Two Trucks, LLC, headed by sons of foodservice leaders, plans to establish a national food-truck brand that  expands to hundreds of units across the country.

Two Trucks LLC will launch the food-truck brand,The Butcher’s Son, in October with two Dallas trucks, followed by five trucks in February 2012, 10 trucks in May 2012 and as many as 200 trucks by 2014, the Dallas-based company says.

Two Trucks is managed by CEO Jonathan Wagner, the son of Johnsonville Sausage founder Ralph Stayer, and Dain Pool, the son of Pool’s Restaurant Group CEO Dan Pool. Pool says he and Wagner met through a mutual friend when Johnsonville was interested in getting involved with the food-truck industry, and rather than launch a one-off promotional truck, Pool-who has franchised food trucks with Pool’s Restaurant Group brandsGandolfo’s andPetro’s-helped Wagner build a food-truck brand that was a separate entity of Johnsonville and Pool’s.

“I was scared at first because I know [how] the food-truck culture is, I don’t want to say anti-corporate, but it’s along those lines,” says Pool. “We don’t want the food-truck community to go, ‘Oh my gosh, a corporate truck,’ because we’re really not.”

The business partners hopeThe Butcher’s Soncan be the first major national food-truck brand.

“We’re the first ones to dive in,” Pool adds. “There are trucks right now that have maybe three or four out there, or one or two, but we’re bringing a major player, Johnsonville, and of course [Pool’s Restaurant Group], as partners to bring to the table.”

With the great attention on the mobile food industry, he says the time is right to launch a brand likeThe Butcher’s Son. Wagner and Pool believe the core food-truck consumer is the 20–35-age demographic, and that office buildings are a prime location for serving that age group.

Pool says that the menu will also play a major role in the social media marketing efforts. “Two menu items will be posted every Monday and Friday [on Facebook and Twitter] until we open, to keep people’s interests up, and it’s worked very well so far,” he says. EachThe Butcher’s Sontruck that rolls out will also run a promotion on social media that lets customers choose the final two menu items.