Check out this snapshot of key exhibitors at the Tortilla Industry Association tradeshow, which takes place September 20-21 in Las Vegas.

Check out this snapshot of key exhibitors at the Tortilla Industry Association tradeshow, which takes place September 20-21 in Las Vegas.

AB Mauri Fleischmann’s
Booth # 614
AB Mauri Fleischmann is a market leader in yeast and baking ingredient products. Headquartered in Chesterfield, Mo., with five manufacturing plants in North America, AB Mauri sells bakery ingredients, including powdered dough improvers, tablet dough improvers, enzyme-based dough improvers, chemical leaveners, mold inhibitors, syrups and malts, vinegars and acidulants and grain blends under the AB Mauri Bakery Ingredients brand name. Additionally, it sells yeast under the Fleischmann’s Yeast brand name. AB Mauri operates from more than 43 locations in 28 countries with its global headquarters in the United Kingdom.
AB Mauri Fleischmann’s
Chesterfield, Mo.

A.C. Horn & Co.
Booth # 206
A.C. Horn has combined practical experience and innovative design to unveil the Stoneless Masa Mills. These units have capabilities ranging from 1,200 lb. per hour for the 8-in. models, 2,500 lb. per hour for the 12-in. and 6,000 lb. per hour for the 18-in. model. In addition, the tight tolerances, precise parallelism and finite gap control give customers the capability to produce ton after ton of consistent areas.
A.C. Horn & Co.
Dallas, Texas

ADM Milling Co.
Booth # 210
Good risk management is vital to a company’s success and it’s more important today than ever before. Over the years, ADM Milling has built strong relationships with our tortilla customers by providing them with consistent quality flour, excellent service, crop updates and knowledgeable market information. Success takes teamwork. When its customers succeed, ADM Milling succeeds.
ADM Milling Co.
Overland Park, Kan.

Allied Blending & Ingredients
Booth #  518/617
Allied Blending offers a complete line of ingredients, liquid and dry blends and preservatives for both flour and corn tortillas. The line of Batchpaks offers unbeatable consistency, ease of use when making table tortillas and special formulas for low-carb or 100-calorie wraps. Allied’s family of Especial liquid preservatives extend the shelf life of corn tortillas from 30 to 90 days. Allied Blending is the one-stop solution provider for all of your tortilla ingredient needs.
Allied Blending & Ingredients
Keokuk, Iowa

AM Manufacturing Co.
Booth # 418
Since 1961, AM Manufacturing has been a leader in dough processing equipment. Located in Dolton, Ill., a southern suburb of Chicago, AM produces dough dividers, dough rounders, pizza/tortilla presses, pizza crust dockers, proofers, cooling conveyors and bagel forming equipment and maintains the expertise to design entire pizza, tortilla and bakery lines.
AM Manufacturing Co.
Dolton, Ill.

Arr-Tech, Inc.
Booth # 118
For the past 26 years, Arr-Tech has been manufacturing some of the most versatile and reliable counting, stacking and packaging machinery for bakeries. Whether the products are tortillas, frozen waffles or pancakes, pizza crusts, pita breads or other flatbreads, adding a time-tested Arr-Tech automation system will improve the bottom line through reduced labor costs, improved product hygiene and increased production. All Arr-Tech packaging systems are modular in design, allowing for a customized system, and they’re designed to meet your packaging requirements.
Arr-Tech, Inc.
Yakima, Wash.

Azteca Milling, L.P.
Booth # 500
A manufacturer of corn masa flour, Azteca Milling’s proprietary milling and granulation technology have set industry standards for quality and consistency in the preparation of tortillas, taco shells, tostadas and chips. The experts at Azteca Milling can recommend the right flour - made from 100% selected corn - for your finished goods. In addition to its quality products, the company is ISO 9001:2000, Kosher and AIB certified and offers on-site technical support at no cost.
Azteca Milling, L.P.
Irving, Texas

Casa Herrera
Booth # 100
For 58 years, Casa Herrera has been designing and manufacturing food machinery for the corn and flour tortilla, snack and bakery industries. Three generations of Herreras are still highly involved in ownership and management, which helps to assure their customers of the continued quality throughout every phase of the business, from design through installation. In the Casa Herrera tradition, experience, service and quality will always guarantee customer satisfaction.
Casa Herrera
Pomona, Calif.

Clabber Girl Corp.
Booth # 311
Clabber Girl, a producer of chemical leavening systems for the home, foodservice and commercial bakers, is a long time leader in the food industry. Clabber Girl continues to innovate and find solutions for its customers. Today, with its tested expertise in custom leavening systems, Clabber Girl food scientists have introduced InnovaPhase, a line of new proprietary products designed to meet the needs of today’s baking professionals. The line includes InnovaBake, InnovaYield, InnovaFresh and InnovaFree Baking Powder with CAL-RISE. 
Clabber Girl Corp.
Terre Haute, Ind.

Kwik Lok Corp.
Booth # 318
Kwik Lok Corp. offers a complete line of semiautomatic and fully automatic bag closing machines, bag tensioners, imprinters, thermal printers and conveyors. In addition, the company also delivers plastic bag closures and closure labels.
Kwik Lok Corp.
Yakima, Wash.

Lawrence Equipment
Booth # 300
Lawrence Equipment is one of the world’s leaders in flatbread-pressed production lines. Varieties of Indian, Middle Eastern, tortillas and wraps can be made on any Lawrence line. Production line rates from 1,000 pieces to 40,000 pieces per hour and come with full service and training. Lawrence Equipment will be showing their latest Mega 52 press, the Accuview Quality inspection system as well as the other innovations that make them the industry standard for quality and consistency.
Lawrence Equipment
South El Monte, Calif.

Miller Milling Co.
Booth # 323
Located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley in central California, Miller Milling’s Fresno mill provides the highest quality tortilla flours to a wide variety of customers.  Locally grown hard wheat, processed with state-of-the-art Buhler milling equipment, ensures consistent, high-quality products that are represented by Miller’s Grand Joaquin trademark. Additionally, Fresno mill personnel offer expert assistance in assessing customer needs to guarantee a product precise to individual client specifications. Miller Milling is committed to product satisfaction and excellent customer service.
Miller Milling Co.
Bloomington, Minn.

Pendleton Flour Mills
Booth # 208
With a 100-year heritage of superior quality, Pendleton Flour Mills continues its commitment by providing the finest flours, exceptional technical support and personalized customer service. Please stop by and ask about Pendleton Tortilla Flour, which is available in bulk or bag formats.
Pendleton Flour Mills
Puyallup, Wash.

Booth # 413
Solae introduces Fibrim 1270, a soy fiber that provides a complete natural moisture management system that when added to tortillas and flatbreads can extend shelf life and improve microwaveability and overall tortilla softness. Fibrim 1270 also can produce significant formulation cost savings when added to standard tortilla recipes.
St. Louis, Mo.

Urschel Laboratories Inc.
Booth # 618
The Urschel J9-A Dicer effectively produces tortilla strips of 1/4-in. or 3/8-in. corn or flour tortilla shells, as well as small to large squares for chips. The belt-fed Model J9-A offers tortilla processors a simple method to reuse imperfect shells with value-added benefits to their existing line. Additionally, it uniformly dices or strip cuts a wide variety of products, and the interchangeable cutting parts provide maximum versatility and flexibility in producing squares, cubes, strips or rectangular pieces.
Urschel Laboratories Inc.
Valparaiso, Ind.

Here is a complete list of exhibitors at TIA’s Convention in Las Vegas (as of August 7, 2009).

Booth No.    Company Name
327                21st Century Grain Processing
206                A.C. Horn / Cantrell
614                AB Mauri Fleischmann's Yeast
212                Action Duct Cleaning Co., Inc.
210                ADM - Archer Daniels Midland
527                AIB International
518/617        Allied Blending & Ingredients
418                AM Manufacturing Company
118                ARR-Tech, Inc.
500                Azteca Milling
610                BagcraftPapercon
513               Baking and Snackmagazine
114                Balshaw/Adamatic Bakery Group
400                Caravan Ingredients
100                Casa Herrera
325                Chem-Mex
311                Clabber Girl Corporation
414                Danisco, Inc.
319                Dept. of Homeland Security- ICE
124                Foremost
312                Fredman Bag Company
410                Granotec North America
511                Greenbelt Industries
406                Heat and Control
91                  Ivara Corporation
600                JC Ford
305                Kemin Food Ingredients, Inc.
318                Kwik Lok Corporation
300                Lawrence Equipment
323                Miller Milling
200                Minsa
411                Murzan, Inc.
110                NuTEC Mfg.
314                O'Malley Grain, Inc.
208                Pendleton Flour Mills
717                Polyfirst Packaging, Inc.
507                Roplast Industries, Inc.
322                Snack Food & Wholesale Bakerymagazine
TBD               SNAXPO
413                Solae
408                Stellar
313                SunOpta Ingredients Group
509                Taconic
428                Thunderbird Food Machinery
309                TIC Gums
TBD               Topos Mondial Corp.
618                Urschel Laboratories, Inc.
412                Ventura Foods
214                Wire Belt Company of America