They’re so hot, they’re cool if they sport a new taste. And chefs and restaurateurs say tacos pack portability, price and popularity.

It’s not just the spices or salsa. Tacos are so hot, they’re cool. The taco trend that’s traveled by food truck across the country in recent years has also taken hold here at home. Indianapolis now has several mobile taco trucks, with more likely on the way. While traditional food trucks have long served lunch to a mostly working-class clientele, these new vendors drive to cities, suburban malls and other places where locals line up for lunch, dinner or a late-night snack.

Why all of a sudden are tacos sweeping the country? After all, they’ve been on fast-food menus since the first Taco Bell opened in 1962. Chefs and restaurateurs say tacos could have the winning combination of portability, price and popularity.

According to an article on, tacos are easy to eat, easy to make and are inexpensive, a great trio in this crazy economy. They also allow restaurateurs to take them to the streets, a la mobile food vendors.

John Livengood, president and CEO of the Indiana Restaurant Association, says he hasn’t gotten any complaints from existing restaurants about the mobile vendors and wouldn't be surprised to see local brick-and-mortar restaurants expand into mobile operations.

"Food trucks are the latest big trend in the industry," Livengood says.

And they can be made with all kinds of ingredients beyond chicken and beef, such as fish, all vegetables and other creative fillings, wrapped in small soft tortillas.