Company: Health Warrior, Richmond, Va.
Introduced: July
Suggested Retail:$15.99 for an 8.8-oz. box of 10 bars
Product Snapshot: The makers ofHealth Warrior brand chia seeds expanded their offerings to include a 100-calorie, all-natural Peanut Butter Chocolate Chia energy bar. Made with chia seeds, this product is said to be an “almost perfect food,” featuring numerous health benefits such as ability to energize, rejuvenate muscles, hydrate, improve cardiovascular health, support detoxification, augment strength, bolster endurance, stabilize blood sugar, induce weight loss and aid intestinal regularity.
Ingredients: Chia seeds, organic oats, brown rice syrup, organic peanut butter, organic whole grain brown rice crisps, organic agave syrup, brown rice syrup solids, natural peanut extract, organic cocoa powder, peanut flour, organic vanilla extract, sea salt.