European food makers will soon be able to use renewable polyethylene film as a result of a new alliance between Barskem, a Brazilian biopolymer company, and a German bioplastics maker. 

FKuR Kunstoff reaches an agreement with Brazil’s biopolymer company Braskem to produce the first “tailor-made green” polyethylene (PE) compounds available in Europe. Braskem, said to be the world’s first producer of linear low-density and high-density PE from renewable resources, has been searching for a partner to boost its European market share and develop high-value “green” PE compounds to create a wide range of applications.

Braskem Renewable Chemicals commercial officer Fabio Carneiro says, “We chose FKuR as a partner because they have extensive compounding experience with polyolefins and bioplastics. Their extensive knowledge of the renewable plastics market and their excellent reputation in the bioplastics business convinced us they are the best partner.”

Braskem has used ethanol, derived from sugar cane, to make its enviro-friendly PE film in Brazil since 2010. “Green” PE is 100%-recyclable, helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and has the same properties and process abilities as fossil-based PE.