The American Society of Baking (ASB), Swedesboro, N.J., surveyed members about BakingTech 2011 and listened to their recommendations. Here’s a peek at some of the updates you can expect for BakingTech 2012.

The e-newsletter published by the American Society of Baking, Sweedesboro, N.J., says ASB will be making some changes to its BakingTech 2012 meeting based on attendee/member requests, These changes are designed to encourage “more education, more networking and more fun.” There will also be more breakout sessions (10 total) on education and technical sessions with 25 individual presentations and two industry panels.

Surveyed attendants also asked for more details on topics such as energy savings, niche products/baking, gluten-free production, new technology for niche production, engineering team development, market demographics, automation/versatility, sustainability, more ingredients technology, international sourcing of ingredients, safety/sanitation, BISSC and more.

ASB also reports it will continue to offer the MarketPlace in Motion event, but it will be tweaked to reflect requested changes. For more details, visit