To respond to the ever-changing challenges that bakers and snack producers face when rolling out new products, equipment manufacturers have developed a lineup of form/fill/seal equipment ideal for nearly any situation. Here’s what’s in store for the snack and bakery market.

Repak horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines from Reiser offer superior sanitary design, high production rates and maximum reliability. Made from heavy-duty stainless steel, they are engineered to meet the highest standards of hygiene and are designed for a quick and safe washdown. Additionally, Repak’s rapid air forming system allows the use of thinner films while maintaining thickness in package corners, resulting in significant packaging material savings. All Repak machines are constructed with two, four-point lifting stations, which generate up to five metric tons of closing pressure for reliable sealing and more uniform forming.
Canton, Mass.

tna released the newest member of its revolutionary roflo 3 transfer and distribution system, the tna roflo 3 (cw). The fully stainless steel design meets an International Protection 67 rating, which offers complete washed down functionality without the removal of any parts including guarding or components and significantly reduces downtime for cleaning, maintenance and changeover. The entire system is accessible and resistant to pressure cleaning with caustic and acid solutions. Additionally, the tna roflo 3 (cw) produces zero product breakage and is reversible, through software, in a stand-alone application.
tna North America
Coppell, Texas

Kliklok-Woodman introduced the “G3” twin-tube VFFS snack food bagmaker, which delivers improved ease-of-operation, speed and size flexibility. The G3’s welded tubular steel frame with a center-balanced profile allows weighers and volumetric fillers to be direct-mounted to the machine. The G3 can produce up to 240 bags per minute, or 120 per tube, thanks to all-servo motion controls. It also can produce a wide variety of bag styles including pillow pouch, block bottom bags, perforated string, promo strip, notching, hole punching and more. Additionally, Kliklok’s Insight icon-based, multilingual, color touch-screen interface is easy to learn and use, and the new Codeline date/code printer delivers high-resolution images of variable and real-time data to a wide variety of flexible packaging materials.
Decatur, Ga.

*Photo courtesy of Reiser