Spooner Vicars has Developed a new Range of pro Series Rotary Moulders That are Designed to Meet Stringent Hygiene Standards and Offer Flexibility and Rapid Changeover Time Demanded by Bakers in the Cookie and Cracker Industry. the new Moulders are Reliable and Embrace Modern Engineering Methodologies With a Reduced Footprint of 30%. Benefits are a 40% Reduction in Changeover Time and Three Standard Widths of 1000 mm, 1200 mm and 1500 mm With Other Customizable Options. 1-330-342-8244.
Designed specifically for spirals, new Series 2600 Spiralox belts from Intralox eliminate much of the labor and modifications associated with spiral retrofits. With superior lateral beam stiffness, high capacity, a large open area and a tight, 1.6 turning radius, the new belt is ideal for cooling, freezing and proofing. Other benefits include cutting product waste in half by eliminating black specks (metal wear debris), 75% less maintenance overall by cutting downtime (no welding or lubrication is needed), increased throughput, longer belt life due to low tension operation levels and higher product quality. 1-800-535-8848.
The fully automated Dough Coating System from Spray Dynamics is specially designed for peanut dough coating and uses a driven rotor located in the middle of the coating chamber. As the rotor rotates, peanuts are dropped gently from a PLC scale into the main coating chamber. The rotation carries peanuts out to the chamber wall with centrifugal force while solution is introduced through a peristaltic onto a high-speed liquid applicator. Powders are delivered through a Unispense Dry Ingredient Dispenser and mixed into the peanuts with baffles from the main chamber wall. Most batches can be coated in 3 minutes or less. 1-800-260-7366.
TNA North America, Inc., introduces its new ROBAG 3 Series — The new generation packaging systems capable of packing dry foods, powders, granules, processed foods and bakery products. Configuration is versatile allowing for a wide range of jaw mechanisms — ROBAG 3 can produce bags as narrow as 40 mm to bags as wide as 420 mm at virtually any length. The system can even pack 220 bpm bags. Optional enhancements like block bottom, Quattro pack, string, sachet, multi-packs and common pillow pack formats are available. Promotional strip units, labelers and inserters can also be added for a total systems approach. 1-972-462-6500.
New Menashaware from Menasha is changing baking efficiency. From production to distribution, this innovative line of oven-useable corrugated bakeware streamlines operations and increases sales while reducing labor and material costs. This bakeware eliminates the need for pre-treating, de-panning, re-packaging and dishwashing and enables bakers the ability to prepare, freeze, bake and merchandise all in one convenient container. Compatible lids, domes and register printing are available. 1-888-390-2643.
Beta Raven ingredient scales bring accuracy and efficiency to the batching process. Available in micro, minor and liquid ingredient scales, they are all customized to fit production needs directly from bulk bags. The MicroMaster allows accurate replacement of premixes while the MinorMaster ensures controlled ingredient weighing directly from bulk bags. 1-636-255-1600.
IPL Material Handling, a leader in reusable plastic container innovation, introduces its FlapNest 2717-12 nestable container with innovative features that offer cost savings and improved efficiencies to retail and wholesale distribution environments. The FlapNest 2717-12 containers stack with lids flapped shut and nest with lids flapped open to combine product protection and security for efficient return shipping and storage. The containers reduce costs by eliminating container breakage, storage and freight charges. 1-800-818-1318.
Glacier Computer, a leading developer of versatile and powerful industrial computer systems for harsh environments, has developed a new 10-in. version of its GX series of rugged computers. Based on customer demand for an ultra-small compact form factor, the GX-1000 measures 10.1-in. wide by 8-in. high by 2.9-in. deep, making it the most efficiently-designed, harsh environment unit of its kind. The GX-1000 houses an efficient, low-heat 800 MHz Via processor and offers a bright 10-in. LCD. It is designed for applications where users require PC-compatible computing power but are limited by space.
Double Wire Tin-Ties from Bedford Industries give packages the reclosability consumers want. Easy for consumers to use, this economical closure helps to maintain product freshness. Bedford Tin-Tie is available on spools for automatic in-line machine application. 1-877-BEDFORD (233-3673).
Unique Solutions, a division of Unique Coupons Inc., introduces its CE-compliant US622 system. Cantilevered food-grade, rubber-faced feed belts keep product away from drive systems and allow for easy clean-up. The symmetrical and compact design ensures no-tool conversion from left- to right-handed
operations. This brushless, servo-driven, microprocesser-controlled system delivers accurate and reliable inserting or placement by bursting individual pieces from a perforated bandolier. Efficiency is key with this system reaching speeds of 700 pieces per minute. The system also has a versatile capability for overwrapped, non-overwrapped, flat or three-dimensional inserts.1-847-540-1200.
SpanTech LLC has introduced the new ID-Series Incline/Decline Conveyor as an extension of its WhisperTrax Modular Flexible Conveyor line. Users can raise lower product in one continuous run and can specify the length of the conveyor in any distance up to 104-ft. This system can be ordered with six different chain types, is available in various chain widths and has a speed range of 5 to 75 feet per minute. It is able to handle an increased load carrying capacity over a belt conveyor and comes with the bed section fully assembled.  1-270-651-9166.
Sonoco introduces its new Linearpak shaped can. This distinctive rigid paperboard can is 502 x 804 and stands 8.25-in. tall with a front panel of more than 5-in. across. Linearpak merchandises well as the base and overcap are designed to fit together, standing neatly and securely when stacked. A high barrier foil liner creates a hermetic package that locks in freshness and locks out oxygen that could compromise product taste. The package is easy to open via a tabbed membrane that adheres directly to the rim of the can. 1-800-5-SONOCO.
Quebec-based IPL Inc., has made a name for itself in North America with its IML injection process. IPL is the biggest manufacturer of rigid plastic containers decorated using the IML injection process, a packaging decoration technique for square-shaped consumer container series packages that is widespread in Europe, but relatively unknown in the U.S. and Canada. Using flexography and dry offset printing allows IML to use a preprinted polypropylene labels, which are placed in a mold and then injected with melted plastic. Heat causes the label to become an integral part of the final product and the container is manufactured and decorated in a single operation. 1-800-463-0270.
New horizontal mixers from Oshikiri Corp. of America can be used batch after batch due to durability. These mixers are designed with a rugged, heavy-duty base, frame and drive system. Features are – a specially engineered frame allowing minimal distortion and deflection during mixing, multiple V-belt power drive absorbs shock prolonging service, special bowl seal designs lock in flour, water and other ingredients so leakage is minimized and hygiene ensured. Refrigeration is efficient, maintaining uniform dough and bowl temperatures. Agitator bars are adjustable and split hub constuction allows for quick removal of the agitator for easy maintenance. 1-800-566-7327.
Major savings in bake time, capital cost and energy are possible with the Jetcirc oven from APV Baker. The Jetcirc convection oven provides quality, consistency and reliability by creating a stable airflow within the baking chamber. Bakers can maximize the benefits of developments such as control software and vision system technology, working toward precise analysis and regulation of the baking process. The oven can handle cookies, biscuits, and bar products as well as bakery products such as pies, tarts, cakes and pastries. Bakers can choose increased output from a conventional footprint or a shorter oven with hefty floor space savings. Three versions are available –  an indirect convection version for humidity control, a direct convection oven for the highest power and a direct recirculating version with combined radiant and convection heating provides a more traditional bake. 1-616-784-3111.
The new Peters MT4 Sandwiching Machine from Peerless is a 4-lane machine capable of producing biscuit or cracker cream sandwiches at speeds up to 3,200 per minute. Independent cream pumps, one per lane, provide tight control of cream deposits and accurate deposit weights. A wide variety of fillings like creams, peanut butter, cheese and jam can be used. This system can handle all basecake shapes including round, square, rectangle and specialty. Standard product size range is 40 mm to 70 mm and mini sandwiches are 25 mm to 30 mm. Larger products over 70 mm in length can also be accommodated. Removable scrap trays allow for ease in scrap collection and cleaning. 1-800-999-3327.
Get advanced with the Pfening flow – the In-Line Flow-Through Sifter sifts material while being pneumatically conveyed and oversize material is deposited in a tailings container. Features are a rugged long-lasting gyratory drive, pressure housing with stainless steel product surfaces, compact tailings container with tri-clamp closure, quick-opening cover clamp, lightweight aluminum decks and easy to replace screens. 1-614-294-5361.
Caraustar’s Packaging Services Operations is a multi-service, fully integrated organization dedicated to providing graphic design, structural design, die manufacturing, digital imaging, prepress and packaging prototypes to the manufacturing, packaging and marketing industries. Caraustar strives to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing marketplace by implementing sophisticated technology. 1-216-651-6850.
New from EPI Exact Packaging, Inc., is a clamshell labeling and product handling system designed to promote productivity and efficiency. A small conveyor presents the filled clamshell to the labeler which applies the label automatically to the top, front and bottom. A wipe mechanism ensures the label is firmly applied and package handling is so gentle that even empty clamshells can be labeled without damage. This unit has minimal moving parts and adjustments and can be easily operated. 1-800-755-8344.
Meyer Machine Co. offers various hoppers and feeders to meet system needs. Accu-Flow hoppers and feeders combine the precision of Meyer’s standard series feeders with low level surge storage capacity. Meyer also offers a line of Loss-in-Weight hoppers and feeders for additional accuracy – this system provides accuracy in weight-based feed control and the demands of non-stop production.
Raque Food Systems presents innovative solutions for pick and place materials handling with an adaptation of parallel arm robots.  The system feeds the robots – they can also recognize product orientation. An automated means to place large items into specific locations in a container is now a reality for the Food Industry. 1-502-267-9641.
A new level loader for use in manual loading and unloading of pallets from Southworth Products Corp. improves productivity and reduces fatigue. A turntable and platform that lower to the floor allow for effortless use. The unit can be accessed from four sides with a minimum of stretching or reaching. It has a 2500-lb. capacity and is equipped with a photoelectric toe guard to stop downward travel if the beam is interrupted.
Dorner Manufacturing’s Engineer’s Special Products (ESP) program gives special attention to building conveyors with unique dimensions and characteristics beyond the dimensions of Dorner’s regular conveyor platforms. The application involves a metal scanning device which checks sealed chewing tobacco cans for metal shavings as they move along the conveyor. Any cans detected to have metal shavings mixed in are flagged and removed further down the line. This program also modified the 3200 Series conveyor by removing a section of the conveyor’s steel bed plate and replacing it with a delrin plastic bed plate, allowing for a metal scanning device to be positioned under the conveyor to check passing tobacco cans for shavings without getting false readings from the stainless steel bed plate. 1-800-379-8664.