The 2010 global Omega-3 market for foods, beverages and food supplements is predicted to rise 15-20%, according to a report fromPackaged Facts

Packaged Factsreports that the future looks bright for food products containing Omega-3s. The food, beverages and supplements figure, which excludes fish, represented a 17% rise in 2009.  

“This sector continues to show strong growth, although annual growth rates are naturally moderating downward from the explosive gains seen in 2004 and 2005,” the report states. Although growth rates have slowed since the peak years from 2003-2005, the publisher of market research in the food, beverage, consumer packaged goods and demographic sectors also points out that the market was far from overcrowded or saturated and predicted annual growth of 15-20% through 2015.

The positive surge for Omega-3 consumer products stems from several factors, such as continued consumer willingness to purchase functional food and supplement products; an expanding public awareness of Omega-3s and their health benefits; developments in the regulatory arena; and increased usage by major food manufacturers.

The United States dominates in sales of Omega-3-containing products, with $4 billion in foods and drinks, compared with $1.3 billion for dietary supplements.