Return on Investment

By attending IBIE 2004, bakers and other producers of grain-based foods will discover that making a small investment to attend the show will pay off big time. So answer the call and register today.
When it comes to registering for the upcoming International Baking Industry Exposition, which runs from Aug. 15-18 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, organizers have just one small bit of advice. Book today and see the payback tomorrow. That’s because IBIE 2004 is going to be a much better show than ever before, says Bob Kirkpatrick, IBIE 2004 chairman and president of Rondo Inc. Attendees, he says, should expect the unexpected at the show, which is jointly sponsored by the American Bakers Association and BEMA, the baking industry suppliers association.
“The IBIE Committee has gone to great lengths to create a better, overall educational experience at a location where both the bakers and suppliers can get together,” Kirkpatrick explains. “The committee has spent a great deal of time and effort to create a show that caters to destination bakers, international attendees and wholesale bakers as well.”
For wholesale bakers and commercial producers of grain-based foods, the IBIE has teamed up with the American Institute of Baking, which will conduct morning seminars on a diverse array of topics ranging from tips and suggestions on producing lower-carb breads and formulating for extended shelf life to seminars on managing food security, allergens and microbiological issues in grain-based foods. Visit for more information.
Meanwhile, for retail bakers, in-store bakery operators and foodservice chains, the Retailers’ Bakery Association will put on an innovative display and education program that highlights the art of baking. The RBA exhibit will run all day and feature Demonstration Theater, where experts provide formulas and teach techniques for hands-on baking. In addition, there will be opportunities for destination bakers to sit down for industry chats, discuss trends, share their craftsman tips and view the signature decorative pieces from Las Vegas’ best bakers and pastry chefs.
Kirkpatrick notes that the seminars are just one way in which the IBIE Committee has broadened the show to appeal not only to traditional bakers, but also to non-traditional bakers and producers of grain-based prepared foods.
Exhibitors, he says, will be featuring new automation, such as sheeting, filling, makeup, topping, extruding and packaging systems, which have broad applications to grain-based food industry as a whole.
“Most of the companies that supply to the traditional baking industry also supply to others in the grain-based food business,” Kirkpatrick explains. “There are thousands of what I would call non-traditional bakers of grain-based foods who can reap huge benefits from attending the show. IBIE is not only for retail and wholesale bakers, but also for frozen food manufacturers, pizza producers, cookie and cracker companies, hot snack processors, Mexican food operators — anybody who uses grain-based foods in their products. All of these people use common ingredients and use similar processes to produce their products.
“There are food applications, snack applications, tortilla technology, cookie and cracker equipment, ingredient handling systems, new mixing and aerating technology and applications to the candy industry,” he adds. “It’s much more than a bakery show.”
Robert Hirsch, president & CEO of BEMA, notes that the organization has broadened its base over the last three years to attract members that represent all aspects of the industry.
“We really made an appeal to the ingredient companies, and we’re starting to see some of the fruits of our labor,” Hirsch says. “In addition to our loyal, long-term members, we’re getting other equipment companies involved. We’ve tried to broaden the base of BEMA so that it includes all suppliers, and not just equipment producers, but we haven’t stopped trying to attract new equipment manufacturers.
“In fact, in terms of space, equipment still occupies most of the show floor in Las Vegas, but there are many exhibitors who are not equipment-based,” he adds. “It’s truly a show that represents all aspects of the industry, including packaging, marketing, engineering, processing, consulting and ingredients side of the business.”
Both Hirsch and Kirkpatrick note that there seems to be pent-up demand for attending the show, partly because the previous IBIE in 2001 was sadly disrupted by the events of 9/11, which no one will ever forget.
“Many people have not been to a Baking Expo in six or seven years,” Kirkpatrick says. “Unless they were at the show on Monday, many of them never made it. It’s a great opportunity for them to check out the onslaught in automation, the advances in programmable logic controls, the use of the Internet and Ethernet, computer hardware, new processes, robotics. The advances are light years ahead of what was available three years ago, let alone seven years ago.”
Kirkpatrick notes that the IBIE show is a convenient place for shopping under one roof.
“This is a good place to see what technology is available and compare the construction of equipment, the design of systems and actually see in person how the equipment is built and how it operates,” he says.
“For us at Rondo, it is and always has been the most efficient way for our company to reach the greatest number of customers in the most efficient way,” he adds. “It’s the best show in the industry for reaching grain-based food companies.”
Although the show is in August and in Las Vegas, Hirsch notes that the temperatures will not be that different from many previous IBIEs that were held in September, when temperatures were quite toasty. Because the IBIE moved to a three-year cycle to avoid conflicting with other international bakery shows, the expo had no choice but to select the August date because other times had been booked by other industries well in advance.
Hirsch expects some exhibitors may have fun with the climate and offer misting fans and other cool promotions for attendees.
“We thought about moving it, but the sentiment from all of the board members on BEMA was we should keep it in Vegas,” Hirsch says. “It may not be the best of times, but you’re in the exhibit hall, and it’s cool in the exhibit hall. You’re in the hotel, and it’s cool in the hotel. You’re in a taxi, and it’s cool in the taxi, and you’re in a casino, and it’s cool in the casino. It’s only hot when you’re outside for a short duration.”
So, everyone,take their advice. Chill out and register now. Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery has made it easy for you. Just visit and click on the IBIE logo, which will directly link you up with the IBIE registration site. To register or for information on the AIB sessions, visit For housing, contact For other information, contact BEMA at 847-920-1230.
Coming from Abroad? Better Move Quickly
Coming to the International Baking Industry Exposition from overseas? Better start planning now. With the heightened security regulations, international attendees should start seriously arranging their travel plans at least three months before the show.
That means now.
To register for the show visit and click on the IBIE icon, which will directly take you to the registration Web site. Just follow the directions from there. Attendees can also visit and click on the Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery icon, which will take them to our magazine’s Web site.
If you have questions about visas and other travel restrictions, check with your local U.S. consulate or visit http: //;visitors.html for further travel arrangements to the United States.
In other news, the U.S. Commercial Service, a unit of the U. S. Department of Commerce, has added IBIE to its 2004 International Buyer Program. Under this program, arrangements are made to enable thousands of international buyers each year to meet with U.S. companies at major trade shows throughout the nation.
According to the service, more than 125,000 qualified foreign buyers, prospective sales representatives, and potential business partners attend the shows selected to participate in the International Buyer Program. Exhibiting companies reap many benefits, including excellent opportunities to develop strategic business partnerships with international buyers and sales representatives.
The IBIE, the largest baking show in North America, runs from Aug. 15-18 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
SF&WB Makes it Easy to Register for IBIE
To register for IBIE 2004 — the largest baking show in North America — just log on to Registration is painless. All you have to do is click on the IBIE 2004 logo that’s linked directly to the IBIE registration site. Just follow the directions. No faxes, no phone calls, no excuses. Don’t delay. Do it today!
IBIE 2004, the International Baking Industry Exposition, runs from August 15-18 at the Los Vegas Convention Center. It’s too good to miss.