Company:La Vita Health Foods, Ltd., Monsey, N.Y.
Web site:
Introduced:October 2008
Distribution:Online and Canada
Suggested Retail: $4.95 for a 6-oz. box of 10 cookies
Product Snapshot:Cookie lovers can now munch without the guilt thanks to the launch of La Vita All Natural Crunchy cookies, available in Almond, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Poppy Seed, Raspberry Lemon, Peanut Butter, Strawberry and Cajun varieties. The line of cookies contains zero high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, but it still has a 12-month shelf life. Additionally, each cookie is sugar-, gluten- and dairy-free.
Ingredients (Peanut Butter): Soy flours (soy flour, soy protein), maltodextrin, organic palm oil, canola oil, all-natural peanut butter (peanuts), chicory root, peanuts, soy lecithin, all-natural flavors, baking soda, sea salt.