Fine vanilla maker joins the Food Trade Sustainability Leadership Association (FTSLA) to improve its food sustainability practices.

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Waukegan, Ill., became a full member of the Food Trade Sustainability Leadership Association (FTSLA), a non-profit trade association dedicated to helping the organic food trade transition to more sustainable business practices by providing uniform guidelines and recommendations.

As an FTSLA member, Nielsen-Massey commits to sustainability in the organic food trade and will continually improve its vanilla-manufacturing practices in areas such as organic, distribution, energy, climate change, water, waste, packaging, labor, animal welfare, consumer education and governance. 

“We are excited and honored to join the ranks of the FTLSA,” says Craig Nielsen, chief executive officer. “As the nation faces environmental, social, and economic challenges, it is important to maintain sustainable products and responsible business practices. We will continue to conduct operations with honesty, integrity, openness and respect.”

The company will submit an annual report detailing its progress in the sustainability field.