Figuring out the future through modeling and simulation can transform industries like defense, aviation and automotive. Future modeling stands poised to do the same for manufacturing in the consumer products industry. That’s the focus of a presentation at the Grocery Manufacturers’ Assn. Manufacturing Excellence Conference, which takes place Nov. 1-2 and is co-located with Pack Expo in Chicago.

Working in virtual space can overcome time zones, speed trials and learning cycles, save time and money, improve speed-to-market and foster innovation to create new ways of working for next-generation manufacturing professionals. At the Grocery Manufacturing Assn. (GMA) conference, which takes place Nov. 1-2 and is co-located with Pack Expo in Chicago, visitors can learn from a virtual world visionary about Real Asset Virtualization Environment, featuring manufacturing avatars and 3-D manufacturing possibilities.

The “Back to the Future in CPG Manufacturing” presentation will be conducted by Kevyn Renner, senior technology consultant at Chevron Global Manufacturing. Renner currently drives innovative application of control and information systems for Chevron, based in San Ramon, Calif.

Renner is widely published on automation and information systems topics and has delivered numerous keynote presentations in international forums. He is presently focused on the integral use of refining system automation and information systems, within an inter-operable infrastructure, as well as new visualization techniques, to drive enhanced value from the petroleum value chain.

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