Ingredient Spotlight

Fleischmann’s New Growth Brew
Fleischmann’s Yeast has formed a Specialty Products business unit to continue the rapid development of its Benchmate line of bakery ingredients as well as new ingredients focused on human nutrition, animal nutrition and ethanol markets. “We developed a number of significant new products in the human and animal nutrition categories last year,” says Ric Mercuri, Business Unit President, “and we needed a vehicle to get them to market. The new business entity pulls all those products together.”
In the bakery market, Mercuri notes that Fleischmann’s is looking at several significant product developments, especially in the area of healthy products. “But we want to go beyond that one area to appeal to the health and wellness arena, the human nutrition market,” Mercuri adds.
Fleischmann’s is actively looking at developing products for the baby boomer group where the company believes it can find tremendous potential for global growth. For a company that strongly believes its products bring value to a category, targeting markets with new products presents more of an opportunity than a challenge. For the bakery industry, Fleischmann’s has been developing new types of ingredients, such as a line of powerful new enzymes, available in both tablet and powder form.
The nature of Fleischmann’s new products and the markets served often call for client specific products. Fleischmann’s Specialty Products Group has been designed to meet those requirements. Representing a significant investment for Fleischmann’s, the new business unit is an indication of how strongly the company is committed to supporting these markets. 1-636-349-8800.
Ultragrain: A Breakthrough Ingredient
ConAgra Food Ingredients applies its innovative, patent-pending Ultrafine milling technology to its proprietary Platte Wheat in order to produce a remarkable advancement in whole wheat flour.
Ultragrain White Whole Wheat flour delivers the nutritional benefits of whole grain with the taste and texture of popular white flours. The industry, and its consumers, will be able to enjoy a whole grain with a sweeter and milder taste combined with a smoother texture—qualities that were previously found only in refined flour products.
More importantly, Ultragrain offers all of the nutritional advantages of whole grain flours that consumers are looking for, including a lower starch content and increased phytonutrients and antioxidants. Most notably, it contains more than four to five times the levels of minerals, vitamin B and total dietary fiber—nutritional values consumers and the industry have long been searching for.
When it comes to taste, Ultragrain White Whole Wheat has covered all its bases, having formulated its applications to allow for a milder, more sweet flavor, lighter flour color and reduced visibility of bran specks due to its ground consistency. Best of all, it presents a noticeably softer, smoother texture.
Ultragrain flours are also available in other specially selected wheat varieties, including: durum, hard wheat, soft wheat and spring wheat. These flours can be used in many applications like baked goods, pizza crusts, tortillas, cereals, snacks, pancakes and waffles.
Ultragrain has a shelf life of 60 days (for an unopened bag) from the date of manufacture and is clearly marked with ingredient codes stating the origin mill, month, day, year and shift packed. This ingredient flour does well in storage conditions below 75°F and below 70% relative humidity. 1-800-537-4819.