Wholly Wholesome Ready-to-Bake Pies

Company: Wholly Wholesome, Chester, N.J
Web site: www.whollywholesome.com
Introduced: October
Distribution: National
Suggested Retail: Apple and Pumpkin -- $6.59 for an 8-in. pie; Dairy-Free Pumpkin -- $7.69 for an 8-in. pie; Pie Shells -- $3.29 for two, 9-in. shells; Pie Crusts -- $2.49 for a 6-oz. crust package
Product Snapshot: Take all of the credit without doing the work with all-natural, ready-to-bake pies and pie shells. Shoppers can sink into 8-in. pies, available in Apple, Pumpkin and Dairy-Free Pumpkin. Opt to fill the pie with 9-in. frozen pie shells, available in Traditional, Wheat and Spelt or choose from shelf-stable, vegan pie crusts, offered in Chocolate and Graham Cracker.
Ingredients (Pumpkin): Pumpkin, water, organic cane sugar, organic wheat flour, vegetable oil (palm oil, soybean oil), milk, eggs, organic whole-wheat flour, sea salt, cinnamon, ginger, cloves. Contains wheat, soy, milk, eggs.