Company:Holy Cow LLC, Irving, Texas
Suggested Retail: $5.49 for an 8-oz. canister
Product Snapshot:Lord Nut Levington is a new line of seasoned peanuts that come in five varieties-the Rebel Mary kind consists of tomato and garlic powders mixed with traditional bloody Mary ingredients; El Cheddarales is a fusion of cheddar cheese and jalapeño powder; Mamma Mia was inspired by the flavors of Italy and feature a blend of tomato, garlic and cheese; Thai Dyed entails an exotic blend of Thai curry and lemongrass; and Cinnapplooza delivers a combination of cinnamon, apples and vanilla.
Ingredients (Rebel Mary):Peanuts, seasoning blend (salt, corn maltodextrin, dextrose, tomato powder, soy sauce, natural flavor, garlic powder, sugar, mustard flour, onion powder, Worcestershire sauce (distilled vinegar, molasses, corn syrup, salt, caramel color, garlic powder, sugar, spice, tamarind, natural flavor), spices, citric acid, vinegar solids, silicon dioxide, jalapeño powder, food starch-modi¬fied, paprika extract (color), expeller-pressed canola oil.