Despite the rugged economy, U.S. consumers still choose baked goods, which generally remain an affordable indulgence.

For the past several years, consumers have been soothing themselves with all manners of baked goods while enjoying new twists on old favorites as well as a more varied selection of baked goods and flavors, according to a new report from the Center for Culinary Development (CCD), San Francisco.

Despite recent economic difficulties, baked goods generally remain an affordable indulgence, one that consumers can access in many places. The recession hasn’t prevented sales of baked goods from growing, as the market has been pushed by a variety of drivers: convenience, premium ingredients, global flavor twists, wellness and nostalgia/comfort.

Published six times a year, the report profiled seven sweet and savory baked good trends that include a surge in gluten-free baked goods, which it says are driven by more than just those affected by celiac disease, the autoimmune disorder with symptoms triggered by gluten.

The trends also include establishment of micropatisseries targeting younger and hipper consumers with a select collection of baked goods made with artisan methods, gourmet or locally sourced ingredients and a growing range of global flavors. Pretzels are also staging a strong reprisal, taking on a handcrafted, specialty twist.