced Opti-Flow Cooling Tunnel, an advanced chilled tunnel for cooling biscuits, chocolate and confectionery. Modules come in 5-ft. sections, each with its own evaporator coil and fans, three high-impact insulated Fiberglass hoods and a belt tracking system. Each module is a self-contained unit with an on-board cooling system, stainless steel mesh, temperature probes, data logging and electrical control systems.

Food Process Automation, Inc.

Grand Rapids, Mich.





Fritsch USA focuses on SOFTPROCESSING, a company-made technology that allows for gentle, stress-free processing of dough and dough pieces. The system is a combination of specialized materials, components and operating principles and moves in time with the dough cutting to retain proper dough shape without pile-up or stretching.

Fritsch USA

Cedar Grove, N.J.





Heat and Control unleashed the Ishida dual snack packaging system to produce two different bag sizes, film styles and gas-flush options for maximum economy and versatility. The system is composed of an Ishida RS multi-head weigher, serving two Ishida Atlas 122 vertical form/fill/seal bagmakers. Its patented film loading system requires zero manual centering and includes a vacuum splice plate for quick, simple film changes. In addition, it can be customized with CEIA metal detectors, code daters, automatic film splicing, a strip-pack bag applicator, seal checker, checkweigher and case packer.

Heat and Control, Inc.

Hayward, Calif.





Dorner Manufacturing is taking a flexible conveyor platform to new heights by launching a Z-Frame for its QWIK Conveyor 5200 Series. The frame allows end users to quickly and easily change product heights without conveyor-to-conveyor transfers. Plus users avoid the added costs associated with additional pulleys and drives.

Dorner Manufacturing Corp.

Hartland, Wis.




LeMatic launched the AE1200 single-line quality inspection system, part of the AutoEye vision line, for English muffins. It can be tailored to ensure that operators meet product quality specifications, collect and report product data, monitor critical points through the production process, track product characteristics for size, shape and color, identify and remove undesirable product and segregate rejected product. In addition, it operates at speeds exceeding 300 pieces per minute.

LeMatic Inc.

Jackson, Mich.





Wire Belt offers Flex-Turn Series of curve conveyors, specially designed to maintain product orientation around 90º or 180º turns. The conveyors utilize a unique, tapered pitch to eliminate slipping and tracking problems and allow for maximum product exposure, facilitating washing, draining and removal of debris. The power-turning units, made of stainless steel, gently handle products, minimizing product damage and waste.

Wire Belt Co. of America

Londonderry, N.H.




The Hinds-Bock PLC control system allows for a quicker changeover from one item to another. It uses a recipe-driven operator interface to change depositor settings by entering in a recipe or SKU [stock-keeping unit]. The tool-free spout centerline adjustment feature eliminates the need to make multiple depositor adjustments. And the match-marked gauge takes the guesswork out of spout location.

Hinds-Bock Corp.

Bothell, Wash.





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