Ingredient Spotlight

The Promise of Healthy Ingredients
Lallemand will soon be introducing a line of probiotics to the baking industry to formulate functional healthy products for the consumer. These will cover a range of products that can improve human well-being through the use of essential natural cultures and their derivatives.
Looking beyond the baker to the consumer audience, use of Lallemand’s mineral-enriched yeasts and probiotics provide several strong benefits.
For one thing, says Jim Kopp, vice president of Lallemand’s new Advanced Baking Solutions division, “organically bound makes the micro ingredients highly bio-available. The result is that essential minerals, such as selenium, chromium and zinc, are slowly absorbed by the immune system,” Kopp explains. “This means low inclusion rates are needed at the mixing stage.”
In conjunction with its new signature line of healthy ingredients that include Lalmin Mineral-Enriched Yeast and probiotics, Lallemand will also focus its R&D efforts to give bakers specialized technical help to enable them to produce more healthful baked products.
“Probiotics gives the baking industry a great tool to help consumers enjoy a healthy lifestyle,” Kopp explains. “Baked products are a great way for consumers to get the essential minerals they need on a daily basis — a more enjoyable way than by taking a supplement.”
Among the many benefits of using Lallemand’s Lalmin Mineral Enriched Yeasts are: They’re cost-effective and value-added; No reformulation is required; And while they enrich the baked product, they’re also label-friendly.
“Consumers are actively looking for products that enhance their lifestyles and their good health,” Kopp says. “Our probiotic line is getting a lot of interest from bakeries who want to produce the kind of baked products that will attract consumers who are looking for the next big healthful product.” 1-800-432-1090 Booth Number: 3470