Accurate Portions with Reiser Vemag

Reiser’s Vemag bakery line of equipment represents a universal tool for all filling and portioning applications. Reiser’s Vemag fillers and depositors pump extremely viscous bakery product, handle large chuncks of chocolate, fruits, nuts and other particulates without damaging them and produce precise weight portions — batch after batch.  Combined with a simple Reiser-engineered attachment system, Vemag depositors offer high speed and accurate portioning of a wide variety of bakery and snack products. For high-volume production, Reiser’s Water Wheel Attachment offers multiple lane extrusion with portioning accuracy. It divides product flow precisely to any number of outlets. Perfect for multiple lane portioning onto preformed trays or form, fill, seal equipment and for depositing onto oven bands, freezer belts and make-up lines. Vemag Bakery equipment portions gourmet cookie dough accurately and gently without damaging the integrity of the cookie. It’s ideal for depositing scones, muffin batter and all types of fillings. The Vemag is available in various models and hopper capacities and can meet any production requirement. Designed with unique double screw technology, a Vemag ensures accurate and consistent portions.  
For more than 40 years, Reiser has been selling and servicing high-quality food processing and packaging equipment. Reiser machines can be found in plants world wide performing a variety of applications in a number of industries including meat, produce, bakery and dairy. Like all Reiser’s successful equipment brands — Ross Inpack Tray Sealers for modified atmosphere packaging, Supervac Vacuum Packaging machines and Shrink tanks, Repak form/fill/seal packaging equipment, AMFEC Massagers and Tumblers, Holac Slicers and Dicers, Seydelmann Choppers and Grinders and Fomaco Injectors — Vemag bakery equipment is supported by the Reiser team of customer support professionals who are committed to customer satisfaction.
Whatever the bakery application think Vemag from Reiser. For more information contact Reiser at (781) 821-1290 or at:

From the Floor

New Peeler Boosts Potato Chip Output

Mike-sell’s Potato Chip Co. in Dayton, Ohio, processes more than 55 million lbs. of potatoes per year. With such high volumes, peeler performance becomes a critical factor in controlling operating cost.
To reduce potato yield loss and maintenance costs, Mike-sell’s replaced its three continuous peelers with two new VersaPeel® batch peelers from Heat and Control, Inc. The peelers formed part of a new potato pumping, peeling and inspection system supplying two fryers with a combined output of 5,000 lbs./hr of finished potato chips.
VersaPeel significantly reduced yield loss, and Mike-sell’s has consequently increased finished chip production by 5-6% with no jump in potato usage. When maintaining its existing production rate, the company actually uses 6-8% fewer lbs. of potatoes. More efficient peeling has also improved finished chip quality, lowered maintenance and cleaning costs, and reduced the quantity of chip scraps entering packages. These results were better than expected.
Norm Johnson, Mike-sell’s executive vice president of manufacturing, says the VersaPeel peelers have significantly reduced peel loss and improved peeled potato quality compared to the continuous peelers they replaced. “Peeled potatoes have a better overall appearance with less waste,” he says. “Our potatoes now have a smooth finish with almost no cuts or fines.
“In fact, with less scrap generated by slicing the smoother, rounder potatoes, fewer chip fragments are packaged,” Johnson says. “Overall breakage in finished bags of chips is down by at least 5% with a noticeable improvement in bag fill.”
Most of Mike-sell’s savings result from no longer needing to over-peel potatoes to achieve acceptable peel removal.                                                            
“We actually had to use a second brush-only peeler to polish away damage caused by the first continuous peeler,” notes Johnson. “My only regret is that we had not found this technology 10 years ago, as the benefits in quality and related cost-savings are excellent advantages to our business.”
VersaPeel’s three-stage peeling process exposes potatoes to progressively finer abrasives inside three retracting drums. A rotating wave-shaped disc gently tumbles potatoes against abrasive liners or brushes inside each drum to remove peel from all surfaces and eyes.
According to Heat and Control, VersaPeel’s three-stage peeling process reduces peel loss to less than 1% on fresh potatoes, and 4% on storage potatoes, in most applications. “Short-circuiting,” where potatoes escape peeling by bouncing atop peeling rolls, is eliminated. Finished potatoes retain their natural shape, have a smooth, polished surface and display virtually no flat spots.  
Johnson notes that VersaPeel leaves almost no peel ring on finished potato chips. “We use all the typical chipping potatoes and are able to use more of each variety with less concern for appearance. We simply get more consistent peel removal with greater operator control of the outcome.
“VersaPeel has also helped reduce our cleaning labor costs,” adds Johnson. “The entire area is cleaner and dryer, and requires less time cleaning up at shift’s end.” 1-800-227-5980

A More Appealing Image
When Shearer’s Foods decided to redesign its packaging for the snack food product line, the company realized it would need a first-class converter to print the new eye-appealing graphics.  
“Our goal was to raise our company image to a higher level through new packaging and a more easily recognizable logo,” explains Bob Shearer, president and CEO.
Shearer’s Foods, Inc. of Brewster, Ohio, manufactures and distributes Shearer’s snacks and various private label products for select customers throughout the retail snack food industry.  Currently, potato chips represent 60% of the company’s product line, while the other 40% includes tortilla chips, corn chips, popcorn, cheese curls, peanuts, pretzels, party mix, pork rinds, salsa and dips.
The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that produces more than 42 million pounds of snacks in an average year, including more than 130,000 pounds of potato chips every day. The daily production of 30,000 pounds of tortilla chips and 7,000 pounds of cheese curls keep all 390 associates busy.  
What Shearer’s was looking for was a packaging solution that could give the product a much more powerful retail identity.
“Our new design has a uniform, consistent theme in bright colors which translates into a larger shelf presence and more easily identified products,” Bob Shearer makes clear.
It was obvious at the outset that to reach this level of print sophistication, Shearer’s would require the technical support and quality printing of an experienced converter.
After extensive research, Shearer’s chose C-P Flexible Packaging.
C-P’s solution was to employ its “Enhanced Printing Technology” to create the graphics, and a new white metallized film on the inside of the bag to provide a clean fresh look.
“We are excited about being chosen to produce Shearer’s newly designed line of snack foods. Shearer’s is known as a quality manufacturer and their new packaging really drives that point home. The designs are beautiful!” says Rick Sullivan, C-P Flexible Packaging’s vice president of sales.
York, Pa.-based C-P Flexible Packaging’s broad-based capabilities allow the company to supply high-quality, cost-effective flexible packaging to a targeted customer base. Extensive printing capabilities give C-P the ability to produce sharp, eye-catching graphics, designed to create impact on the store shelf. 1- 717-764-1193

Inline Plastics introduces the Valu Pack line, featuring 10 utility foodservice containers ideal for merchandising baked goods like cookies, croissants, turnovers and foodservice takeout. Made from clear OPS material for optimal product visibility and featuring an automation-friendly design for high-volume food processors, the line represents a combination of ideal price and value in the industry. 1-800-826-5567
Intralox will highlight three snack food conveying solutions at SNAXPO 2004 in Philadelphia. Bucket elevator retrofits, bucket flights that replace scoop flights on inclines and a new abrasion resistant belt system will be featured. Intralox’s Series 1700 Flush Grid Abrasion Resistant belt system is projected to provide 10 times longer belt life, and the bucket elevator retrofits lasts five times longer than traditional roller chain systems, reducing replacement costs and helping to increase throughput and efficiency. On inclines, Intralox’s exclusive bucket flights securely enclose batches of delicate snack foods for intact arrival at the end of the line. Product damage is cut in half, and while bucket flights cost the same as scoop flights, they return a higher value. 1-800-535-8848
The Model WR-1500-EPW automated pallet washer from Douglas Machines is a tunnel washer that will wash, rinse and optionally sanitize 50 to 100 pallets per hour depending on soil condition. The machine is available with either gas steam or washer heating and is 10 feet long. 1-800-331-6870
Shaffer Auto Dough Transfer Systems allow manufacturers to automate the portioning and transfer of dough from mixer to make-up equipment while fully protecting the integrity of the dough. The unique hopper design with a hopper cutout allows the chunker to fit most mixers without height adjustments, and the blade placement in the hopper eliminates bridging. The conveyor belt transfers eliminates gapping and excess heat problems caused by the screw pump, and with fast, easy belt removal for cleaning and maintenance, there is no need to elevate the conveyor. The machine has all stainless steel construction for top quality performance and hygiene. 1-630-257-5200
Dough Dividers from Oshikiri Corporation of America (OCA) are designed specifically for use in mass bread production line. The DKM Models are tough dividers capable of standing up to the roughest conditions of long hours of operation. The DKM Models include Automatic Oiling, oil level alarm, central lubrication, variable speed and outfeed conveyor, flour duster, remote control and more. 1-800-566-7327

Taylor Products, a division of Magnum Systems added another key product to its capabilities, the Flexible Auger Conveyor. It is a simple but ruggedly designed conveyor with one moving part capable of transporting a wide range of free-flowing powders, granules or pellets safely and reliably anywhere in a plant. It features fast, effective and economical conveying, four to 40 feet distances, speeds of up to 800 cubic feet per hour and more. 1-888-882-9567
Packaging Progressions’ PPI-200 Hands Off Interleaving and Stacking machine accurately and consistently places a pre-programmed sheet of film, foil or paper under pizza crusts at speeds up to 1100 dozen per hour per lane. Once the interleaving sheet has been placed under the crust, it may be folded or wrapped around the product for ease of separation, sanitary handling and, with foil sheets, box to oven baking. PPI Interleavers accommodate paper width sizes ranging from 13 in. to 40 in. The PLC design allows easy production setup or changes. Control and drive enclosures are temperature controlled and fully gasketed to protect components. The large variety of stacking modules automatically count and stack the interleaved portions into uniform groups, which are then conveyed to the wrapping or cartoning machine, or packed by hand. 1-610-489-8601
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Kess Industries introduces its newest coating equipment, a Half Icer with optional Glazer and String Icer attachments. The Half Icer coats the bottom and then flips the product, the Glazer top glazes the product and the oscillating String Icer applies strings of icing. Stainless steel construction and wash down duty components make for excellent cleanability and dependable equipment. Units are available in any glazing/icing combination or separately. Other options include air-blow off and tank level control. 1-800-578-5564
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GRAFCO PET Packaging Technologies has expanded its wide-mouth stock product line with the introduction of a 1.5 gallon(205-oz.) round container with 110-400 finish. This new container is ideally used for candy, peanuts and other snacks. The line includes a 48-oz round, 58-oz. found, 60-oz. round, 64-oz. gripped square, 128-oz. round, and 128-oz gripped square. All these containers have 110-400 finish and most are available to offer a broad variety of shapes and sizes to promote products. 1-877-447-2326
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Intralox has upgraded its popular small-pitch Series 1100 Flat Top belt for use with EZ Track sprockets. The belt features a new design that eliminates risk of sprocket disengagement, improves belt tracking, simplifies sprocket placement and makes cleaning easier and more effective. The Series 1100 new underside design incorporates a continuous cross section instead of dedicated drive pockets, so sprockets can be placed anywhere across the width of the belt. Also, the belt’s new underside design eliminates potential debris traps otherwise created by the dedicated drive pockets. 1-800-535-8848

Caraustar offers high quality packaging for snack food and wholesale bakery needs. The company offers printed folding cartons, coated recycled paperboard for folding carton manufacturing, uncoated recycled paperboard for composite cans and paperboard tubes. It’s Whitetone line is a recycled white back alternative to SBS paperboard, and the Statone line is grease barrier paperboard for direct fill product. Caraustar has product development expertise in pour features, flip top closures, tray styles and more. 1-216-281-7651