Unique Pizza
Kerry Americas recently unveiled innovative Reduced-Carb Pizza Curls, featuring a unique reduced-carb substrate and reduced-carb snack seasonings. The soy-based curls are accented with a zesty, tomato pizza taste profile and feature about 6- to 8-gm. of net carbs per 1 oz. serving. 1-800-331-0135.
Low-Carb, Low-Trans Lowdown
ADM highlights its line of NovaLipid zero and low-trans oils, which are used in the production of donuts and gourmet cookies. Nutrisoy Next meat alternatives are featured in its barbeque sandwiches, fajitas, and Italian-style pasta. A low-carb mix of ingredients is integrated into the breads and tortilla chips. In addition to these products, ADM runs a baking laboratory and Culinary Center, which assists customers in the formulation, testing and launch of their respective retail and foodservice product lines. 1-217-424-5200.
Egg-Ceptional Eggs
The American Egg Board stresses the versatility and functionality of egg products. Eggs provide solutions to common challenges in food product development. Polyfunctional eggs can bind, thicken, moisturize, dry, flavor, clarify, emulsify, retard crystallization and add nutrients to product formulations. Additionally, eggs improve the performance of baked goods and other products, and can replace many additives on food labels. Today’s better-educated consumers find this appealing as they seek natural food alternatives. Eggs are a simpler, more natural choice than using chemical additives. 1-847-296-7043.
Booth Number: 1519
Fabulous Flav-R-Bites
Flav-R-Bites from Cereal Ingredients, Inc., are specially processed flavored and colored particulates designed to add flavor and texture to products. Processing employs patented extrusion technology, enabling items to provide strong product identity, even when exposed to prolonged heat and moisture found in baking applications. Flav-R-Bites are physically firm with low moisture and good shelf and storage life. This product can be mixed directly into dough or batter and baked as normal. Baking hydrates the product, transforming it into a soft inclusion. Standard Flav-R-Bites have no trans fat, are Kosher-parve and non-GMO formulations are available. 1-816-891-1055.
Booth Number: 173
Dry It Out
National Starch introduces its DRY-TACK 250 food binder, which adheres seasonings, flavors and particulates to snacks, breads, cereals and other low-moisture baked goods without adding oil. After a short period of post-heating above 250°F, this starch-based dry powder adheres to foods and is especially suited for large particulates such as dried fruits, nuts, meat and herbs. The binder melts within 20 to 90 seconds and quickly forms a strong bond with the food substrate. 1-800-797-4992
Trans Fat Troubleshooting
Trans fat content has become a high priority. Trans fat-free emulsifier solutions from Danisco offer tailored emulsifier/oil blends, making trans fat a non-issue in baking. Emulsifiers blend with mixtures of non-hydrogenated oils and offer the same properties as partially hydrogenated shortening. These solutions offer the crystallization, lubrication and textural properties that customers want in their baked goods. The trans free emulsifier offers functionality in a wide array of food applications including cookies, crackers, snack cakes, breads and more. 1-800-255-6837.
Booth Number: 3351
Mighty Masa
Taco #1 medium/fine ground yellow corn masa flour from Minsa is designed specifically for use in a batch fry taco or tostada operation. This stone-ground flour has a neutral pH and can be used in tortillas to be fried several hours after baking or refrigeration. Shelf life is four months, although extended storage requires periodic fumigation. Taco #1 can be mixed with other flours to control blistering and oil uptake. The product is Kosher certified, contains no additives and is characterized by a trace of lime. 1-800-852-8291.
Enjoy Soy
Spectrum Foods is highlighting the use of its unique Nexsoy product line, which is free of unpalatable grassy or beany off-flavors often associated with soy products. Mechanical, chemical-free processing results in a very bland naturally produced soy ingredient that can be used by food manufactures without negatively impacting the flavor profile of their products. The Nexsoy product line is a simple and inexpensive way to reduce carbohydrates in foods and will not affect flavor or texture. 1-217-391-0091.
Booth Number: 2469
Fibersym Resistant Starches
MGP Ingredients, Inc. is changing the name of its FiberStar line of resistant starches to Fibersym. This change will better define the line and give it greater brand distinction in the fiber enhancement category, driven by interest in low-carbohydrate products. The resistant starches consist of a wheat-based resistant starch and a new potato-based variety. This line can perform like traditional fiber with additional benefits in a wide range of food products, including breads, tortillas, muffins, waffles, breakfast cereals, cookies, nutritional bars, snack products and more. 1-913-367-1480.
Booth Number: 1463
South of the Border
Edlong Dairy Flavors announces the release of 5 new flavors that mimic popular authentic Mexican cheeses. These natural and artificial powder flavor varieties are – Chihuahua, Manchego, Oaxaca, Panela and Queso Blanco. The concentrated, water dispersible and Kosher-dairy certified flavors work in sauces, dips, topical applications and more. When sampling, ask for Chihuahua #1426, Manchego #1438, Oaxaca #1434, Panela #1436 or Queso Blanco #1424. Suggested usage levels range from 0.10% to 1.00%. 1-888-698-2783.