Check out Burford, Heat and Control, Wire Belt, FPA, Rademaker and Kliklok.

Food Process Automation introduced Opti-Flow Cooling Tunnel, an advanced chilled tunnel for cooling biscuits, chocolate and confectionery products. Modules come in five-ft. sections, each with its own evaporator coil and fans, three high-impact insulated Fiberglass hoods and a belt tracking system. Each module is a self-contained unit with an on-board cooling system, stainless steel mesh, temperature probes, data logging and electrical control systems.
Food Process Automation, Inc.
Grand Rapids, Mich.

Wire Belt offers Flex-Turn Series of curve conveyors, specially designed to maintain product orientation around 90- or 180-degree turns. The conveyors use a unique, tapered pitch to eliminate slipping and tracking problems and allow for maximum product exposure, facilitating washing, draining and removal of debris. The power-turning units are made of stainless steel, gently handle products and minimize waste and product damage.
Wire Belt Co. of America
Londonderry, N.H.

Heat and Control optimizes snack packaging by combining Ishida equipment with its ATLAS universal bagmaker and CCW-R multihead weigher to create the Ishida ATLAS iTPS. It delivers uniform bags with clean seals on a consistent basis at speeds up to 200 beats per minute, thus improving productivity and reducing film and product waste. Simple film loading and threading, automatic film centering and tensioning and a convenient vacuum-assisted film-splicing table facilitate quick changeovers. Additionally, it makes 4- to 13-in. wide bags that are up to 28-in. long, which eliminates the need for dedicated lines for each bag size. A remote touch screen controls both the bagmaker and weigher.
Heat and Control, Inc.
Hayward, Calif.

Burford equipment has reached a whole new level of innovation. The TGR-100 Tagger allows for coupons, logos and cross-market promotions to be printed on package tags. No operator adjustments are required, and it contains an easy load, spool wound tag unit. Meanwhile, the 2200 Smart Servo Twist Tyer delivers consumer-preferred closure at a lower cost per package rate. Each closure uses less ribbon, thus reducing consumable costs. It also provides sealed enclosures, quieter brush design, lower energy consumption and longer belt life.
Burford Corp.
Maysville, Okla.

Rademaker’s execution laminating line is designed for Danish, croissants, puff pastry and other laminated doughs. It is available in up to 64 in. width and can be fully integrated into an assembly of product lines. Plus, the washdown system offers dough cooling, low-stress dough feeding and automatic gap adjustments.
Rademaker USA
Hudson, Ohio

Kliklok-Woodman’s Apache bagmaker provides operators with package size flexibility and easy-to-use capabilities for applications such as nuts, crackers and cookies. The Apache is built on a Flex-Mount welded tubular steel frame that is designed to bear the load of weighers, augers and volumetric fillers, thus eliminating the need for additional independent support structures and mezzanines. It offers an assortment of installation options and the non-proprietary, top-tier machine components lower the total cost of ownership.
Decatur, Ga.

Editor’s Note: Photo courtesy of Food Process Automation, Inc.