Low-carb, Low-trans Lowdown
ADM highlights its line of NovaLipid zero and low-trans oils, which are used in the production of donuts and gourmet cookies. Nutrisoy Next meat alternatives are featured in its barbeque sandwiches, fajitas, and Italian-style pasta. A low-carb mix of ingredients is integrated into the breads and tortilla chips. In addition to these products, ADM runs a baking laboratory and Culinary Center, which assist customers in the formulation, testing and launch of its respective retail and foodservice product lines. 1-217-424-5200 www.admworld.com
Rockin’ Rye
Brolite offers customers a variety of rye sours for use in baking. For example, the FFP Melba Sour produces a mellow, tangy flavor in melba toast and all types of rye breads, rolls and pumpernickel. The Super Vita Rye Sour is a naturally fermented rye flavor that contains a blend of spices, producing a high-quality rye product with “Old World” flavor and aroma. All of the rye sours are a perfect blend of ingredients and function, giving bread that distinctive taste. 1-888-BROLITE
Booth Number: 4712
Egg-Ceptional Eggs
The American Egg Board stresses the versatility and functionality of egg products. Eggs provide solutions to common challenges in food product development. Polyfunctional eggs can bind, thicken, moisturize, dry, flavor, clarify, emulsify, retard crystallization, and add nutrients to product formulations. Additionally, eggs improve the performance of baked goods and other products, and can replace many additives on food labels. Today’s better-educated consumers find this appealing as they seek natural food alternatives. Eggs are a simpler, more natural choice than using chemical additives. 1-847-296-7043 www.aeb.org Booth Number: 1519
Fabulous Flav-R-Bites
Flav-R-Bites from Cereal Ingredients, Inc., are specially processed flavored and colored particulates designed to add flavor and texture to products. Processing employs patented extrusion technology, enabling items to provide strong product identity, even when exposed to prolonged heat and moisture found in baking applications. Flav-R-Bites are physically firm with low moisture and good shelf and storage life. This product can be mixed directly into dough or batter and baked as normal. Baking hydrates the product, transforming it into a soft inclusion. Standard Flav-R-Bites have no trans fat, are Kosher-parve and non-GMO formulations are available. 1-816-891-1055 www.cerealingredients.com Booth Number: 173
Egg-Wash Replacer
Kerry Americas unveiled its Omegga Egg-Wash Replacer, a non-egg, bakery protein glaze. Easily dispersed, it can be sprayed directly onto dough. Containing 40% protein, the creamy-white replacer provides excellent sheen, clean flavor and is shelf stable for up to one year. Applicable for cookies, crackers and other baked goods, it eliminates egg allergens on production lines — saving on down time and clean up costs. 1-800 363-1200 www.kerryingredients.com
Saucy, Saucy!
Salted snacks, dips and dipping sauces have more flavor, more spice and more heat. TABASCO brand Industrial Ingredients are zapping up snacks like never before. From pork rinds and popcorn to meat snacks and salsas, the possibilities are endless with 10 varieties, including the original Red Pepper Sauce, Dry Red Flavoring, Processor’s Blend, Crushed Red Pepper, Jalapeño Green Sauce, Jalapeño Dry Flavoring and new Chipotle Sauce. Mix them in, sprinkle them on, whatever the application, it’s a flavor explosion. 1-407-814-2488
Trans Fat Troubleshooting
Trans fat content has become a high priority. Trans fat-free emulsifier solutions from Danisco offer tailored emulsifier/oil blends, making trans fat a non-issue in baking. Emulsifiers blend with mixtures of non-hydrogenated oils and offer the same properties as partially hydrogenated shortening. These solutions offer the crystallization, lubrication and textural properties that customers want in their baked goods. The trans free emulsifier offers functionality in a wide array of food applications including cookies, crackers, snack cakes, breads and more. 1-800-255-6837 www.danisco.com Booth Number: 3351
Mighty Masa
Taco #1 medium/fine ground yellow corn masa flour from Minsa is designed specifically for use in a batch fry taco or tostada operation. This stone-ground flour has a neutral pH and can be used in tortillas to be fried several hours after baking or refrigeration. Shelf life is four months, although extended storage requires periodic fumigation. Taco #1 can be mixed with other flours to control blistering and oil uptake. The product is Kosher certified, contains no additives and is characterized by a trace of lime. 1-800-852-8291 www.minsa.com
Dry It Out
National Starch introduces its DRY-TACK 250 food binder, which adheres seasonings, flavors and particulates to snacks, breads, cereals and other low-moisture baked goods without adding oil. After a short period of post-heating above 250°F, this starch-based dry powder adheres to foods and is especially suited for large particulates such as dried fruits, nuts, meat and herbs. The binder melts within 20 to 90 seconds and quickly forms a strong bond with the food substrate. 1-800-797-4992
Finest Flaxseed Part 2
Low-carb flaxseed contributes less than 3% of net carbs and has a pleasant flavor. While high in dietary fiber and omega-3 content, it has a soft mouthfeel and good textural and water-binding properties. Pizzey’s Milling SelectGrad whole, milled flaxseed replaces up to 20% of the flour in many bread and bakery formulations or 50% or more of the crumb fraction in deep-fried, battered or breaded products. Other applications include tortillas, pitas, cookies and pizza crust. 1-800-804-6433 www.pizzeys.com
Cheese Power
Commercial Creamery Co. introduces Cheddar Cheese Crumbettes. These innovative shelf-stable cheese pieces combine the appearance of little cheese crumbs and the flavor and aroma of toasted cheese. Able to withstand high temperatures and maintain visual identity in products, they are ideal for baked goods and snack foods. Other varieties available include Parmesan cheese and blue cheese. 1-800-541-0850 www.cheesepowder.com
Savory Salt
Cargill Salt manufactures exclusive Alberger brand salt. Rapid solubility makes Alberger a natural for topping crackers and breadsticks, leaving no gritty aftertaste. Its pure, unaltered, flake crystals improve product appearance and deliver a burst of flavor. 1-800-377-1017
Booth Number: 1717
Packing the Pellets
Limagrain Cereales Ingredients is encouraging consumers around the globe to enjoy its unique corn snacks, a corn pellet specially designed for manufacturing into a fried or hot air expanded corn snack. The pellets have a low-moisture content, a two year shelf life and are quick to fry, taking just 10 seconds. They are also certified Kosher. www.limagrain.com
Powerful Baking
Danisco offers its new enzyme, GRINDAMYL POWERBake, for both large- and small-scale bakeries. It is not affected by the natural content of inhibitors in wheat flour, which normally undermines the positive effect of enzymes. To standardize the varying qualities of flours from different regions, as well as to ensure high-quality flour, the enzyme xylanase is often added to the flour. But the natural presence of so-called xylanase inhibitors in the flour has limited the effect of the enzymes. With GRINDAMYL POWERBake, Danisco solved this problem. 1-800-255-6837 www.danisco.com Booth Number: 3351
Super Soy
ADM has a range of soy proteins to meet manufacturers’ needs. The high-quality isolated soy proteins and soy protein concentrates are perfect for bakery applications including cakes and cake donuts, specialty breads and rolls, sweet goods, cookies, pizza doughs, tortillas and more. Using ADM soy proteins, manufacturers can produce a wide range of soy protein fortified bakery products without affecting the products’ texture or taste. 1-800-637-5843 www.admworld.com
Trim the Carbs
To meet growing consumer demand for low-carb, reduced calorie breads, Caravan Products developed TRIM-CARB, a new line of high-fiber, reduced sugar bases and mixes designed for pan breads, rolls, flat breads, bagels, tortillas and pizza products. TRIM-CARB is a free-flowing powder and is available in 50 lb. poly-lined cardboard cartons. 1-800-526-5261
Booth Number: 3329
Outstanding Oil
Loders Croklaan introduces Durkex NT 100 high stability oil, the ideal no trans solution for spray oil needs. It is a no trans, non-hydrogenated liquid oil that combines high stability with a low solids profile to deliver the specific functionality required from spray oil. It is ideal for use as a flavor carrier, an anti-dusting agent for seasonings, spices or any powder, as well as a coating for nuts. 1-800-621-4710 www.croklaan.com
Veggie Crazy!
WILD Flavors has developed a line of roasted vegetable flavors containing no peanut or sesame-derived ingredients. Roasted vegetables in the line include roasted onion, roasted red onion, roasted garlic, roasted red bell pepper, roasted green chili, roasted green bell pepper, roasted mushroom, roasted porcini mushroom and sautéed porcini mushroom. Each flavor can deliver a unique profile for applications in culinary, bakery and snack products while helping customers avoid allergy concerns. 1-800-677-2722 www.wildflavors.com
When the Chips are Up
Blue chip organic from Minsa is blue organic corn processed into stoneground, corn masa flour, and is characterized by a medium-fine grind. It has a trace of lime and no additives. Shelf life of the product is four months and its flavor and odor are typical of corn. The flour is designed for the in-line production of tortilla chips, and it’s neutral pH controls blistering. 1-800-852-8291 www.minsa.com
Sweet Success
Nestlé offers morsels, miniatures and candy inclusions/toppings for manufacturers. Nestlé morsels include Toll House Chunks, white morsels, milk chocolate and peanut morsels and more for baking. Nestlé miniatures are perfect for snack packs. Favorite Nestlé candy inclusions and toppings are available in pieces for use in snack, baking and ice cream products. 1-866-429-5371 Booth Number: 1009 www.Nestleusa.com