Bake’n Joy Foods, Inc. acquired theBoston Coffee Cake brand, stating that it’s excited about the new opportunities the venture presents for both associates and customers.

Bake’n Joy Foods, Inc., North Andover, Mass., purchased theBoston Coffee Cake brand from The Original Boston Coffee Cake, also located in North Andover, Mass.

“We are very excited about the new opportunities this venture presents for both our associates and our customers,” says Robert Ogan, chief executive officer and president of Bake’n Joy Foods. “This premium brand fits in exceptionally well with our go-to-market strategies and our high-quality product standards.”

Bake’n Joy has been supplying The Original Boston Coffee Cake with mixes since 1992. As a result of the acquisition, Boston Coffee Cake is moving all of its manufacturing operations to the Bake’n Joy headquarters, and a new baking/production facility has been built to produce theBoston Coffee Cakeproducts.

“Bake’n Joy has a 70-year history of commitment to excellence, and I honestly could not have found a better company to partner with,” adds Mark Forman, founder of The Original Boston Coffee Cake. “We’ve built a great new bakery and with the support of Bake’n Joy’s team, we are positioned to strengthen the brand nationwide.”