Canada Bread will reduce flour dusting costs by installing three Baker Perkins Multitex4 bread moulders and associated conveyors in its $100-million flagship bakery in Hamilton, Ontario, which opens next summer.

The 375,000-sq.-ft. facility will replace three old Toronto-area bakeries, where conventional equipment utilizes dusting flour to process sticky dough. The decision to move to Multitex4 moulders is part of Canada Bread’s commitment to creating a world-class bakery and follows a comprehensive worldwide search for state-of-the-art equipment.

The excellent results obtained with a Multitex4 moulder during extensive on-site trials played a key part in the selection process.  

Gentle sheeting and excellent dough release by the Multitex4 allowed very sticky doughs to be processed without flour dusting, and produced good quality loaf texture and shape. Baker Perkins’ process expertise, including conveyors especially developed for this type of dough, will ensure the moulding system provides optimum performance.

Moulding without flour dusting significantly raises bakery hygiene standards, and provides a cleaner, safer working environment by removing a potential health and safety risk to employees. It also eliminates the costs of flour, flour dusting equipment and maintenance and cleaning. 

The Multitex4 concept of four pairs of close-coupled sheeting rollers is unique. Each pair features individually controlled variable gap and speed, an arrangement that improves end-product quality by controlling size, shape and length-to-width ratio of the dough sheet prior to coiling. It allows tighter coiling with more coils, while significantly reducing stress to the dough through a more progressive thickness reduction.

The Multitex4 moulder is well proven in high-output pan bread bakeries and is part of a range that also includes mixing, dividing, rounding and first proving equipment.
Canada Bread is 89.8% owned by Maple Leaf Foods, based in Montreal, Canada, and employs more than 8,000 people across its North America and UK operations.
Baker Perkins is based in Grand Rapids, Mich.

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