IBIE Exibitor Profiles

ADM Milling
Archer Daniels Midland
8000 West 110th St.
Overland Park, KS 66210
Phone: 1-913-491-9400
Fax: 1-913-491-0035

The baking and cereals industry is one part art, one part science. ADM can help you succeed at both, supplying the baking industry with over 400 staple baking ingredients.
ADM provides a complete line of regular and specialty flours for any baking application. We can help you select the right flour for your applications: breads, pizza, cakes, tortillas, cookies, snacks and others too. From custom-milled flours delivered in bulk to wholesale bakers, to packaged flours for smaller bakery and food service operation, to well-known brands like Gigantic, Commander, Top King, Pillsbury and Five Roses, ADM has a flour for every baker’s need. ADM also supplies a complete range of fats and oils, sweeteners, dough conditioners, release agents, starches and gums, gluten, food acids, fillings and icings, and complete bakery mixes. Our product offerings also include a full line of cocoa powders, and chocolate and compound products in a variety of forms to meet a wide range of customer applications.
We even offer a growing line of nutritional ingredients that includes vitamin enrichments, soy proteins and other functional food ingredients. We’re experts in designing custom premixes of vitamins and minerals, for basic fortification or to provide your product with a marketing edge. In addition, ADM can boost your product’s nutritional value and market profile while maintaining the great taste your customers expect.
One excellent example is Fibersol-2 soluble fiber, produced by ADM and designed to add significant soluble fiber with no detectable change to your product’s color, flavor or texture. Another is Enova brand oil, the light-tasting oil that helps your customers maintain a healthy weight, yet can be used interchangeably in food formulations with other oils. ADM can also help you get ready now for the FDA’s upcoming 2006 requirement to list trans-fatty acids on food labels. Our new NovaLipid™ line of production-friendly oils, shortenings and margarines all contain zero or reduced trans-fat—so you can produce a functional and nutritious product without the cost and disruption of extensive processing changes. But even beyond supplying outstanding ingredients, ADM goes to great lengths to help our customers solve problems and seize opportunities.
Our quality assurance and sensory expert panels let us minimize the impact of changing crops on your product’s flavor, tweak your formulations on the fly, or identify ingredients you can substitute with no loss of quality. We will host training seminars for your staff right on your premises, to bring you up to date on the latest developments in baking technology. At our research centers in Decatur, Illinois and Olathe, Kansas, we have fully equipped pilot facilities to realistically simulate the challenges you face every day.

Bedford Industries
1659 Rowe Ave, Box 39
Worthington, MN 56187
Phone: 1-877-233-3673
Fax: 1-507-376-6742

Tie in Freshness with Bedford Closures
Bedford Industries, Inc. has supplied the baking industry for more than 38 years and continues to be the world’s leading twist tie manufacturer. Bedford’s closures are economical, they maintain freshness and are consumer preferred.
Bedford offers a variety of closures from our well-known single-wire twist ties, used on bread and bun bagged products, to our double-wire tin-ties, used on donut and cookie packages. We offer a variety of closure options to suit your packaging needs, and consumers prefer tie closures.
Along with offering the baking industry an easy-to-use, economical closure, we also offer the following services.
Twist tie spool adapter system for automatic tyers
Custom-designed packaging closures
Poly-Twist wireless closure
Specialty printing-promotional messages
In-house graphics department
Semi-automatic tying machines
Quality products and service are what the baking industry expects and Bedford delivers on both. Call us today. We are here to assist you.

Burford Corp.
Box 748
Maysville, OK, 73057
Phone: 1-800-654-4530
Fax: 1-405-867-4219
The Burford Corp. is one of the leading suppliers for the baking industry. Burford has recently introduced new technologies to improve the baking process and save the baker time and money. Recent innovations include:
•Servo Twist-Tyer
•Tamper Evident Closure System
•Vertical Tyer
Servo Twist-Tyer
If you are a baker and interested in CUTTING CLOSURE COSTS in half then the Servo Tyer is the solution you have been looking for. Using the inexpensive twist-tie and the innovative Servo Motor design of the Servo Twist-Tyer, you will substantially reduce your costs, improve the tightness of your closure (increasing shelf life of your baked goods), guarantee the quality of the closure, and offer the consumer a closure they prefer over other closure products. Call Don or Kurt today to see how Burford can help you.

Tamper Evident Closure System
Many of the consumer products being offered today come with a seal for protection, so it’s about time to offer that same technology for bread. Today, Burford makes that a reality with the Burford Tamper Evident Closure System. New updates to the technology include a Bag Tail Flattener and Soft Seal. Call Burford today to see how you can add Tamper Evidence to your baked goods.

Smart Seeder
How much seed do you use in a year? How much does seed cost your operation? Do you see seed today in the production lines on the floor? On the pans and not product?
How would you like to reduce your seed usage by 20-40% and more accurately place seed on your baked products? Don’t delay and start saving seed today! Call Teresa today and ask her how we can save you billions of Seed each year.

Vertical Tyer
We now offer the Servo Tyer technology in a Vertical Tyer. This allows customers to twist-tie products such as Pannetone Bread, Tortillas, Paper Plates, and any product that requires twist-tying while standing up on a conveyor. In addition to the great products mentioned above, Burford Corp. also offers the baker solutions for the following applications: Waffle Iron Oilers, Bread Pan Oilers, Sifters, Water Splitters, Pan Shakers, Thermal Printers, and Pan Coolers.
Burford has a strong experienced team of engineers and designers ready to solve your bakery or packaging problems today. If you are in need of a solution, please call Kurt or Don today and see how Burford can help.

Capway Systems Inc.
725 Vogelsong Road
York, PA 17404
Phone: 1-877-222-7929
Fax: 1-717-843-1654

Founded in the Netherlands by the Capelleveen family some 80 years ago, Capway Systems continues to meet the ever-growing needs of the baking industry. Capway has a record of expertise and longevity that few companies can match. Although the U.S. manufacturing plant is only 19 years old, its staff has literally hundreds of years of experience in the design and manufacturing of automated equipment required for today’s high-capacity bakeries.
Both the U.S. and European plants set up and test run all new equipment prior to shipment. This allows customers to see and operate their newly purchased equipment before it ever arrives at their particular facility.
Capway’s Robocap pan storage and retrieval systems have been installed in more than 60 bakeries in Europe and six high-speed units in North America. With the introduction of the new Type 1 robot, Capway can offer pan storage solutions to the small baker as well as the large wholesale plant.
“The Robocap systems are radically different from the conventional systems,” a Capway spokesman explains. It is considerably more gentle on the pans, and it uses space more efficiently than conventional systems. As with its other equipment, Capway’s Robocap must be integrated within the whole production line. Capway engineers provide complete plant design services and integrate everything from makeup through packaging.

100 Adams Drive
Totowa, NJ 07512
Phone: 1-800-526-5261
Fax: 1-973-256-0727

Caravan has been providing cutting edge technology to both wholesale and retail bakers for more than 100 years. This expertise is now focused on providing solutions for tasty bread products that low-carb dieters are demanding. Caravan’s cereal chemists have developed TRIM-CARB to satisfy consumers’ search for low-carb, reduced-calorie breads that also satisfy the taste test. Caravan’s high-fiber, reduced-sugar bases and mixes are designed for pan breads, rolls, flat breads, bagels, tortillas and pizza products. TRIM-CARB bases can be flavor-enhanced with Caravan’s BREAD MEISTER product. TRIM-CARB is a free-flowing powder and is available in 50-lb. poly-lined cardboard cartons for larger bakers

TRIM-CARB is also available in portion-packed, complete mixes with exciting varieties such as TRIM-CARB Rye Bread, TRIM-CARB Tomato Herb Bread, TRIM-CARB Pesto Romano Bread, TRIM-CARB Sour Dough Bread, TRIM-CARB Grain Bread, TRIM-CARB Butter Bread, and TRIM-CARB Wheat Bread. These zesty breads are a great way to introduce dieters to healthy breads.
Caravan continues to provide state-of-the-art products with all the most desirable qualities white bread bakers need: flavor and freshness that last throughout extended shelf life, reduced mixing time, maximum oven spring without bromates, greater volume, crust color, dough strength and machinability. New systems from Caravan bring sponge and dough and brews into the non-bromate age. Products such as Sponge Mate-8, Dough Side-8 and Caravan Bread & Roll No. 1 eliminate scaling errors, improve crumb and grain, increase volume – all with no processing changes. Superb white bread products include ESL-1 which provides maximum extended shelf life. These products and others are available for bulk tote bags for efficiency and consistency in micro-ingredient delivery systems, and all of Caravan’s fine products are supported by the company’s knowledgeable technical staff that still makes house calls.

Church & Dwight
469 N. Harrison St.
Princeton, N.J. 08543
Phone: 1-800-221-0453
Fax: 1-609-497-7176

For more than 150 years, Church & Dwight Co., Inc., makers of ARM & HAMMER brand products, has been a pioneer in the science of chemical leavening. As the leading U.S. supplier of sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, and potassium bicarbonate for food formulations, the company offers a unique range of bicarbonate granulations to help food manufacturers produce more favorable characteristics in finished baked products through innovative leavening systems.

Church & Dwight’s heritage of innovation and the unmatched technical capabilities of their food application scientists have resulted in a variety of leavening products of particular interest to the food industry:
Sodium bicarbonate grade 1 (powdered), grade 1 TFF (treated free-flowing), grade 2 (fine granular), grade 4 (granular), as well as custom grades and granulations to meet customers application requirements.
First Blend, a food grade 1 powdered sodium bicarbonate with a high-performance flow aid.
Ammonium bicarbonate in a clear polyethylene bag that improves product flowability by providing a better barrier to moisture.
Flow-K, a food grade potassium bicarbonate with a unique flow aid system that assures excellent storage and handling properties.
Tortilla Blend, a unique blend of special sodium bicarbonate granulations that can result in substantial improvements in the appearance, texture, and flavor of tortillas through better control of leavening.
Tortilla Blend is the most recent leavening innovation from Church & Dwight, and it has been extremely well received by the marketplace. Used in combination with conventional or innovative leavening acids, Tortilla Blend helps optimize the leavening process in three critical stages:
Stage 1: Some sodium bicarbonate is solubilized early for uniform gas cell distribution throughout the dough.
Stage 2: More sodium bicarbonate is solubilized later within the dough prior to the press and oven, producing more gas cells that join existing cells.
Stage 3: In the oven, complete solubility of the sodium bicarbonate occurs and all gas cells expand for optimally leavened tortillas.
This is in contrast to traditional practices, in which tortillas are leavened using conventional baking powder, a premixed combination of sodium bicarbonate and acid salts that allows only limited control of leavening.
Better control of the leavening process can result in tortillas with:
Rich, brown toast points for better flavor and aroma*
Uniform, open cell structure for greater height and volume*
Reduced translucency and improved texture*
*Results may vary depending upon tortilla formulation and processing conditions.

NuTEC Manufacturing
908 Garnet Court
New Lenox, Il. 60451
Phone: 1-815-722-2800
Fax: 1-815-722-2831

NuTEC’s C-Frame Depositors have improved the way many processors deposit fillings for stuffed sandwiches, multiple-layered products, stuffed seafood, appetizers, and poultry products. Using the same hydraulic technology NuTEC has successfully employed in their food-forming machines, its portioning depositors provide excellent portion weight control and clean, accurate filling placement down the line. Certain models produce as many as 45,000 deposits per hour.
The number of successful applications continues to grow as more and more processors recognize the many applications that NuTEC’s depositors have in the bakery, hot snack, and convenience food markets. The C-Frame design of the depositors enables the equipment to fit into existing production lines to deposit fillings for stuffed sandwiches, calzones, sandwich wraps, empanadas, cordon bleu, burritos, egg rolls, hamburgers, meat pies, chicken kiev, and stuffed seafood shells. NuTEC’s portioning depositors also deposit the bottom portion, the filling, and the top portion of the chicken. One machine is required for each function.
NuTEC’s unique feed system uses a rotating spiral that gently moves the product to the rotary vane pump. Bridging and overworking are eliminated because the product is neither rolled nor tumbled. Deposit sizes of up to 1 1/2-in. thick can be achieved at up to 65 cycles per minute. The 100% hydraulic system on the depositors also minimizes maintenance, reduces downtime, and lowers repair costs.
Three portioning depositor models are available from NuTECÚ the 725 features a 300 lb. hopper, can deposit products up to 1 3/8-in. thick, and has line widths from 0-in. to 13-in.. The 745 depositor features a 400 lb. hopper, can deposit products up to 1 1/2-n. thick, and has line widths from 13-in. to 34-in. The 790 depositor features a 600 lb. hopper, can deposit products up to 1 1/2-n. thick, and has line widths from 24-in. to 40-in. Depending upon product applications and volume capacity, NuTEC Manufacturing will work with processors to fit portioning depositors to their specific needs.
For more information, contact NuTEC Manufacturing

Pizzey’s Milling
Box 132 / Main Street South
Angusville, Manitoba
ROJ OAO Canada
Fax: 1-204-773-2317

Pizzey’s Milling is North America’s largest and most-established supplier of milled flaxseed ingredients. The company, founded in 1991 by Glenn and Linda Pizzey, is dedicated to developing the science and nutrition of flaxseed, an oilseed grown in Canada and the northern United States for its nutritional and nutraceutical properties. Today, the company maintains its manufacturing headquarters in Angusville, Manitoba and a U.S. subsidiary headquartered in Gurnee, Il., with distribution sites in St. Joseph, Missouri; Buffalo, New York; Los Angeles and Etobicoke, Ontario.
Flaxseed (also known as linseed) is an oilseed that provides a highly economical source of omega-3 oils (20%). In addition, flaxseed’s very low-net carb content (less-than 3%) makes it an economical ingredient of choice for many low-net carb formulations, ranging from breads to tortillas, cereals, pizza crusts, pastas, nutrition bars, crackers, cookies, batters and breadings. Flaxseed’s other nutraceutical components, such as lignans and dietary fiber, have generated considerable research interest by virtue of their phytoestrogenic and pre-biotic properties. Specific research projects have documented flaxseed’s benefits for cardiovascular health, immune system enhancing and cancer protective benefits. All this activity has spurred consumer interest in flaxseed as a health food.
Pizzey’s manufactures its milled flaxseed and bran ingredients from the whole flaxseed — it does not use the meal by-products of oil-pressing operations! Thus, its customers can be assured of the full nutritional and nutraceutical value of flaxseed. Pizzey’s MeadowPure Quality technology, a combination of patented and proprietary processing and handling technologies, guarantees the stability of these ingredients under normal, ambient storage conditions.
Linda and Glenn Pizzey founded the company as a working bakery dedicated to developing flaxseed-containing bakery products for local markets. As sales rapidly expanded, the company shifted its focus toward the development of technically and nutritionally validated flaxseed ingredients. Today, the company is a wholly dedicated ingredient supplier that continues to build on its leadership in new ingredients, new product applications, and new markets based upon a solid foundation of technical development and customer support. The company’s new U.S. subsidiary in Gurnee, Il. was established to provide additional technical and marketing support to its U.S. customer base.

Rademaker USA, Inc.
5218 Hudson Drive
Hudson, OH 44236
Phone: 330-650-2345
Fax: 330-656-2802

The Rademaker Group
The Rademaker Group focuses on the development, sales, engineering and production of installations for a variety of food-processing industries. Our reputation has been built primarily around complete installations for the baking industry, as well as the snack, meat processing and pet food industries. The members of the group complement each other to offer a complete delivery program.

Food Processing Equipment
Rademaker BV is renowned for product lines such as laminators, bread lines, universal lines, croissant lines, cake lines, pie lines and special lines such as chips, dumpling, and sandwich lines. Robust, high-capacity machines designed specifically for the production needs of our customers.

Industrial Baking Equipment
The Rademaker Multibake ovens are second to none. Our modular design provides for fast installations, future flexibility for expansion, and the ability to configure hybrid systems. Whether the product requires the power and control of our Impingement Oven, direct or indirect heated environments, Rademaker has the right baking system in its program.

To complete the program, Rademaker Handling can connect the process applications into one engineered system. Proofing, cooling, tray storage and handling, accumulating, de-panning, connecting conveyors, and the control needed to provide a fully automated process.

One Source — providing the advantages of technical and technological solutions, via professional project management during the entire process.

Rademaker – Worldwide... we make it... we bake it... we handle it!

Siegling America, LLC
12201 Vanstory Road
Huntersville, NC 28078-8395
Phone: 1-800-255-5581
Fax: 1-704-948-0995
E-Mail: info@siegling-us.com

Conveying the Right Answer

When buying any new machine with a conveyor belt, a critical consideration is ease of installation. Before purchasing, ask yourself some of the more hard-hitting questions to reduce the possibility of error later. For example, are you choosing a machine design that allows for an endless conveyor belt to be installed as a replacement, or is on-site splicing of the belt required. If splicing is required, can plant maintenance handle the task and would they need training? The alternative is to factor in the cost of an installer to do the job. Either way, you’ll need to include the downtime cost.
Is the belt in compliance with FDA regulations? Can it handle the kind of product load — weight, temperature — typical for your facility?
Can you change the belt if you later decide to retrofit a belt of a different type or material? Find out about its cleanability characteristics.
Do you know how to appropriately tension the belt you want to purchase and then how to ensure tracking to avoid expensive repairs later?
Also important are such issues as the ability of the proposed belt to handle various different kinds of chemical residue. One type of plastic, for example, may be relatively weak in handling certain oils, while another is completely impervious to attack.
These are just a few of the many challenges bakeries confront when selecting the appropriate belt for their needs. If you need assistance, please contact our Engineering Department at 1-800-255-5581 or by e-mail: info@siegling-us.com.

Siegling…Your Entire Solution

Spooner Vicars Meincke, Inc.
1737 Georgetown Road
Suite G
Hudson, Ohio 44236
Phone: 1-330-342-8244
FAX: 1-330-342-8140

Spooner Vicars has been associated with the baking industry for more than 150 years and has acquired a global reputation as a leading brand name in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality equipment. From bread and bun products to cakes, cookies and Crackers Spooner Vicars delivers in the two areas that make a difference: superior-quality equipment and service.
In the bread and bun category, for example, Spooner Vicars offers a solid range of equipment capabilities, from walk-in provers to low maintenance conveyor design and a rapid retard system. In addition, the company offers excellent convection ovens that combine can reduce bake times upto 30% with an even bake.
Spooner Vicars stands behind all of its equipment, from its highly efficient depanner, with its simple belt change, to its profilable refrigerated cooler, Spooner Vicars has the availability to cover most bread and bun baking needs.
Quiche, pies, pastries, Danish, Spooner Vicars has the baked goods category covered as well. The Spooner Vicars oven range has acquired a worldwide reputation for quality baking, whether What ever the finished product , Spooner Vicars provides a range of equipment and control systems for use in complete lines or individual production units.
Using strategically placed operator interfaces, Spooner Vicars employs color touch screens as standard equipment. The software packages allow different levels of management and supervisory access to recipe settings, performance, alarms monitoring and handling, maintenance and trending.
Spooner Vicars’ reputation for engineering excellence extends to more than 50 countries, with baking and engineering experience dating back to 1850, yet with the capability to solve your most difficult baking problems today and in the future.

Unifiller Systems, Inc.
7621 MacDonald Road
Delta, BC V4G 1N3 CANADA
Phone: 1-888-733-8444
Fax: 1-604-940-2195

Unifiller Systems, Inc. is the world’s foremost design and manufacturing facility for automated cake assembly, icing and decorating lines. As well, they offer a full range of bakery depositors, pumps and customized production systems.
Unifiller is a highly innovative company, leading the industry with a team of professional and experienced design engineers, sales consultants, bakery production experts and installation technicians.
The focal point of Unifiller’s corporate mission is to offer technology-driven solutions to cake manufacturers through automated production.
Simplicity in design is their solution — using the least amount of components possible to achieve optimum results. This allows the end-user to quickly disassemble a machine without the need for complicated manuals or expensive tools.
“Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add but when there is no longer anything to take away.”

APV Baker
P.O. Box 1718
Goldsboro, NC 27533
Phone: 1-919-735-4570
Fax: 1-919-735-5275

A World of Difference
in the World of Baking
With more than 2,000 large-scale installations in 50 countries worldwide, APV Baker has designed baking systems for just about every conceivable product and production layout. This vast experience means you’ll have more equipment choices than with any other manufacturer. And with each system built here in our plant, you get precisely what’s needed for your application - from mixing to warehousing and distribution.
At APV, you’ll never be “sold”a piece of equipment. Our sales managers visit your plant, study your processes, your products and your production goals. They’ll work with your engineers and production managers to design the right system for your application. Tweaking as need be to meet your requirements fully and without compromise.
No surprises or glitches. One contact offers everything you need. All backed by the knowledge, experience and ongoing resources of a seasoned international company. Precision project management, fast delivery and advanced system monitoring are just a few of the APV Baker benefits.
Additional information about APV Baker products and services is available from the company’s website.

Auto-Bake Pty, Ltd.
1186 Walter St.
Lemont, IL 60439
Phone: 1-630-257-2900
Fax: 1-630-257-3434
Auto-Bake Serpentine at IBIE 2004
At the IBIE 2004 international baking exhibition in August this year, continuous baking solutions supplier Auto-Bake will be featuring a number of it recent innovations such as in the field of bread, cake and cookies production. The exhibition will demonstrateof the features and benefits of the Auto-Bake Serpentine continuous baking system.
This exhibit is that it allows visitors to view the essential elements of any Auto-Bake continuous baking system,” explained Auto-Bake marketing director Amanda Hicks. “Our system is made up of the basic building blocks which can designed up to meet the needs of almost any baking application.”
“Customisation is an important aspect of modern baking, as companies have to meet the market demand for product diversity and change, and whilst the exhibit demonstrates the essential elements of any Auto-Bake line, we are well aware that ’one size doesn’t fit all’ on the baking production floor. All our systems are custom-built to meet specific product parameters, throughput and available space requirements
The heart of the Auto-Bake continuous baking solution is the Serpentine baking system: a patented vertical oven process that occupies just one-tenth of the footprint of legacy tunnel oven technology. Pans or trays move through the Serpentine ovens and coolers via an ingenious vertical ’S’ configuration transport system, allowing the product to be conveyed horizontally through numerous precision-controlled thermal zones.
In the case of thermal oil heating, the Serpentine oven’s energy consumption and costs are dramatically reduced, while the ’mellow heat’ of the thermal oil system ensures optimal product quality. Auto-Bake Serpentine baking solutions feature superior flexibility, allowing bakers to make complete product changes by simply changing pans, infeed and depanning tooling.
The fully automated system offers touch-screen management and control of all baking line processes and parameters including depositing, panning and de-panning process, and temperature profiles. This permits a dramatic reduction in line staffing costs, when compared with vertical and tunnel oven systems, and facilitates straightforward and seamless integration of the baking line with plant-wide SCADA system

Brolite Products Inc.
1900 S. Park Ave.
Streamwood, IL 60107
Phone: 1-888-276-5483
Fax: 1-630-830-0356
Founded in 1928 by certified Master Baker Oscar Breault, Brolite developed a production process to supply the baking industry with cultured, butter and sour flavors. With its dedication to customer service and cutting edge technology, Brolite has become a leading supplier of sours and fermented flavors to bakeries throughout the world.
In addition to sours and fermented flavors, Brolite produces bread and sweet good bases and mixes, dough conditioners and grain blends at its modern manufacturing facility in Streamwood, Illinois. Brolite also offers contract blending services as well as exclusive and custom blends.
For more than 75 years, Brolite has been responding to the bakers’ needs with innovative products and services. Through our extensive research and development we have produced more than 50 specialty ingredients of unsurpassed quality and superior flavor. Everything from conditioners and natural rye sours to bread and sweet dough bases.
Increase volume and yields by promoting maximum absorption rates.
Accelerate and condition doughs–even in automatic lines and frozen dough systems.
Choose powdered bread strengtheners and softeners to eliminate messy pails, liquids or pastes.

Colborne Corporation
28495 N. Ballard Dr.
Lake Forest, IL 60046
Phone: 1-847-371-0101
Fax: 1-847-371-0199

Since 1879 Colborne Corporation has been producing commercial bakery equipment and systems. While history confirms Colborne as the leader in the Pie Industry, their latest developments have also put them at the top of the list when it comes to Turn Key Project Management of automated production lines for a wide range of bakery products.
Continued development of their engineering staff and in-house manufacturing capabilities enable Colborne to offer a variety of new products and services. One of these services is a Process Requirement Study, which will identify what operations need to be automated and document project specifications.
Additional services that Colborne will handle in a turn key project management/engineering role include preparation of bid specifications, RFQ development, evaluating proposals, developing layouts, engineering integrated control system, material procurement and control, site prep and installation, start up and testing, training, and establishing preventive maintenance and sanitation programs.
“With our customers feeling the pressure of top management to get projects completed on a fast track and under budget, they have put pressure on us to offer the complete package” says Rich Hoskins, President/CEO, Colborne Corporation. The advantage Colborne offers is their focus on being a manufacturer with integration capability. Under this program, Colborne often times manufactures more than 50% of the complete line that they are managing. “Our ability to manufacture sheeting systems, depositing/topping systems, decorating systems, ultrasonic cutting systems and robotic/flexible automation systems greatly increases our ability to provide customers with turn key automation solutions without having to coordinate many other vendors for supply”, adds Bernie Tatro, Senior Vice President of Technology.
Traditional project engineering/management companies do not offer manufacturing capabilities. Dealing direct with a major manufacturer and using their engineering services to integrate and manage the project, provides for communication that is considerably more effective. Consequently, completing a project under budget and on time, with a system that meets your specification, is more likely when dealing with a company like Colborne Corporation

Formost Packaging Machines, Inc.
19211 144th Ave., N.E.
Woodinville, Wash.
Phone: 1-425-483-9090
Fax: 1-425-486-5656

Backed by 40 years of experience in the packaging industry, Formost Packaging Machines, Inc. has earned an enviable reputation for innovative leadership. New Formost wrapping and bagging machines combine the highest speed and automation in the industry. Reliability and quality are unsurpassed. Prompt service and immediate parts availability are also reasons why Formost machines are specified for the most demanding operations.
Consider Formost equipment design advantages too — among the most advanced in the packaging world — such as automatic bag changers, tightest bagged products in the industry, quickest changeovers, highest speeds, and flexibility. If you need a special packaging or handling system, come to Formost, where customer design and engineering are recognized specialties.
Today, the Formost GT Bagger is the most versatile machine of its type in the bagging industry. Fuji-Formost horizontal form/fill/seal machines wrap a wide variety of products. In addition, Formost designs and builds infeed systems for many products, along with special product-handling systems.
Advanced high-speed wrapping and quick, easy changeovers are among many advantages of the Fuji-Formost FW-3400 Alpha V horizontal servo wrapper with color graphic touch screen communications and control. Its cantilevered frame makes access for cleaning and sanitation fast and easy. The convenient threading, open top, adjustable forming box is calibrated for secure, repeatable settings and fast changeovers. Individually adjustable film spindles and tilting fin sealers provide enhanced film control for tighter packages.
The types of bakery products bagged or wrapped on the company’s machinery include sliced and unsliced bread, hearth and artisan breads, bagels, buns and rolls, pound cake, donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies and crackers, biscotti, pizza crust, tortillas and many more items.

Heat and Control, Inc.
21121 Cabot Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94545
Phone: 800-227-5980 / 510-259-0500
Fax: 510-259-0600
E-mail: info@heatandcontrol.com

Heat and Control provides complete packaging equipment systems including Ishida snack food bagmakers, multihead weighers and checkweighers, FastBack conveyors, and seasoning application systems for snacks, cookies, crackers, cereals and other baked products. We also produce bagel boilers, and complete processing systems for tortillas, taco shells and tostadas, all types of chips, nuts, and pellet snacks.
Together with Ishida, Heat and Control takes pride in building the most efficient and reliable machinery supported by the industry’s best engineering, product development, spare parts, service and training programs.
Our latest innovations promote rapid installation, lower cleaning costs, and faster, more flexible production.
Our patented HeatWave oil curtain fryer cooks quick and clean using less oil than any comparable fryer. Our Multizone fryers deliver precise control of product color, texture and quality, and like all Heat and Control fryers, are available with a fryer support module (including filter, pump and piping) which greatly reduces installation costs. Our new Gentle Wash potato slice washer thoroughly removes surface starch and fines while cleaning and reusing wash water to drastically reduce fresh water and effluent costs.
Ishida’s new integrated Millennium multihead weigher and ATLAS snack food bagmaker system produces up to 200 bpm continuous motion, cuts film usage, and quickly changes from small to large bag production. Our new FastBack Revolution seasoning application system features an integrated tumble drum and conveyor pan to save floor space and reduce product breakage while using less seasoning to achieve uniform coverage. FastBack distribution and weigher feed conveyors reliably transfer snacks, cookies and crackers with up to 60% less product breakage and coating loss than vibratory conveyors.
Heat and Control operates test centers in Lititz, PA, and Hayward, CA. You are invited to evaluate the performance of our product handling systems, Ishida weighers and checkweighers using your products.

Inline Plastics Corp.
42 Canal Street
Shelton, CT 06484
Phone: 800-826-5567
Phone2: 203 924 5933
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Inline Plastics Corp. – Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Inline Plastics Corp. is a leading manufacturer of crystal clear OPS and PETE, hinged and two-piece clamshell containers designed to aid in the merchandising and selling of a variety of bakery, deli, and foodservice applications. They also offer integrated packaging automation systems, including components that denest, weigh and fill, apply lidding, close, lock, and apply tamper-evident labels. As the only company in the industry providing clamshell packaging automation solutions, Inline Plastics is proud of its ability to assist high-volume food processors in increasing their product throughput and operating efficiencies while also reducing their labor costs.
The company’s goal is to develop partnerships with wholesale and retail/in-store bakeries through face-to-face discussions among sales, manufacturing and engineering personnel from both parties. When these groups get together, the most important thing Inline Plastics does is listen to the needs of the customer.
Post-sales follow-up is not just an afterthought with Inline Plastics, but rather a key component of their overall sales strategy. Their sales and engineering teams regularly contact the customer to find out how the packaging and automation equipment are working and will visit a customer’s operation as needed to assist in the seamless integration of its packaging and automation systems.
The company also provides regular updates to customers about new and improved products that will assist the customer in streamlining operations and boosting their sales efforts. Some new products the company has recently introduced include the Valu Pack line of utility bakery and foodservice containers as well as a number of cookie containers, such as the SL268FSPET and SL3015FSPET, featuring less ribbing on both the lids and bases to better highlight the contents.
The cornerstone of Inline’s business philosophy is customizing containers and packaging automation systems to meet the specific needs of both processors and retail/in-store bakeries. Inline Plastics’ Design and Engineering departments have the technical knowledge and experience to fully utilize their state-of-the-art tooling and manufacturing capabilities to bring a customer’s packaging vision to reality.
Inline Plastics will be exhibiting in Booth #709 at the 2004 IBIE Show in Las Vegas, NV and will be featuring a variety of new bakery clamshell containers for cookies, muffins, donuts, and ice cream sandwiches as well as a full line of packaging automation systems. The company will also be introducing the next generation of tamper-evident bakery and deli packaging.
Contact: Vincent Mascola,
Marketing Manager
Email: sales@inlineplastics.com

MGP Ingredients, Inc.
1300 Main Street
Box 130
Atchison, KS. 66002

Founded in 1941, MGP Ingredients, Inc. has evolved to become a premier producer of highly functional specialty proteins and starches for use in a wide range of food applications. Adding to its long history of innovation, the Company recently developed the Arise line of wheat protein isolates for improving the quality, appearance and shelf life of breads and other bakery goods. Arise products can also improve dough production efficiencies in all types of systems — fresh, par-baked, refrigerated and frozen. In addition, MGP offers ingredient solutions to produce high-protein, low-carbohydrate breads, rolls and pasta.
Vegetarian meat analog products benefit from the use of the company’s Wheatex textured protein. Wheatex possesses a number of clear-cut advantages over competitive products, including greater textural integrity and a neutral flavor profile. As a result, customers can create better tasting, more satisfying products.
The company’s Pregel and Midsol lines of modified starches are greatly valued for their functionality and versatility. Pregel 46, a pregelatinized wheat starch, has applications in products as diverse as bakery goods, gravies, soups, sauces and salad dressings. MGP’s Midsol 46 cook-up wheat starch also is extraordinarily useful in a variety of bakery products and prepared foods.

Menasha Packaging Company
3126 Preble Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15233

Corrugated Bakeware
MenashaWare, the innovative line of corrugated bakeware from Menasha Packaging Company, first hit the market in June 2003. Fast-forward to almost a year later, and the product line has nearly doubled in size due to customer demand.
When the MenashaWare line was launched, it included the most common sizes of trays to accommodate quarter- and half-sheet cakes, along with 12-in., 14-in. and 16-in. pizzas. The performance of the corrugated product garnered such rave reviews from bakeries and restaurants that product line extensions were immediately in the works. Today, the expanded MenashaWare portfolio includes bakeware for bread loafs, round cakes, pies, muffins, brownies, angel food cake, entrees, and personal pizzas.
Manufactured from a patented thermo-pressing process, MenashaWare offers a cost-effective alternative to the paperboard, plastic and foil pans commonly used for mass-baked goods. And since the trays are dual-ovenable, there is greater baking flexibility for the product user.
Using MenashaWare, a food producer can pour or place the ingredients directly into a display-quality tray complete with color graphics. Then, the tray can travel directly from oven to consumer. This eliminates the need to directly touch the product following the baking or cooking operation. And since MenashaWare uses a non-stick material, there is no pre-treating required before the acceptance of dough or other food product.
These characteristics eliminate the labor-intensive steps of de-panning, repackaging, washing and prepping baking trays, providing significant cost-savings for the MenashaWare user.
Perhaps the biggest misconception about MenashaWare is that it is identical to other paperboard products already on the market. In truth, the corrugated flutes of MenashaWare offer unique properties that cannot be duplicated by standard paperboard. For example, the interior paper of MenashaWare “locks” into a size that limits expansion and contraction in the baking process. This allows for more effective and consistent lidding and processing of mass-produced foods. The flutes also actually act as an insulator that retains heat within the confines of the ovenable tray. Consequently, food stays hotter, for a longer period of time in MenashaWare. Furthermore, the added heat retention can often shorten baking cycle times, thus increasing the velocity of finished good preparation.

Reading Bakery Systems
380 Old West Penn Avenue
Robesonia, PA 19551
Phone: 1-610-693-5816
Fax: 1-610-693-5512

Reading Bakery Systems is proud to be a leader in the manufacture of turnkey processing systems for the grain-based food industry.
Reading Bakery Systems utilizes state-of-the-art engineering and production techniques combined with skill and insight of our engineering, manufacturing and sales teams to earn the trust and respect of customers worldwide.
The art of baking is proven with science and industry experience. For nearly 110 years, our Thomas L. Green Division has supplied biscuit and cracker companies with cost-effective, reliable forming equipment and ovens. And for more than 55 years, our Pretzel and Snack Division has set the standards for the most technologically advanced machinery in the production of salted snacks and pretzels. TL Green as well as Pretzel and Snack equipment can be found around the globe.
The AIR TOUCH System is the industry’s answer to the shortcomings of traditional sheeting and laminating processes. Features include a small footprint, low horsepower, less dough stress, minimal maintenance, and strips to clean in a very short time.
The Guillotine Dough Cutter is designed to give precise control for cutting any product before or after baking, freezing, etc. For precision-cutting needs, an ultra-sonic cutting unit can be mounted to the Guillotine unit.
The SPECTRUM OVEN is a flexible baking oven offered in a number of different combinations of heat transfer modules using radiant and convection heat. The SPECTRUM OVEN is designed to consistently bake and dry products to uniform levels of moisture across the width of the oven belt and over time.
The E. J. Groff Technical Center specializes in the testing of equipment and product. Strict confidentiality and flexibility allow customers to test their ideas in “real-world” conditions.
Reading Thermal Systems is an engineering and consulting company for thermal processing equipment and commercial processing ovens. RTS is the manufacturer of the Scorpion Multi-channel data logger for measuring and recording conditions in processing ovens.
Reading Control Systems is a control systems integration company for the process and machinery control industry.

725 Dedham Street
Canton, MA 02021
Phone: 1-781-821-1290
Fax: 1-781-821-1316

As one of the bakery industry’s leading suppliers of processing and packaging equipment, REISER has gained global recognition for high quality equipment and dedication to customer service.
REISER’s Vemag bakery equipment has become widely known for its portioning, sheeting, dividing and depositing capabilities.
A single Vemag machine offers high-speed production of a wide variety of bakery products. From multi-lane depositing to gourmet cookie dough portioning to high-speed dough dividing and dough sheeting, its versatility is unmatched.
Designed with unique double screw technology, a Vemag consistently produces precise weight and size portions of the most fluid and viscous bakery products. It gently handles large chunks of chocolate, nuts and other particulates without damaging them.
Visit the REISER booth #1329 and see for yourself why versatility and dependability have become the hallmarks of Vemag bakery equipment. From high quality packaging solutions to versatile Vemag bakery equipment, REISER is a can’t miss at the IBIE.

Revent, Inc.
100 Ethel Road West
Piscataway, NJ. 08854
Phone: 1-800-777-9433
Fax: 1-732-777-1187

Revent introduced the first roll-in rack oven, employing convection oven technology for the first time in 1958. Now used in more than 120 countries, Revent ovens have consistently delivered the highest level of bake quality combined with operation efficiency and maximum life expectancy. For the baker this has translated into higher profits and has earned Revent the reputation as the premier rack oven on the market.
After the introduction of the rack oven, there were a series of other “firsts”, beginning with the development of the upward airflow system, thus mimicking the effects of a hearth bake that gives bread more volume through lift and oven jump. Followed by the introduction of a patented high volume steam system that produced the quality of bread crust previously only created in deck ovens.
Today, Revent continues to introduce other “firsts” including the computerized controls that allow the baker or manager to program and monitor the ovens from a remote computer and even give a record of each bake. The new 700 series ovens have larger double glass window in the door for easy viewing of the bake progress and a redesigned larger hood for steam evacuation.
In addition to innovations in oven technology, Revent has pioneered proofer technology with airwash systems. The company’s new 700 series proofers utilize the latest in controls and airwash technology.
Revent ovens are manufactured in New Jersey with the same careful attention to quality that has become a Revent tradition. At the factory Revent can offer its test bake facility for training and testing. Customers are welcome to see for themselves the excellent result that they can achieve from baking in a Revent.
Revolutionary thinking in design and application is how Revent remains on the cutting edge of baking technology and on the minds of bakers who recognize quality as a value.